The Nexus’ fatal flaw: Google customer support


It’s definitely never been one of Google’s strong points. We’re talking about customer support. A stark contrast to a certain other company, Google just doesn’t provide the level of service most customers expect from an online retailer. Whether it’s YouTube, Google Play, or developers trying to figure out why their app was banned — if something goes wrong, don’t expect to talk to living, breathing person from Google who will help try and fix it.

This lack of support or transparency has reached a crescendo in forums like XDA where once eager Nexus 4 customers are fuming at the mouth over Google not providing them with any kind of update or information on the status of their Nexus 4 orders. You know, that one smartphone that almost crashed the Google Play Store and sold out in under 30 minutes upon going live. Yeah, that one.

Apparently some Nexus 4 customers were able to get their order in, but never received the dreaded “back ordered email” or a shipping email for that matter. Also known as “Nexus 4 limbo,” these customers have absolutely no idea when their devices will arrive, even though some have already had their credit cards charged. To make matters worse, there’s growing evidence mounting that devices aren’t being shipped on a first come, first served basis. Needless to say it’s a huge mess and Google needs to do something to fix it, but that’s the problem — they haven’t even acknowledged it.

This isn’t even the first time Google has failed miserably at their attempt to provide adequate support from a device sold from their online Market. Back in January of 2010, there was the whole Nexus One fiasco that left many customers salty after Google was unable to provide anything more than email support for their complaints. And there were a lot of complaints. That lead to Google releasing a statement that they’d try harder to provide better support saying:

“Solving customer support issues is extremely important to us, because we want people to have a positive Nexus One experience. We are trying to be as open and transparent as possible through our online customer help forums.”

So, where is open transparency now? What’s interesting is back in October we reported on Google job listings looking to hire a customer support team right before the launch of the Nexus 4. While I’m sure we’ll hear from Google any minute now (the growing outcry is sure to reach the windows of the GooglePlex), the only question that remains is if it will be too little, too late.

Question and answer time: Has this debacle soured the Nexus experience for any of you out there? Also, are you more upset that you weren’t able to snag a Nexus 4 in time, or is this simply a poor customer service issue for you?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Currently stuck in this ridiculous limbo…….

  2. It’s not just online companies… Google has the worst customer service of any company this side of China. Even with Verizon or Time Warner, I can call up and talk to SOMEONE. Google does _everything_ else right. If they could just deliver some basic communication along with their products/services, they’d be unbeatable.

  3. I’ve always hated this about Google. No support whatsoever. All you get is an unorganized support ticket system, where there are more duplicate tickets than anywhere else.

  4. I feel for those in limbo, but I was part of the crowd that had the fucking phone in my cart 15-20 times while the store crashed and failed to complete my order. Now we wait for whenever the 2nd batch is available.

    1. That does suck too! I am in limbo but I did get to experience some of your pain as well (obviously not fully since I did get mine in), but i tried about 80 times to order a bumper. Kept going to cart and wouldn’t process, and eventually went out of stock.

    2. Google is to blame for this mess. Undoubtedly.
      That said… with no pre-ordering system, everybody tried to buy the phone at the exact same moment, and we all know this causes issues.
      A lot of people, like you, saw that things were going wrong, but insisted.
      My advice: never be an early adopter, especially whithout pre-ordering.

  5. I’m one of those “Nexus 4 limbo” customers. No backorder or shipping email. When I emailed for a status, they said: “According to our records, your order should ship by the evening of November15.” My card has been charged.

    I also know they aren’t shipping based on first-come-first-serve since I got my order in so early the site hadn’t even crashed yet. My order was placed around 10:35 am (CST) and I got my confirmation email at 10:57 am.

    1. Funny. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. I was one of the 8:34 PST people that had my cart dumped repeatedly. I’d *GLADLY* trade places with any of you in “limbo”. If you’re in limbo, where does that leave me? At least you have an order confirmation. I have to wait for all your orders to be filled, and then do this all over again. Fantastic.

  6. For me it really depends on how long it takes for the Nexus 4 to be in stock again and how the orders go when that time comes. I tried to order a Nexus 4 and after having it in my cart and several error messages my cart was emptied. If I get a phone in my hands by the middle of next month I’ll be happy though.

    1. Same here… still hoping for an early Xmas.

  7. Just a quick question (please don’t flame me), has anyone in “Nexus limbo” tried calling 1-855-83-NEXUS? I called them when I was having issues with my Nexus 7 order over summer and they were able to help…it is, after all, a line dedicated to Nexus support (with real people on the other end).

    That said, hold times can get frustratingly long and I suppose there’s the distinct possibility that the agent won’t have any info to give, but at least you can talk to someone at Google?

