Steve Ballmer: Android is “wild” and “uncontrolled”


Typically not one to keep his gums from bumping, Steve Ballmer is sounding off on the competition after the recent launch of Windows Phone 8. The Microsoft CEO recently spoke with LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and took the opportunity to take a few jabs at both Android and iOS.

Sticking with familiar criticism, Ballmer called Android “wild” and “uncontrolled,” specifically in regards to the Google Play Store. He pointed to Google’s lack of strict restrictions and lack of safeguards to protect users from malware. So the answer, obviously, would be an operating system with strictly policed applications market. Wait, you don’t want that either, Steve?

Yes, Ballmer also called out Apple for being “high-priced” and “highly controlled.” We agree on both points, but if you don’t want Apple’s way and Android just isn’t slicing the cake, then what, pray tell, should we do, Mr. Ballmer?

Oh, yeah. Windows Phone 8. Sure, Microsoft is doing a lot of things right, and their recent hardware offerings from partners like HTC and Nokia have been some of the best Windows Phone devices in years, but it still doesn’t jump out as the much better alternative. Ballmer can badmouth Apple and Android all he cares to, but ultimately the consumers will decide which model works best for them. We here at Phandroid like to live life on the wild side, the choice is pretty apparent. We’re sticking with Android.

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  1. I personally hate windows phones bad experience. Not as many features as android or apps

    1. I’ve always hated “Metro” and though it was ugly. My disgust was only amplified when I found out that Windows 8 was essentially going to be a big version of the same ugly, unuseful UI.

  2. Maybe too wild for you to handle. Uncontrolled? Nah…

  3. Android ATW!!

  4. He is right… I think WP8 will gain momentum the operating system is very capable and with deeper Xbox integration it could really be a winner. Can any of you imagine playing a title like Halo 4 on your handset? Would a game changer… for now I’ll stick to my S3 but I’m not sleeping on Windows Phone.

    1. Well all things considered, there are shooter ports to most mobile os’s already. I think most will agree that without a controller, FPS on a touchscreen can be somewhat frustrating to play.

    2. You see I’m thinking the opposite, such as do I even want an Xbox? Let alone any other MS products?

      The world is changing. Slowly, but it is. Microsoft isn’t seeing it, in fact most tech companies are on the verge but haven’t fully realized it yet, but in the next 5-10 years I see someone taking Microsoft’s place as king of the PC market, and pioneering the next gen computing. It’s just a matter of who figures it out first. Google? Apple? A start up? Who knows, but I don’t see it being Microsoft unless they stop acting like they are the best at everything and start innovating to stay relevant. The cost of arrogance is a high one; and in Microsoft’s case a fatal one if they don’t wake up from their delirium.

  5. coming from a guy that just fired sinofsky… rollz eyez

  6. I think he was referring to the rate of growth for Android. ^_^

    1. Microsoft the worlds biggest patenttroll!!

      1. Apple earned that title long ago…

  7. Hello kettle, I am Mr. Pot…

  8. Whatever. Just more FUD like when Microsoft was trying to denounce Linux….

  9. Mr. Embalming fluid, it’s not uncontrolled it’s open source and that is why android has kicked your crappy metro ui on windows phone where the sun don’t shine. Suck it up princess. Sincerely, all the android users of the world.

    1. Plussed this for use of the word “Princess”

    2. such an awesome reply.

  10. Its a really funny statement to me because I’m sure Mr. Balmer realizes that the wild and uncontrolled nature of Android is one of its selling points. The end user, to a greater or lesser degree gets to reign it in as far as he or she likes with his/her personal setup choices and, even more beautifully, this can evolve and grow with the owner over time.

    Whatever it takes to get people’s attention, I guess, right?

    Not that Windows Phone is bad. I’m hoping for great things from it, but….

  11. I’m always left with a feeling ho hum after looking at or trying WP.
    WP imo here, is no better then the static icon os for keeping my interest.
    Get rid of that overbearing GUI and add a start menu before I swing a WP.

    1. I think that MS should have kept the start menu. In fact I think they could have killed multiple birds with one stone by adding notifications to the start menu as well as some quick settings. Then not only would WP already be more functional right off the bat but it would have made the UI more familiar to legacy Windows users while making an attractive UI for new users. And then Windows 8 would have turned out better too in my opinion. But I’m not in charge of Microsoft, this fuddle-dud Ballmer is so I guess it’s going the way he wants it to.

