Sprint Black Friday sale offers Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Victory for free [LEAK]


If you don’t find yourself suffering from a food coma the day after Thanksgiving, you may wanna have someone help peel you off the couch so you can get on over to Sprint. Looks like #3 largest carrier in the US will be throwing a nice Black Friday sale, for some of their more popular Samsung devices.

According to our tipster — for 1 day only — new and existing Sprint customers with an upgrade can pick up the Samsung Galaxy S3 for the low, low price of $50 (nothing new), or get themselves the Galaxy Nexus and/or Samsung Galaxy Victory for free. Those last 2 are part of a weekend sale that will last until Sunday, the 25th.

Anyone thinking about picking up any of these Samsung devices on Sprint? Or does the full priced (and slightly better spec’d) LG Optimus G still sound more worthwhile?

Thanks _epic!

Chris Chavez
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  1. I will grab the Galaxy Nexus, I want the pure vanilla android experience but I refuse to buy a new sprint phone with their network being as crappy as it is and still no LTE in my area (Norfolk, VA). But for free I’ll take it.

    1. Ha!! If you take it you’re stuck with them for 2 more years. LoL!! I’m in the same boat. I’d love a free Galaxy Nexus, but not on Sprint. Dear heavens, no!!

    2. You have HSPA+ 42 in that area with T-Mobile which comes out faster than Verizon’s LTE throughout many places of that area which I’ve seen first hand. Just make sure you use an HSPA+ 42 phone…. like the Nexus 4 or Note II

    3. Wait for the change in the TOS, call them up, say you don’t agree with the changes and walk away from said account with new(er) phone without the ETF attached. I believe you have to still wait the 181 days with thr new phone before they deem you are fine to not pay back the subsidy.


      1. For some reason i dont think this would work… im pretty sure you would pay something.

        1. I know for sure 100% if you bought a new phone and it was on the account for 181+ days and you didn’t agree to the new TOS that they change you have 30 days to opt out for free.

          Im not too sure about what happens before that 181 is up

    4. If you’re not happy with Sprint why would you want to get a free G-Nexus from them with a 2 year contract not knowing when you’ll be able to use the phone to its full potential? o_O

  2. No. A functional 4G speed network is what sounds better actually. LTE is fast, I’ve seen it in action, but I also saw it in one area and haven’t seen it again. Don’t think I want to take the risk. Sorry Sprint. And I really did try to give you a chance.

  3. G-Nex = bad radios (on Verizon)

    1. I haven’t had a problem with mine on vzw………….

  4. I’ve upgraded to Galaxy Nexus last month. Didn’t feel I could wait. Perhaps I should have waited. Still happy about the phone. One month before my upgrade it was free n now after I upgraded n bought, its free again. Damn.

  5. Now that price is a STEAL. I wonder what price AT&T WILL HAVE on their phones cause I’m waiting for the right deal

  6. For those who haven’t seen it, Sam’s Club is selling the SGSIII for ~$1 on Black Friday. No word on if it’s only for new subscribers or re-ups. Also, Sam’s Club has guest passes if you’re not a member…

    edit: Also, does anyone know if the EVO 4G LTE will be cheap on Black Friday? The $79 on Amazon Wireless is the best deal I’ve found so far.

  7. Can someone please make the Note 2 $199 lol

  8. Did you see that Sams Club is selling the GSIII for .96 cents on Sunday night – 11/18.

  9. .

    But what about the Galaxy Note 2? Will it be included?

    And, will any accessories also be on sale?

    A really COOL accessory is the new Star Trek like Com Badge. It isn’t ready, yet, but I have no doubt that it will be a big hit.

  10. guess it pays to live this close to corp….flawless sprint service and a wonderful LTE connection here….I could see how location would cause people to want to leave however…

  11. smh i just got a nexus from sprint its was $140……

  12. Does anybody know if you can get the black friday deals at ?

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