    1. I too called that number back in August and had a 45 minute wait. It was terrible!

    2. I called. They picked right up. And then told me they had no information for me. “If you don’t hear anything by Tuesday, call us back.”

  8. Also stuck in limbo. I placed my order at 8:33AM PST. I was able to talk to a Play Store CS rep every time I called. Unfortunately they all knew nothing and the best they could tell me is that my order was “in a chargeable state.

    1. I should also note that I talked to a Play Store CS rep every time I called. Unfortunately they all knew nothing and the best they could tell me is that my order was “in a chargeable state.”

  9. #nexuslimbo… all night long…

  10. I am one of those nexus limbo folks, too. I have called about 4 times now and I’ve received no additional information. as a point of fact they do not have any additional information to give. They simply do not know if or when my order might ship. My order was posted at 11:33am EST – which is 3 minutes after they came available. I know a co-worker of mine has received his phone that was ordered at 11:47am.

    In short, it is obviously not in as-ordered form and they have no idea how to resolve it.

    If I don’t get an answer before thanksgiving I’ll just cancel the phone, buy a gsIII and super-nexus it with CM10

    1. Pats on back.

    2. I thought custom ROMs weren’t working on the GS3 because Samsung won’t release something? If they are in-fact working, I’d buy that instead…

      1. Lots of custom roms on the gs3 on verizon, even my fave codename android, razr hd doesn’t have anything yet, and droid dna was lackluster with storage and who knows how good its development will be. GS3 number one selling phone, all the way. (Well number one for one quarter anyway).

      2. Someone should refere you to the XDA forums
        Oh I just did. Buddy there are multiple ROM’S
        on all carrier versions of the galaxy s3
        Best phone out right now. You’ll be happy if you buy it!

    3. I am an 8:34 #nexuslimbo

    4. You can buy it from Tmo. =.3

  11. > You know, that one smartphone that almost crashed the Google Play Store and sold out in under 30 minutes upon going live.

    I was checking on the play store frequently Tuesday morning. I stepped away from my computer for about 10 minutes, got back at 8:47, figuring I had plenty of time before the announced 9:00 AM opening, and it was sold out. So basically it was sold out in less than negative 13 minutes.

    I did find out later that if you kept refreshing, you might have a chance at it, and successfully got an order through after having my shopping basket emptied a few times. However, I’m now in Level 3 limbo.

  12. I would’ve like to order one, but the page wouldn’t even load for me. I wonder how fast the 2nd batch will go. Hopefully they’ll have more than 100 next time. :P

    1. I’m honestly curious to know how many units they had available for purchase. Maybe they had a lot and just didn’t anticipate the demand.

      Maybe they were using the first batch as a pre-order list of sorts, so they knew how many to make for the 2nd batch?

  13. Which words of “back ordered” don’t they understand?

    If you don’t like waiting in the comfort of your parent’s basement, you are welcome to go queue up in front of an Apple store next time.

    Get a life…

    1. In the meantime you can get an education, learn some english, and perhaps read what the issue is about before being stupid on the internet.

    2. I love you @Haggie.

      1. but she’s so Ugly, has bad grammar, and absolutely no understanding about how online retail works… *shrugs** different strokes I suppose!

        1. Not to mention that her picture is of demi Moore

          1. Maybe that really is Demi Moore. But I doubt it.

    3. eat a 8===D :)

    4. We know what back ordered means, apparently Google thinks in stock means the same thing as pre-order. People need to stop making excuses for google such as them being new at this…how many device releases have they had now? They need to take a few bucks from their billions and put it towards customer service, it will pay off in the long run and prevent their loyal customers from having a sour taste in their mouth.

  14. I quit google. I have cancelled my order and moved on with other important things in life… every one minute of waiting here, every one minute of my anger here, is costing me 60 seconds of happiness that i am losing… salute to the search giant… improve your logistics and only then think of selling devices, and only then you will continue to have loyal customers.. the trauma we underwent for the past 1 week is priceless…definitely not worth it..

    * By the way i was android customer for 4 years…i have nexus one, nexus s, galaxy nexus and now nexus none (Courtesy of Google).

    1. Did you just refer to buying a luxury smartphone and not getting phone support as Trauma? Take that victims of abuse and war!

  15. I think what is making me upset is the fact that i’m sitting in the dark knowing absolutely nothing. No tracing number email, and no back order email. I’m just sitting here twiddling my thumbs……

  16. I recently returned a defective Nexus 7. It took two full months and something like ten emails and phone calls to finally get a refund issued. Over the course of this, Google (1) admitted that they had connected my order to the wrong return tracking# in their database, despite having emailed the correct tracking# to me, (2) claimed to have “processed my refund” on three separate occasions, though each time I called later it was as if the previous time had never happened, and (3) actually issued my refund to someone else and sent me a link to that someone else’s refunded order. It eventually all worked out, but left me sorely reluctant to ever order anything that costs more than $5 from Google again.