  12. ^ Yeah, what Kevin said. ^

  13. Oh, that wild and crazy Andy, such a party robot!

  14. Typical Steve Bummer attitude. He should of been fired years ago. He put Microsoft in the toilet and we are about to hear the flush.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8To-6VIJZRE
    Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers! YES!

    1. Hahaha holy crap! That is one of his funniest moments. The guy is a fucking lunatic.

    1. I watched the video and all I can say is ‘wow’ (with stunned look on face). I would be seriously worried if I worked for Microsoft if he’s calling the shots. Or maybe he was just high on beth. :’)

      1. Somebody loves to ride the white lightning! Does it also induce hallucinations? Ya know, the kind where Nokia thought it was a good idea to partner with them?

  16. I really only see WP becoming what RIM should have made BB three or more years ago. Microsoft is in the best position to design a seamless, secure integration with the Windows boxes of the corporate world. If they can nab the enterprise contingent, I think they’ll be just fine.

    For me, it’s “too little too late,” and the Metro UI doesn’t help. I know it’s well-reviewed by many, but it’s so off-putting at first glance that I can’t even bring myself to consider it.

    These days, I’m more intrigued by the prospect of Android becoming an integral part of my daily routine (whole-home automation, productivity, etc.) rather than hoping to tie my daily life into what (little) use I have for a Windows box through WP.

    1. How do you plan on doing the whole home automating? With NFC? It sounds interesting, and I would like to know more. Thanks

      1. Well… I don’t- yet. I’m hopeful that future iterations of Android will contain support for some of the existing automation technologies (or will introduce new protocols which will allow manufacturers to build Android-powered automation devices).

        I’m trying to keep my higher-tech purchases for the home to a minimum until something sort of “shakes out” as a prevailing standard, but I’m at least reasonably comfortable with my Nest thermostat, as an example, being fairly future-proof due to its support for zigbee protocol, among other things.

        In not so many words, I think Android has only touched the surface of its practical applications.

        1. Remember the Android @ home project?

    2. I don’t like “Metro” either and I never have. I only hated it more when I learned they were bringing it to Windows 8.

      As far as integration with Windows boxes I think they would be wise to try and snag the business industry while they still can. Eventually businesses, schools and colleges, and everyone else will move on to something better than Windows. If Google ever wakes up and realizes they could kill windows tomorrow by merging Chrome OS with Android and making it more functional then most would realize they don’t really need Microsoft Office as much as they think they do. There are other alternatives and Office isn’t the end all. Granted Office is probably one of the best such product on the market, and it has more features than other programs. But most people could use Google Docs or freeware that pretty much does everything they need and more. Once that realization hits the masses Microsoft will be in serious trouble.

      1. Actually I remember reading some time ago about Chrome OS and Android merging at some point in the near future. With some of the updates Android is getting (such as multi user) it is getting there.

        1. It’s seriously just a matter of time in my opinion. And a full blown Android desktop will easily replace Windows. What with open source gaming getting more realistic as a business model (Ouya, etc.) it pretty much breaks into the one field in PC’s that PC gamers need Windows for. Google is already stealing corporate business and eroding Microsoft’s deathgrip on companies, so once they can fully replace Windows Microsoft will become a player in the PC market at about the same share as they hold in the mobile world. There will always be die hard Windows fans, but the rest of us will finally be liberated.

          1. Yeah I agree with you there, I’ve tried gaming on Linux with varied success. If you can get it to run, it usually runs waaaaaay smoother than on windows. There just hasn’t been much of a focus on Linux as far as gaming goes. Android seems to be changing that. Microsoft still has its purpose, but things are starting to change. Devices such as the Ouya will be cutting into the console market to an extent; we probably won’t see a large effect with that for a few years though. Microsoft is going to have to evolve or they will end up going the way of Nokia and RIM. Yeah those two companies are still around, but they are laughable in my opinion.

          2. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

            One reason that Linux hasn’t been a huge gaming boon is because Linux is somewhat fragmented and developers don’t want to have to develop for both the Debian and Red Hat variants. Linux doesn’t really have one unified distro as the standard bearer. Ubuntu has been very successful, but it’s still not good enough to kill Windows. Windows is still easy for developers to write for and know they’ll sell lots of units for Windows (Though obviously consoles are where developers put most of their attention).

            Google though, they have done something amazing with Android. They have pulled developers together and created a lot of interest in Android. If they could do something similar with an Android desktop OS. It seriously could be Linux for the masses that every Linux guru has been waiting for to come along and dominate the market. Heck Android code has even been written into the mainstream of the Linux kernal now.

