Samsung Galaxy S3 receiving Jelly Bean on Dec 3rd (in Canada)


Samsung has been doing pretty well when it comes to their Jelly Bean updates, releasing the (almost) latest firmware onto both the Sprint and T-Mobile Galaxy S3. As we wait for AT&T and Verizon to finish up with their network testing, more Galaxy S3’s are finding themselves soon to be updated, this time for GS3 users in Canada.

Samsung Canada took to their Twitter tonight to announce the Monday rollout and while they didn’t announce specific Canadian carriers, we’d expect all the major ones from ‘ol America Jr. to jump on board. Given that AT&T and many of Canada’s wireless providers have such similar bands, we don’t expect it will be much longer before Jelly Bean comes stateside to the #2 largest wireless carrier in the US.

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    1. Best of luck my friend, you might need to go buy the Note 2.

  1. FFS… VZW needs to get with the program already.

    1. Go to XDA they have early release I’m running it now its awesome!
      For Verizon. Whoot! ツ

    2. VZW is no doubt the worst carrier in the world for updates. Apple did it right handling updates themselves to avoid this garbage carrier.

    3. This is why I’m leaving verizon and going with the Nexus 4. If you are staying with Verizon, you have to start flashing ROMs, otherwise this is to be expected. On the other hand, I feel like touchwiz already has a bunch of unique Samsung customizations (and optimization in some places), that aren’t in stock android. At least be glad you have that.

      1. Touchwiz isn’t too shabby.  My only complaint is Svoice, which could use a serious revamp.  It is such a slow POS to use for hands-free voice dialing.  I hope that once VZW gets off their asses and releases JB, that Svoice will have a significant patch and not take like 30-45 seconds to process my voice dialing request (if it does it at all).

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  2. How in the world does the RAZR M have Jelly Bean & the S3 doesn’t ??

    1. RAZR M > GS3 – for build quality, price, best screen size, best phone size, and closeness to AOSP, why shouldn’t it also get the second latest version of Android first.

  3. U.S. Cellular is also waiting on JB for their GS3.

    1. Smaller network, less devices and bloatware to test for, I’m sure they’ll get it soon enough.

      1. True, I was just noting them because you left them out of the article ;) USCC does cover a huge amount up here in NorCal though, including my county of Mendocino.

        1. Speaking of left out, C-Spire Wireless also offers the GS3, and is also Jelly Beanless :D

  4. Galaxy S2 was supposed to get JB by the end of November. November is almost over. Where is it, Samsung?

  5. 4.1.1 is old news I want 4.2

    1. For what exactly? O_o

      1. The new camera

  6. My 4g has jb here in Australia 4.1.1 I want 4.2

  7. VZW trying to fig a way to squeeze more pre-release $$$ out of it.

    1. What are “pre-release $$$” exactly? Charge people $$$ BEFORE it’s released?

      Or do you mean the tons of totally useless bloatware that Verizon adds, and can only be used AFTER it’s released?

      (Do people REALLY pay a life-time, monthly fee to Verizon just to use Verizon’s (poor) GPS mapping app????)

      1. The release is sooo slow I am imagining VZW is scouring for opportunities to milk $$.

  8. Thank god I got rid of my S3, the side button felt like it was going to fall off, now the one x+ is great, love it, but do miss Samsumgs battery, for some reason its almost the same in the one x+ but still drains a little faster! But jellybean will be great on the s3 thats for sure!! On a side note, whats so great about the 4.2?

  9. Google gives Verizon a complete, fully working OS… and Verizon has to spend MONTHS to add/test a handful of simple, frilly features… that aren’t really needed anyway????

    Or is Google’s original OS distribution THAT bad and loaded with bugs and missing features… and it’s totally unusable as-is?

    Sheezess. Even a small group of HACKERS do far better than Verizon’s team.

  10. Heard Android 4.2 is out.

    1. What does 4.2 have that Samsung isn’t already doing in TouchWiz 4.1.1???

      1. so do u think touchwiz 4.1.1 is more than adequate to hold us gs3 owners over until 4.2?

  11. Got ,my Jelly Bean on December 1, 2012 via OTA from TMO. Runs great. Did not expect the OTA update so soon here in CT, USA………was getting ready to find a ROM.

  12. Got my JB update on 12/01/12 from TMO via OTA. 4.1.1
    Did not expect it so soon here in CT, USA…

    Sorry, forgot to mention it was on my Samsung Galaxy S III …..

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