Chrome for Android releases will mirror desktop starting early next year


Google chrome for Android is a pretty nice browsing experience for mobile, but some are wondering why it’s only at version 18 while the desktop version is on version 23. The significance of the discrepancy won’t be in some of the more visible features, but more timely security updates, updates to webkit and more stand to be gained with a more synchronized release schedule.

Well, Google says all of that will begin to be worked on by early next year as it has confirmed the news in a post on Google+. We’re not sure how excited we should be about this news without any more details. Will this accelerate the development of mobile plugins? Will this motivate Google to implement flash despite Adobe’s willingness to let the project to die?

We’ll try and get the answers to those while we’re waiting for the Android version of Chrome to catch up, but as it stands Google doesn’t want to give any wrong impressions about what to expect from such a development.

Q. Chrome for Android is still at v18, while regular Chrome is at v23.
When will Chrome for Android catch up?
A. Soon! We expect an update to Chrome for Android starting with a developer update to happen before the end of the year, and we’re actively working towards aligning releases across all platforms, including Android, starting early next year.

[Google+ via ChromeSpot]

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  1. I wouldn’t mind using chrome if it would just allow for full screen mode

  2. I love Chrome for Android but it sorely needs a real browser history. Otherwise, I have no complaints.

    1. yeah… that’s exactly what I need. Another thing to clear out before I let someone use my phone.

  3. Chrome for Android needs a lotta work. I’m sure one day it’ll get extensions and the whole lot but right now, it’s slackin’

    1. Yea I’d rather use xScope or Firefox, honestly. Or just stick with stock if those weren’t available.

      1. XScope is the shiz!

    2. Honestly, I’ve yet to see a browser for Android as good as Dolphin.

      1. In my opinion, the stock Jelly Bean browser is better, and it still runs Flash.

        1. I agree, I find the stock ICS/JB browser is better. Seems faster, smoother, better UI, supports flash.

        2. Stock browser for jellybean? Where is this? I’m using a Nexus 7, and I can’t find an app that looks like android’s stock browser. There is no app named Internet or Browser.

          1. It is called “browser.” If not installed, look for it in the play store.

    3. There are a few features of Chrome I really like, but I still have to keep the stock browser around for the time being. Someday it will be replaced.

  4. I love Chrome on Android but I just wish it were less resource heavy.

  5. Chrome without a LastPass plugin is literally useless for me. Couldn’t care less about the version number. Only about working plugins and LastPass in particular. Dolphin rules.

  6. Google needs to put this piece of digital dung back in beta. It is unthinkable that such a premier brand as Chrome could be so unstable on Android.

  7. Really!? A lot of people are saying Dolphin and stuff. I guess the only reason is because of the extra features. I for one CANNOT live without the device linking. If I’m viewing something on my phone, then arrive at school, I can just open it on my laptop without having to do any navigating. That’s like godsend to me. LoL!!

    1. I know right!? Its perfect for me too… flash would be a god send though. Its too early to pull the plug since a lot of the internet still uses flash.

      1. IKR!? I’m surprised they took out flash. I remember when Android was known because it had flash. The ticketing system at my job uses a website and that website uses flash. I used to be able to check the system when I was walking around away from a computer. Thank goodness for the stock Browser and XDA. LoL!!

  8. Why did it fall so much behind in the first place? It was only 3 versions behind when it launched, and now it’s 5. Clearly something got out of hand there at Google.

    1. All of their work after the release of Chrome for Android has been to upstream the Android bits so that Chrome for Android will be open source.

  9. personally, i cant wait for chrome for android to get up-to-date. currently, no history, a desktop mode that doesn’t work, and a lousy way of accessing your bookmarks complrtly ruins the experience for me.

    my browser of choice is ICSBrowser+, ATM. if i ever bother with flashing a JB ROM i’ll be sticking with the stock android browser, at least until chrome gets its act together

    1. Agreed. ICS Browser+ is the best pre Jellybean browser in my opinion.

  10. So it will support Flash then.

  11. I must not use the browser as much as some of you, never had a problem with Chrome.

  12. Does that mean they’re going to sort the issue that stops me using it on customs ROMs?

    yea, didn’t think so.

    (Known problem).

  13. Waiting for extension support!

  14. Suck penis

  15. Honestly without Flash android for me is not worth the security risk. The only reason i went Android is to get the full web experience including Flash sites. Without Flash, an iPhone and/or iPad is becoming a lot more attractive. At least i will be able to back up and restore without having to root and void my warranty. Besides i don’t know how to root nor do i want to. It is also the reason i am not interested in any any Jelly Bean devices. i think google should keep Flash going because it definitely incentive for me to stay with android

  16. More to the point why is Chrome for iOS on v23?

    Whats the priority for the Chrome team?

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