    1. I just got off the phone with technical support, they determined my Nexus 7 should be replaced so they immediately sent an email with replacement instructions and a RGA, they also sent a separate email with a UPS label to send the defective one back.

      The process is…

      1. I follow the link (customized to my account) to the play store to order a new N7.
      2. google authorizes and holds payment on that order.
      3. I receive the new N7.
      4. I return the my defective N7 (via UPS label).
      5. google releases the hold on funds (doesn’t actually process the payment).

      I hope it goes smoothly. I have dealt with google a lot and customer service has always been a little lacking, but this time it seemed like they are taking it seriously.

      I work in the manufacturing/distribution world and this order/return/credit process is now standard practice. I just hope google manages it well.

      Is this the process they were using when you had your problem? Or a new process? Did they just mishandled it? Or have they made an adjustment?

  17. And people want Google to be a wireless carrier as well. No thank you. Got burned with my N7 got burned with the N4…… Sort this out please Google

  18. This is Google’s first foray into selling a super popular smartphone on Play. Nexus have been available on Google’s site before but you just redirected to another site, and when it was available on site…. well no one really cared back then, did they?

    Any time something new and awesome is released there will be bugs. Google is made of people not some skynet type of machine.

    Give them time to sort it out and they will. Apple had the same issues when they released the first few iPhones (and they still sell out and turn people away opening week).

  19. I ordered my Nexus 10 last Thursday (15th) and I still do not have any information on when to expect the Nexus 10. I haven’t had any emails sent to me with a tracking number and the Google Play Store just says “expected shipment day” is the 16th. I’d love to be able to track the thing and my payment has already been processed so there’s no going back now. I haven’t had to wait as long as some people but I just want information on when I can expect to see the Nexus 10 at my doorstep.

    1. Every online order store will do that. You ordered on the 15th and the 17th and 18th were weekend days – where EVERYONE in logistics is off. So you have been waiting LESS than 2 days for an update on the most fiercely popular smartphone in history.

      1. First off he was talking about the Nexus 10 and not the Nexus 4, and secondly where is your source that the Nexus 4 is “the most fiercely popular smartphone in history”?

        There have been no released sales numbers, and I will bet you any dollar amount that you can fathom this phone has not currently outsold any version of the iPhone in day 1 sales.

  20. Goofy….

  21. This validates the extra bucks I paid for my N4 when buying it from T-Mobile. At least I can always call them.

  22. C’mon Google get your s#% together!! “Nexus” my ass.

    1. hahaha, i amuse myself sometimes, but dammit Google, cant we fuse something? sheesh

  23. I am one of the lucky who got their order in before the massive crash or whatever happened. I’m now stuck in limbo. It’s frustrating, not getting any information. But I also understand that Google is new at this. The CSR team is doing the best they can. I want to be mad, but this is just a fact of life. Not everything goes the way you want. And I’ve called Google Play CS several times without getting much information. I finally asked to talk to someone at a higher level. They said they would get information from their shipping department and send it one to me. Of course, this could just be BS, but I’m going to choose optimism. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way I want.

    1. Please define “new at this”. They have sold the Nexus One, the Nexus S, the Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus 7, and now they are on their fifth try with the Nexus 4.

      If you want to be really generous and say “new at this” applies to selling a super popular device then that would have been the Nexus 7 (which they screwed up too speaking as a day 1 preorder).

      The fact is this is their FIFTH try at getting this right and they have failed again. I’ve been one of the most loyal Google fans, but I’m tired of being an apologist in an increasingly one-sided relationship.

      Edit: Technically there was the Nexus Q too, but that will be lumped in with the Nexus 7 sales.

  24. Retitle this article: Why I’ll never recommend a Nexus to anyone I know” and that sums up the whole problem for Google.

    I’m sick of being the IT department for my family and friends, and giving them a nexus – its a 50/50 shot of having them call up ole’ reliable Defenestratus to fix it for them.

    Apple does have *that* part right.

    1. ugh, I know what you mean man. Us geeks get the nexus, the average joe should get a GS3 or an iPhone

    2. What part right? I had to figure out how to do everything for my sister on her new iphone. From how to get the emoji icons she wanted, to issues with the sim card having issues after activation, to making her contacts not be ordered in a really odd way. I even had to start putting her email in my android phone to figure out the pop3 mail setup for her non standard email (no gmail or anything), just to get that to work, android auto fills stuff in and makes it work, apple doesn’t and I had no clue how that works, and my entire family would probably just sit dumbfounded at it. Apple doesn’t make things easy, maybe they offer good support and customer service, but I still prefer android as an OS which doesn’t require any help to figure out simple things.