          3. Very true. I do believe it is working its way towards becoming a desktop OS, it has been mentioned here and there and if you notice the progression of Android it is getting very close. The only issue I see is ARM vs x86 (that is, if they choose to go with traditional desktop hardware) as far as the applications are concerned, but any dev who wants extra sales/downloads would certainly be willing to rewrite their program as a desktop version.

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sforhbLiwLA
    Now, how much do you think Microsoft Windows is worth? Don’t answer!

  18. It’s a miracle Balmer still has a job after all his consistently bad decisions.

    1. Microsoft the worlds biggest patenttroll!!dd

    2. No kidding! Apple ousted Jobs for much less.

  19. Ballmers a damn billionaire yet the fool cant afford to get some hair? I wonder who much money he blows every month on prostitutes, must be a fortune. ; }

  20. If he has all the answers.. Why is it that widows phones aren’t flying off the shelves and outselling everyone else?

    1. It’s one thing to ride the coat tails of the success of a firmly entrenched operating system. It’s a whole other thing to actually sell a product that has to actually live or die by its merits.

  21. I wouldn’t have my OS any other way!

  22. Phones Gone Wild!

    *removes battery cover

    1. *Inserts micro sd card

        1. *enters TWRP recovery for sex^Wflashaholics

          1. Whistle while you TWRP.

          2. Good One :)

          1. That’s like a cocaine fueled rage! He didn’t smile, he just merely gritted his teeth and said some nice things and then collapsed as if he’d finally taken a crap after a whole week of spicy food… wow.

        2. and you plug your phone in to do that.

      1. hey take that out of there you!

    2. hey! you can’t do that!

      1. Well yeah I did just buy a Nexus 4, so good point.


  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdRmMeioPvs

    “But even when we’re right not up front, we’re not first in the market, we just keep working and working and working and working and coming and coming and coming”

    1. ಠ_ಠ

  25. 72% market share now controlled by Android, yea its wild an uncontrolled. Ballmer needs to join the rest of the 72%ers here in the real world

  26. “Ballmer called Android “wild” and “uncontrolled,””

    And we like it that way.

    Oh, and calling something the “best Windows Phone devices in years” is like crowning the winner of an ugly dog contest.

    1. Geez you’d think Ballmer was advocating for a system as closed as Apple’s the way he’s yapping about Android being too open for his tastes.

  27. Don’t know if anybody already said it, but better a little wild and uncontrolled than almost dead.

  28. Translation:
    Wild: Beating them at every turn.
    Out of Control: Growth

  29. He keeps talking but all I hear him saying is Windows Windows Windows… something about malware… Windows Malware?

  30. Wild and out of control is correct because Android is the eco-system where outside the box ideas and innovation comes to live.

  31. I hear Steve Ballmer has been visiting Colorado a lot here lately since the new Marijuana law has passed. Might explain his comment.

  32. yeah a closed and locked down OS is better *rolling my eyes*

  33. Umm, and Microsoft’s cash cow Windows OS isn’t vulnerable to malware? Paaalease.

  34. this guy is a joke and will bring down Microsoft I still remember his interview making fun of phone with a full touch screen and no keypad and how business users will not accept it.

  35. Windows Phone and windows 8 really suck. Jealousy makes you nasty..

    1. Well if you don’t have anything original to say you just tear down others right;-)

  36. rather hear him run wild than the dbags at Apple.

  37. Of course he’s gonna say that with 3% – 4% worldwide market share to android 70%. Lol.

  38. I actually take it as a compliment.

    If you’re wild and rebellious at heart – Android is your choice.
    If you’re aging woman, who thinks she’s still 28, or a “creative” barista – iOS is your comfort zone.
    If you’re a Canadian – Blackberry is for you. (LOL – I’m Canadian myself)
    Windows Phone – for people, who still has a PC that runs Windows 98, or Millennium.

    1. I just shuddered at the memory of Windows ME. Eck.

  39. Love the end of this article Lol.

  40. That’s the point.

  41. That pic is awesome. What a boss that Ballmer is.

  42. And Ballmer is fat and dumb

  43. Wow that’s a compliment! When I look at tech I want to see them pushing the limits! That’s what I love about android, it has the newest features, and that’s what I hate about Microsoft, Windows was never more than a system of patches from 98 and up. Also their policy of charging you twice for their stuff, I built and bought xp for gaming only for them to release the xbox and delay or discontinue games for Windows, is really annoying. Not to mention no real upgrade for wp7. Android ftw!

  44. Why even care about what Ballmer says? Posting it here only validates him, so he will spew up even more crap about Android in the future.

