Big money on the line as Microsoft v. Google patent trial wraps up


The final testimonies in a week-long trial in which Google has sought up to $4 billion per year in royalties from Microsoft have wrapped up. In a trial that could decide just how much leverage the patent library obtained through the purchase of Motorola last year affords Google, an expert witness testified that Microsoft will earn nearly $94 billion using the company’s patented technology through 2017.

Michael Dansky of Motorola Mobility made the claim, citing sales of Microsoft’s Xbox and newly released Surface tablet, as well as a wireless adaptor no longer produced by the company. How far back in time his calculations extend are not clear.

Microsoft is arguing that at most it should pay Google a little over $1 million per year for a licensing agreement, but the decision of US District Judge James Robert will extend beyond a simple monetary value. The trial wrapping up in a Seattle courtroom is one of the first instances that sees Google attempting to use its Motorola patents to strong-arm the competition. A ruling in Microsoft’s favor could significantly weaken Google’s ability to pursue other claims based on their proprietary wireless technology.

In his testimony, Dansky asserted that without the use of Motorola’s tech, Microsoft would “have a difficult time selling smartphones or tablets,” a warning that extends beyond the initial foundation of the suit as the Windows Phone maker pushes further into the mobile market.

Judge Robert will take the next few weeks to mull over the hearings as well as additional briefs submitted by the parties involved before delivering a verdict. In the meantime, we can all look forward to the next phase of another monumental patent suit: Apple v. Samsung.

[via Yahoo]

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  1. Watch out bitches, Google’s on the offence!

  2. Lol, when Google get’s sued it’s gay, but when it’s the other way it’s gravy. Hilarious. The odds are Microsoft wins this and google loses tons of leverage.

    1. apples & oranges my friend.. apples & oranges..

      1. You said it.

    2. lol Most of Microsoft’s earnings come from patent royalties, they get like 6 -10 bucks per Android / iPhone sold, Microsoft is a bigger abuser to the patent system than even apple is, at least Apples patents are vague and don’t hold up in court but Microsoft’s are solid. + in the past couple of months i learned that Microsoft fans are even more annoying than iPhans.

      1. Fanboys in general are annoying!

      2. Did you seriously just say Microsoft is worse than Apple because they actually have legitimate patents while Apple doesn’t? Yeah, I just reread it. And you did. Do you realize what little sense that statement makes?

        1. I think you miss understood what I was saying, I don’t mean they were legitimate in the sense that most the patents are honestly deserved I meant legitimate as in they go into great detail that pretty much guarantees a loss for the opposition . For instance the WiFi related patent they received in 2010 relates to WiFi connection on a mobile media player than in small print on the bottom it said “not restricted only to mobile media players” so they gave them the patent based on mp3 players but in reality it can be used on any wireless mobile device from here on out including the googles project glasses and so on, even car modules since they are technically mobile , its a really broad patent.

        2. oh and I also forgot that Microsoft is the real owner of the page bounce patent not apple, they received it after they bought out AOL, it was meant to be used in the confines of desktop/laptops but Microsoft again crossed the line and made it applicable to all software in general

  3. “The trial wrapping up in a Seattle courtroom is one of the first instances that sees Google attempting to use its Motorola patents to strong-arm the competition.”

    I thought this lawsuit happened before google purchased motorola mobility.

    1. it did, but that was during pre-liminary hearings, the actual trial did not start until after the purchase.

      1. “It did” would have sufficed.

        This lawsuit hasn’t been filed by Google, and this article is somewhat misleading.

  4. $4B a year in royalties? Hmmm… That sounds like enough to deploy your own wireless network…

    1. shhh… just let this happen…

  5. Wow! What impressive legal work. Repeat Microsoft PR propaganda over and over until the judge accepts it as the truth.

  6. Id love to see a settlement with a cross licensing deal that tells MS to cancel all contracts with Android OEM’s and leave them alone from here on out.

    1. nah samsung and HTC are beating dicks to get ms to take off as a mobile os. They have collectively sunk billions into it already. They wouldn’t jump boat now.

  7. I was waiting for this. Motorola’s patent portfolio is HUGE. They were getting patents signed off before i was even born (1985)

    1. dat flip phone with a cover that only protected the buttons… nothing else…

  8. NO I WANT THEM TO MAKE A NICE AGREEMENT. this fightings not good. Googles already in trouble, they dont need to do this. Even though microsoft does this to others. Let apple sue microsoft again

  9. The comments on the Source article (Yahoo) are hilarious. Why do people not educated in matters comment or place bias in a situation they do not grasp is beyond me. It’s almost like the poorly written articles plaguing Phandroid daily.

  10. Saleenfiend = scumbag Phandroid reader

    Reads Phandroid articles to be informed

    Criticises people who express their opinions and writers of Phandroid articles

  11. ” A ruling in Microsoft’s favor could significantly weaken Google’s ability to pursue other claims based on their proprietary wireless technology.”

    You really haven’t been following what’s going on, have you, Kevin? This is in response to Microsoft strong-arming Android phone manufacturers into paying them exorbitant licensing fees for trivial patents. When I say exorbitant it’s because they want an average of $5 per unit for stupid patents that are normally licensed for pennies on the dollar. Whether the patents are even legit is a whole other argument. Google isn’t interested in becoming a patent troll but it will leverage its portfolio AGAINST patent trolls.

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