      1. ” I had to figure out how to do everything for my sister on her new iphone.”

        No you didn’t. You were just “easier” than going to the Apple Store. Don’t confuse the choice made as being the only available option.

  25. you order something like a case cover for your Nexus 7, 2 day shipping? Who knows? Maybe its the weekend, maybe I will get it in 5 days. Email me to track it? Fine. But where is my email sent to let me know where my damn N7 case is?! Still looking to buy the Nexus 4 though

  26. There’s absolutely NO reason for the Kids at Google to be *this* bad at customer service.

    In fact, it’s a terrible reflection on the company. Google deserves all the heat they’re taking, and then some. To date, there has been no public statement and no apology. As far as the public knows, Google considers the whole event a massive success since it crippled their website by *exceeding* their expectations.

    If Google doesn’t have the capacity or know-how to successfully sell things over the Internet, then at least RECOGNIZE it and OUTSOURCE it.

    If you’re going to try it yourself, then *research* the companies that are leading the way and emulate them.

    For reference on great customer service/experience: Amazon, Newegg, Apple, Monoprice, Zappos.

    Honestly, talented 4th graders could figure this out. Copy the thing that WORKS.

    1. Look at the Google support boards — bug reports and feature requests from years ago with *dozens* of customers saying, “Yeah, me too!” and zero comment or action from anyone associated with Google.

      I use their products, but can’t remember the last time I used anything besides Android or Search without saying, “Who the hell built this awful interface?” Zero customer support. Zero UX focus, outside of those 2 areas.

      1. Chrome, docs, gmail, g+ all of those are as polished and supported as can be. Espically chrome

        1. I think docs can use a modern UX overhaul, but it is an awesome platform for what it does do.

        2. Still no strikethrough button in Docs despite hundreds of requests for it in the support forums, and no way to configure menus — after all this time, EVERY text editing feature has a button EXCEPT strikethrough, which requires a keyboard shortcut!

          Still no side tabs in Chrome, despite hundreds of requests.

          G+ for Android tablets shows me only *2* notifications per page – HUGE waste of space!

          These are minor changes/allowances that Google has chosen to ignore

    2. The adwords phone support is best in its class. Really the best support I’ve ever had. Of course its their core business. They should try t implent some of that on the other products. They do not need to look outside

  27. I am one of the limbo level 2. I was be able to place ordered at 8:35PST after that I didn’t received any backorder email nor tracking info. Some people says date changing in play store but nothing for me. I think I am in Super limbo. Good job google

    1. Same here. It still even says “estimated shipping date November 15th.”

      1. is your order date still same 11/13

  28. When I call CSR they tell me you gonna get the tracking info tonight or tomorrow, which never come cause tomorrow is tomorrow what a freaks.

  29. Limbo #two here ordered at 1039 CST.

  30. I was personally taken aback at how hard it is to make contact with Google. Going to their “Contact Us” page basically yields the equivalent of “Have you tried this yet?” without providing any real means of contact. Google needs to step up.

    1. It’s easier to find through the Google Wallet page. Click on your order and there should be a link to contact Google support with a phone number.

  31. Same crap happened when I preordered my nexus 7. I learned the hard way and will never preorder or buy a device upon release from the Play store. Too much BS to deal with,

  32. disclaimer: sure my N7 was at my door step like in 2 days, bless you Google, but..my freaking cover for it?!? My god, what the hell is this world coming to? Its passes 2 days, maybe 4, I have lost count..

  33. I have no idea when within the next 3 weeks I’ll get mine…

  34. I ordered mine on November 13th within the first 30 minutes. I have an order confirmation on the 13th and not a single thing after. No back order email, no shipped email, nothing. Several calls to Google Support has given me nothing except “Your order is shipping and will be sent tomorrow”. I’m very disappointed. Honestly a back order email would have sufficed, but i’ve received nothing. Which leads me to believe that google themselves have no clue what happened to my order.

  35. I ordered at 8:33am PST; got my confirmation email at 8:34. It was a smooth process….but then I haven’t heard a peep from google since then. My order was supposed to be shipped on the 15th! I have no idea what is going on and apparently google hasn’t given their CSRs any usable info either. oh yeah, and now my order date changed to the 19th :(

    1. I’m with you on that one. I was in my computer science class and hit refresh exactly at 8:33 am pst. Ordered the phone without any type of issues and they’re still telling me that i would need to wait because they’re shipping them out in order of first come first served. I was one of the first ones. I call BS!!!