    The fact of the matter remains that Android and iOS have been extremely successful with the strategies they’ve used, and WP hasn’t. Enough said.

  45. What a joke. This guy will say anything to promote an OS no one wants. And this whole xbox integration is overrated.

    1. Agreed! Xbox integration won’t let me play Xbox games, so why the heck do I care if it lets me see stats and junk I probably will never look at anyway?

  46. I won’t go to Windows Phone unless there is another MAJOR UI change. The metro/tiles has to go. Even more simplistic than iOS is not what I want. If Google keeps doing what they have been, I’ll never switch anyway. lol

  47. He deserves a Scumbag Steve cap….. oh wait….

  48. Facken psycho… look at how he’s wearing those behind-the-ear headphones

    1. i know right i cant believe this guys runs a successful tech company lol

  49. He is missing the point of all this. It’s about discovery and feeling like Android is your device. It’s not about saying, “Hey I’m Microsoft and here is our product you should like it because we have live tiles and metro UI.” Android has been distinguishing itself from iOS for years on many fronts. Live tiles is just boring. The race now is the seamless integration across the users world. If they are smart they would focus on cloud services, apps and content across all platforms. No one is doing that and it’s baffling as to why.

  50. Take a walk on the wild side. [Image of wild side Android figure]

  51. Hey you guys, who am I? “Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

  52. Is that the only way a company can sell their product by putting others down.Grow some hair and shut up.

  53. So is HULKAMANIA, but the fans still love it.

    1. yeah, but he has 24 inch pythons on his side too… oh well, whacha gonna do?

  54. Fire Ballmer. If there is anyone more deserving of immediate termination, I don’t know who that is. Hire Sinofsky back, make him the new CEO.

    Ballmer is technically incompetent, and just fired a very knowledgable technical VP (Sinofsky). This makes absolutely no sense. The Board of Governors, and the Chairman of the Board need to wake up and do their jobs. Ballmer hasn’t done a thing for shareholders iin 10+ years; the Board should have turfed him a long time ago.

    Other thing that has always bugged me about Ballmer is that he comes across like he is some all seeing oracle due to his being head of Microsoft, but in the analysis afterward, he is shown to be an absolute idiot.I don’t even know where his mind is at when he says some of the things that he does.


  55. Windows 8 is a product of engineers run out of ideas. I’ve used it, and it’s a piece of junk.

  56. Microsoft: get out of our market
    Consuela: no no i stay

  57. I hate Steve Ballmer, but I like Windows Phone 8. What to do? (I like Android more, btw).

  58. Well that was a rather dumb statement making 75% of all smart phones users angry. Negative ads don’t work, just look at the US election people didn’t vote because of the negative ads.

  59. lol, your clueless ballmer

  60. I love how naive Ballmer is. It makes you wonder how the heck he made it to the number one position of one of the world’s largest tech companies.

    On the other hand Ballmer also thinks you need to be a “computer scientist” in order to use Andoid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTX1e-pMN6E&feature=fvwrel
    So then my only question is, where is my degree in computer science? Because according to Ballmer I should have one.

  61. Wild and uncontrolled as opposed to old, busted, and trying like hell to keep up.

  62. I would watch what I say Steve, Android is paying your bills.

  63. Idiot, that’s why we own it brother ;)

  64. So Apple and MS are the the old dinosaurs and Android the young rebellious kid,

  65. RIM BB10 will trample WinPhone 8. Like anyone cares.

    1. I agree with you. BB10 seems REALLY fluid and users will pick up on it. I hope it does well because RIM didn’t seem to be an evil company to begin with.

  66. Steve Ballmer IS A ARROGANT JACK ASS and a idiot CEO. You only SUE ANDROID because your WP8 os ISN’T SELLING as well. just NOKIA anyways

  67. That’s right, wild and uncontrolled! & don’t you forget it!
    Bummers a loser. Microjunk is lame for keeping him.

  68. I can’t believe no one has posted this one yet. :-P


  69. I have almost zero respect for this moron anyway, with this article highlighting many of the reasons for my distaste.

    The sooner M$ get rid of him and appoint someone with the engineering ability to remove the battery cover on an S3 the better.

  70. Hmmmm… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMU0tzLwhbE you’d think someone who is ‘wild’ and ‘uncontrolled’ himself would then actually love Android.

  71. he is just being paid to say that, i remember years ago how he was complaning about how regular phones where more usefull than an iphone, that big screens, fast procesors and lots of tools were useless for a phone, and now they are putting a lot of effort to copy the smartphones ecosistem, in some years he will be saying that a phone sould be wild and uncontrolled

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