Todoist makes unlimited synchronization available to everyone, premium available for half off today


Todoist for Android is an app that we’re awfully excited for. It’s a lean and clean tasks app with a whole lot of features, and there aren’t many in the Google Play Store that can beat it. One thing people were a bit vexed by, though, was the fact that users of the free version were limited to just one synchronization per day.

While some were willing to put up with this, there were many more who felt like this just wasn’t something that should be exclusive to the premium version of the app (and, quite frankly, we’d be inclined to agree). That’s why we were ecstatic to wake up to the great news that Todoist is bringing unlimited synchronization for everyone, paid or otherwise.

You’ll be happy to know that it was your voice in the Google Play Store that brought this change so it’s a nice reminder that some companies actually do pay attention to reviews (and, more importantly, they’ll react to them in a big and positive way).

Oh, and that’s not all the good news for today. Those of you who are looking to step up to premium but felt the annual price tag was too much can jump in on a Black Friday deal that’s going to last for the next 18 hours (as of the time of this posting). You can grab the subscription for $14 per year instead of the usual $29, and it’s our understanding that this price will lock you in for as long as your subscription lives.

Be sure to take a look at our initial post about Todoist here, and if it interests you enough you can find it in the Google Play Store here. If you decide to take advantage of the Black Friday deal be sure to go here and sign up before time expires!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It doesn’t have a widget. No go.

  2. It still says $29

    1. Odd, showing up at the sale price for m.e

  3. I *just* went to the link, and even though it said there was 0 minutes left on the sale, it allowed me to get it at $14 with Paypal.

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