      1. I may be royally spoiled by Amazon’s Prime service but really, no communication from Google? That’s what really irks me…why won’t they give us real info?

  36. Didnt order one so no it hasnt affected me. Yes i feel for those who did order it. Yes Google has lousy customer sales support and no it hasnt improved since the Nexus One.

  37. Google screwed me on my Nexus 7 Preorder, and now I got screwed again w/ my Nexus 4 order. Ordered at 8:34AM PST (11:34AM EST), about 2-3 minutes after US launch and my order is still in limbo w/ no idea what is going on with it. No back order emails.

    CSR’s don’t know anything, and can’t help you, so calling and waiting to talk to one is a waste of time. It’s out of their hands and they can just either lie to you or be honest and tell you just hope it arrives soon.

  38. Google is too busy fighting apple, got no time for support.

    1. You are talking about Samsung, but by God Google must be secretly cheer leading them on…

  39. I know of Chinese counterfeit websites who have better customer service, I wish I were lying. C’mon Google…

  40. I just decided to ask Google Now, she replied like a freaking “magic 8 ball”, wtf

  41. The whole problem was caused by Google not putting a limit on units that could be bought at any one time. This led to profiteers buying by the hundreds and having them up on eBay before the first hour was out. They even by mid day (UK) had pictures of them holding the phones something that I have yet to find any explanation of anywhere.

  42. Chris, you’re the man for posting this. This is unacceptable by Google. I really want my phone but wouldn’t mind waiting if I knew some more info.

  43. Well I just got my order in for a Nexus 10″ and they shipped me the wrong device.. called their tech support and they’ve told me that “this has never happened before” and now they’ve assigned as specialist to “look into the issue” meanwhile I can’t really use a device they want shipped back, and its not like there is a big stock of the 32gb models laying around so i’m probably going to be put on a waiting list..

    oh but they did tell me they’ll waive the “return shipping fee” HA! I’m like thanks for charging me 2 day UPS and sending it over the weekend [making it a 5 day shipment]

    better waive the original shipping charge while you’re at it.. :|

  44. I’m not mad that the phone hasn’t arrived, or even shipped for that matter. I am absolutely LIVID that it has been almost a full week and I have received ZERO status. I have no idea if I am still getting one, or if I am back ordered without getting an email. I don’t know when or if I am even getting one, even thought it is in my wallet and I got my order in 5 minutes after going live.

    To add to that, which is already enough, countless people who ordered well after me have their phone or tracking number. Some of which ordered multiple devices.

    Sad Google, really sad.

    Google has ~27 hours to give me a status or I am cancelling and this will be the last device I order from the Play Store. Enough is enough.

    1. Your comment is nearly word for word what I emailed Google Support. Lack of communication pisses me off more than anything.

      I called and was told they had no information. “Call back Tuesday if you haven’t heard anything by then”. I emailed on Friday night and received an email Sunday night asking me to complete a survey providing feedback on their email response. Um… What? This was the FIRST email I’d received from them! So I responded saying exactly that.

      Now it’s been nearly 24 hours since my last message and….nothing. B.S.

      1. Yea good luck. Google takes this whole week off
        Turkey day and all you know. Nice place to work

      2. This reminds me of what happened with Amazon Wireless over the summer. When the EVO 4G LTE got held up in customs, they seemed to be the last vendor to tell their customers anything. When other companies started receiving shipments, they still had no information to give as to even when they would receive them. I also saw that Wirefly was much more forthcoming on their Facebook page, so I cancelled with Amazon.

        I get that no one in customer service can fix problems like these, but the higher ups need to allow them to give some information. In any event, it seems Google’s system has some real basic flaws that other online retailers dealt with years ago. I suspect they may be reinventing the wheel and going with their own in house built sales system instead of one from a vendor.

  45. I just sad screw tying to buy it on Google play and bought an 8gb on craigslist for $350 on Friday. was a great experience.

  46. After the mess with my nexus7 order, I decided not to order from Google till I know that they have fixed their logistics and support issues. I am glad I decided to wait. Google just sucks at this, they just need to outsource it. I remember I got a mail asking about my enquiry a month after I received my order. That’s how good their support is. So don’t expect an email or response anytime soon, not till your order is delivered. Goodluck to all those guys who ordered.

  47. Not to get those who are in limbo too much hope, but on Android Central multiple people claim that they were told by Google CSR that all phones that are not on back-order will be shipped tonight via overnight so that they will be in hand tomorrow for US orders and by Thursday for Canadian orders (http://forums.androidcentral.com/google-nexus-4/224739-new-nexus-4-purchase-anyone-get-shipping-notification-tracking-number-101-print.html scroll to post with “–HOT OFF THE PRESSES–“). I still have not received any responses from google or from my UPS account to confirm this, but it is encouraging. However, it’s going to suck tomorrow if this is found to not be true.

    1. I’m in Super-Limbo too with no good status (“order in chargeable state” is all I got). God I hope that’s true. From that thread it seems the “guidance” is US orders should be received tomorrow, canadian orders on Thursday (not a holiday). If that pans out, then most will be forgiven. The communication will still have sucked though!…

  48. Nexus 4 customer in limbo here!! Limbo level 3! WTF google!!

  49. Level 3 limbo here, problem is no communication or ownership from Google for the mess they have caused

  50. Early adopter rage… That’s why I always wait 2 months before buying anything. It could be sold out, it could have defects, it could go on sale after the holidays. Never be first to buy anything new. Delayed gratification has its benefits.

    1. Not a crowd-funder then ;)

  51. what? have you not heard of 855 83 nexus. a bunch of living breathing people!

  52. I didn’t even realize there was customer support at all

  53. Google has customer support?

  54. Google has customer support?!

  55. While I didn’t order a 4, or even intend to, I do feel for the guys that wanted one, ordered one and everything else.

    I would be absolutely FUMING if I’d been charged for something, but had no confirmation of the order or delivery details at all.

    This, as you pointed out has been a continuing problem, which I think stems from Google’s massive and rapid growth into unknown territory, where they’ve not taken the time to consolidate their various endeavours and make them a rich and satisfying product/service.

    Once they take some time to fill the cracks and smooth the edges before growing again, they’ll be one hell of a force. (let’s just hope they don’t “turn evil” in the process).

    Good luck Google, I hope you sort your problems, but until you do, I’ll continue to rant about you!

    1. That’s why I’m mad. If the phone is on backorder, just tell me. Don’t sit there and lie to me three days in a row about my order. And also don’t lie about them being shipped based on the time you ordered, first to order first to ship. If Google would just come out and tell everybody what the problem was people wouldn’t be as mad. But when I have almost 400 bucks in my account that I can’t touch because I have no idea when It’ll be taken out I tend to get a little angry.

  56. I’m limboing as well… Called a few hours ago and the dude said my order was still processing and didn’t know if I was backordered… THEN just got this email:

    “Hello Scott,

    Thank you for contacting Google Play. Apologies for the delay responding.

    If you ordered on 11/13, your order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. If you haven’t already received a confirmation email that contains the tracking number, you should receive one by end of day today. However, please note that it can take up to 1 business day for the tracking number to be activated. Rest assured that once you receive your ship confirmation email with your tracking number, it is in the process of shipping for an estimated arrival of Tuesday, Nov. 20

  57. Hi This is Steve, former CEO of Apple, now working with google in their heaven offices.

    Im taking a dump on each one of your nexus so you can have it with extra processing power !

    the new processor will be called Crapdragon s4 PRO Quad+poop Core

    We will also send free bumpers for orders over 2000 dollars !!!


    Steve J,

  58. I hate to keep saying this but while I love Android, I’m not such a big fan of Google.

  59. My Nexus 4 is in limbo. No clue when it gets here. I hear something else every time I call them. Kinda annoying. My credit card was charged last week, I have not received an email no back order no shipping.

  60. I just want to buy a nexus 10 32 gb :o

  61. Don’t be evil, Google.

  62. I’ll stick with Samsung!

  63. – Google is right and deserves your money whether or not you receive a device or updates on your order.

    – You people are idiots for demanding to be treated with respect and dignity from someone who is taking several hundred dollars from you.

    – Google is new at this, the last four product launches they have had don’t count because this one is somehow different.

    – Apple and every other company does the exact same thing in the exact same manner.

    – Google had absolutely no way possible to know that people wanted to buy this phone. Advances in preorders and market analysis are years away from being deployable in a real world setting.

    – How dare you besmirch the great Google name, you are a peon and therefore insignificant compared to the glory that is Google.

    We all need to take a deep breath and applaud Google at their fantastic success of this launch, instead of focusing on things that don’t really matter.

    1. Substitute the word Apple for Google and that would actually be a serious post from an iFan.

      1. iSheep aren’t the only sheep…

        1. Haha no doubt. I watch these nexus clowns and LMFAO all day!
          Hey the notes a better phone by far
          Oh for that matter the gs3 is to.

          1. We’re not on the same page here. Nexus phones are the way to go. The Galaxy Note II is amazing hardware and the S-Pen is a really neat feature, but that phone will be outdated because of software, not hardware, within a year.

            I had two Galaxy Note II’s with my upgrades and sold them both so I could get two Nexus 4’s. It blew up in my face because of the way Google handled selling them, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Nexus 4 is the better phone because of the guarenteed software updates.

            Custom Key Lime Pie (and the whatever the next Android version is) ROMS will be subpar on the Note II without released kernel source from Samsung, and they won’t come cuz they will only care about the Galaxy S4 by then.

          2. Note is $800 nexus is $300 nuff said

  64. If you’re the sensitive type, it’s best to just wait until the 2nd or 3rd batch from now on. This isn’t Halo 4. Expecting to buy on day 1 and receive it the same week is unrealistic. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to try, but don’t get your hopes up.

    A few weeks from now I’m sure it’ll be easy order. It’s just that there were too many damn people who wanted this phone. They broke Google. =/

    That being said, it sounds like Google wasn’t anywhere near prepared for the demand. Normally that would be a good thing (I mean, everybody wants your product), but it’s turned into a PR nightmare for them.

    1. Chris I like you, and you are a very rational person. That being said, you got your phones; is it possible you might feel differently if you were on the other side of the fence?

      And I know people kept saying “they must have sold a crap ton cuz they broke Google’s servers” but in reality there are way too many unknowns for that to hold much water.

      There could have been a bottleneck in their architecture either through incompetitence or necessity (likely the latter), where it didn’t matter how many servers they had on the front-end, there could have been a single server (not likely) or cluster of servers that go down breaking TONS of servers.

      Until Google releases some hard sales numbers, I don’t know whether they deserve the benefit of the doubt based on their previous history of Play Store sales. Also if it was the case that they got an overwhelming number of sales why would they not say so because that is the easiest/most in-expensive way to save some face.

      Edit: It is possible that they don’t have a reliable number they trust until they have sorted through all the duplicate orders and count the number they physically shipped out, but even in that cause that isn’t a glowing endorsement of their management of this whole thing.

    2. Buying on day one with 2-day shipping you *absolutely* should expect to receive it the same week.

      Don’t sell what you don’t have in stock.

      Don’t promise 2-day shipping when you really mean 6-day.

      How hard do we think this is??

      They had everyone’s email from the initial sign up, so they knew the demand.

      And yet, they couldn’t even manage to send out notification emails. How do you screw that up??

      They blew EVERY SINGLE aspect of the launch. Every single one. If they have a VP of customer service, he should be summarily fired. If they don’t, they should hire one tomorrow.

      Google knows how to stress test their systems. They either got very complacent or were arrogant enough to think that even without any experience they could still do it better than everyone else.

  65. i supposed to get one to today, it was sitting over the weekend here in Chicago just a couple of miles from my home. Today I learned that UPS has sent it to Mespeth, NY and they moved the date to Wednesday…. they call it: “An exception in the sorting process has occurred. UPS has taken corrective action.”

  66. Two N4 orders been in limbo but, just got a tracking number for one of them, a 16GB model I ordered at 8:35 a.m. PST (I’m on the east coast). Still waiting to hear on the other from 8:48 a.m. PST. Prior to this all I had were the initial confirmation emails from Tuesday morning November 13th. There is hope for all who are in limbo!

    1. Same here. Now let’s hope it arrives before Thanksgiving or I’m not getting my hands on it until Monday.

  67. Thank you for posting this article, it’s about time somebody shed light on this fiasco!

    I’ve been in limbo since four minutes after the N4 went on sale. I received an order confirmation/receipt, but that’s it. I’ve contacted Google twice by phone since then, and they keep giving me the runaround, never answering my question “where is my phone?”. My CC was charged last week, then the hold was released on Friday. They told me I’m NOT on back order as I never got that email, but nobody can tell me anything worthwhile. I’ve had numerous email exchanges with their useless CSR’s, and nothing has come of it.
    I’m really starting to hate Google and their BS methods. Bunch of amateurs.

  68. Seriously Chris? Fuming at the mouth?

  69. Refuse to buy another Nexus phone. My Galaxy Nexus was a complete disaster, but both Verizon and Samsung kept saying it wasn’t their problem, that it was Google. Couldn’t get anyone at Google to help.

    As a result I was left with a phone I couldn’t use as a phone. Never again.

  70. They’re shipping now!

  71. I have a solution –

    1. Make it so we can pre-order the product.
    Why? So this craziness wont happen where you don’t have enough.

    2. Give us a solid shipment date, stick to it, make sure its on our doorsteps on time.

    The people from the N7 pre-order catastrophe all remember the statement “mid july”… hah. Thats just mean guys. Not to mention, we paid for shipping too. We expect it to be on time.

    3. Make the release/shipment date a week later than you expect it to be.
    This will allow you to have buffer if something goes wrong. No one ever complained about something coming early.

    Do you want to hire me now?

  72. Comment deleted.

  73. got my shipping info

  74. As much as I want a Nexus 4 (and intend to buy one soon), I would never have participated in the initial release purchasing madness that seems to have taken hold.

    Why you ask? Just look at the results. Not only are people confused as to when the hell (or if) they’ll be getting their device, there’s also some serious bugs that need to be fixed.

    Frankly, this is to be expected. Google is still new to this game. They’ll get better; it’s what they do. Fiascos like this will be part of what motivates them to get better. Whether or not they’ll improve much on the being-able-to-talk-to-a-real-person front remains to be seen.

  75. Reminds of Steam support for PC gamers. Steam is an incredible company and awesome service, but your screwed if you need timely help. Then you have EA who has some of the worst CS reps ever and terrible corporate image, but they are always there in live chat just waiting and once you go through enough of them, you can sometimes get what you need done haha.

  76. Looks like someone doesn’t remember how superior os failed because of poor customer support. Now we have Windows running on what, 90% of all personal computers?

  77. no, it hasn’t I won’t buy another phone without a microSD card*, nor do i wish to get one without a removable battery so it’s not an issue for me.

    *at least until all OEMs go that direction and i have no other choice.. perhaps then i’ll just go back to a feature phone.

  78. This is strictly a poor customer service issue. I’m psyched about the product, and have always been high on the Nexus products, owning a Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 7. I’m in limbo on the Nexus 4. But when I use friends’ touchwiz/blur/sense phones, I get annoyed very quickly with the extra junk. I like the pure Android experience, so for that reason I’ll always be very high on the product.

    I’m in the customer service industry, and can definitely respect that it’s not easy getting 10,000x the traffic to your store/restaurant/etc in one very short period of time. It’s impossible with that kind of increase in traffic for everyone, or even a majority of them, to walk away thrilled with the experience. Think of McDonalds during a normal lunch rush, have 3 tour buses roll into the parking lot. What are the odds ANYBODY’S getting their food on time?

  79. So glad I have a DROID DNA ;)

  80. Who needs it..really?

  81. Got tracking numbers last night for my two Nexus 4 16 GB orders, both if which were shipped last night via UPS Next Day Air and are already on the truck for delivery today in Boston. These were orders made at 11:35 and 11:48 a.m. EST on Tuesday November 13. I was in limbo until last night. No email apart from the initial order conforms.

  82. It’s easy to see that Google doesn’t take commerce seriously. They’re probably staffing their retail side with people who get cut from other groups.

    They way managed the Play Store on Nexus launch day made it almost plausible that carriers are trying to protect their customers by blocking Google Wallet.

  83. I ordered a N7 on Friday, got my confirmation email and that’s it until today. Stupid thing is my order in Wallet wasn’t updated to say it has been shipped until late this afternoon, AFTER I actually received the N7 in my hands and it’s not back dated to when they actually sent it (doubt it was shipped today). The tracking number is also pointing at a package that’s still apparently in Solihull but with a pickup date of 30/10/2012 and has a status of “Please call”. I don’t know if it’s pointing to the wrong package as the Dnote No on the parcel is the same as the tracking number but has an extra 2 digits on the end.

    Not to complain, I thought i’d get it tomorrow at the earliest.

  84. Still in limbo tonight. Been told repeatedly that if I didn’t get a back order notice then my order would ship today, no tomorrow, no the day before yesterday… I don’t know. I don’t think im ever getting this phone.

  85. I have seen pages upon pages of unanswered support threads on Chrome (major problems in Android too), docs, and gmail. If one thing drives me away from Google, it will be the horrendous customer service and support. They really ought to take a clue from Apple customers who are so loyal, in great part because of the amazing support and customer service. They all seem so damn pleased with the “Genius Bar”.

    I agree with PhineasJW on most points. A 4th grader could figure this out better than Google has.
    If Google expects to do as well as other companies, they must emulate or match their customer service standards and practices. If they want to be better, then they have to be better. Pretty simple really.

  86. I like the product…will check it out eventually, Google wants to make money, none of this is on purpose, so I’ll just wait it out till shipments are regular. If it takes too long, I’ll probably check out a Lumia to test W8

  87. I sure can’t complain. Ordered 2 Nexus 10 the day it was released. A few initial difficulties in the ordering process, but went fine enough. Released on Tuesday, received on Friday! However, my wife’s had a problem with random reboots and freezing up. Called them on Sunday morning, got through in 5 minutes and 5 minutes later they were shipping out a replacement which came in 3 days later. Works like a charm now. I know that others have had issues but I am really happy with the service!

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