Gartner: Android smartphone market share for Q3 reached 72.4%


Gartner has come out with its Q3 2012 report for the mobile industry. We’re not too surprised to find that its numbers are a bit in line with what IDC reported recently, but the 72.4% of worldwide smartphone market share Android has in Gartner’s numbers is just a couple of percentage points shy of IDC’s reported 75%. Whichever way you put it, Android’s market share eclipsed 70% — that is a very impressive feat.

Meanwhile, iOS only commanded 13.9% of the pie this quarter, a decline from the 15% they did in the same quarter a year ago. Many continue to attribute Android’s success in this quarter due to the fact that the iPhone 5 had only been available for a week and a half in Q3, but if history is anything to go by then we should still see very gaudy numbers for Android in Q4 up against moderate gain or stagnancy for iOS.

As usual, other competitors are doing much worse in the smartphone sector. RIM’s market share was chopped almost in half to 5.3% compared to last year, and Nokia’s new fondness for Windows Phone has almost completely destroyed Symbian as it went from 16.9% down to 2.6%. Samsung’s Bada actually made gains, coming up from 2.2% to 3% this quarter, and Microsoft also enjoyed growth as it reached 2.4% of the ahre.

As for the overall mobile phone market share between OEMs, Samsung captured the lead from Nokia as it jumped to 22.9% on the quarter with the latter dropping to 19.2%. The drop-off from there is huge, with Apple being the next largest OEM for the quarter at 5.5%.

Samsung’s numbers were no doubt helped along by the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S3, though its portfolio of feature phones likely makes up the majority of the share it’s currently enjoying. Still, 30 million units of the Galaxy S3 to date is nothing to sneeze at and we’re sure Samsung couldn’t be more happy about its position in the mobile wars. Head to the source link for the full numbers.

[via Gartner]

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  1. How about those numbers for US only? We already know the majority of people in the world other than USA, are smart enough not to but iCrap. I want to see how many Americans are still buying that iCrap.

    1. I too would like to see this

      1. like Edward explained I’m alarmed that some one able to get paid $8185 in 1 month on the network.

      2. …

    2. +1 and I agree… but with every Android phone now a massive phablet, and the Nexus 4 not capable of LTE/CDMA, I can’t get excited about any of the new handsets lately. I’d like to see more Android phones around, but lately ALL i see is iPhones everywhere. I would say here in NYC it feels like 10:1 on iOS.

      1. In California, I’m seeing a 50/50 split. You don’t think the new Razr Maxx HD is a top 10 device?

  2. Look at the effort by Microsoft, how cute.

    1. Like a baby who just learned how to sit on the potty. “You get a sticker!”

  3. Lets go Android! Oh wait… I think we all already did.

    1. oops it did it again

  4. It will be quite interesting to see what happens Q4 with the launch of the *phone 4XL, sorry 5. It would be fantastic if Samsung remained on top.

    1. It’s got an extra row of icons! You can’t make up this kind of Innovation!

      1. LOL Quite right! I take someone didn’t like my comment and downrated me. Must assume it was an iFan.

      2. lmao. makes it even more sad that some firm named Apple the most innovative company of 2012.

  5. WP is dead……..hoho

    1. Did you notice that it actually grew over the last year? By 2.5 times in shipments and up 60% in market share. That only got it to 2.4% overall though, but it’s a start.

      1. or you can look at it this way: only 6.3% of all leaving Symbian (Nokia) customers have decided to stay with Nokia and try Windows phone (this number is even lower if you count new customers that came from other OS than Symbian) And that is scary low number!
        It’s like BMW decided to start installing other company engines into their cars and 94% of current owners have decided to give up on BMW. You would not call it succesfull transformation….

      2. Any growth rate looks impressive when you start from 0%

  6. And yet for some reason, countless developers will come out with apps for iOS first or even exclusively. How do we beat sense into their heads and make them realize Android deserves to get first-line attention? :3

    1. How? We start PAYING for apps.

      1. very true

    2. I am an iOS guy. When I ask many of my friends why they choose Android… it isn’t because of customization, or specs or Google services. They often times say it is because “iPhone apps cost money, and Android apps are free.” They even tout the ability to sideload pirated APK files with ease. THAT is why developers stick with iOS. They want to many MONEY!

      1. Stop perpetuating outdated information. The gap in sales between iOS and Android is closing: This will be evenly matched soon and you’ll have one less excuse to use against Android.

        1. Ooooh! A link to Android focused site with data from 1 source that has no REAL numbers on revenue generated by apps. Even so… the fact that developers stick with OS first, Android 2nd is reflected in the quality comparison between apps that are on both platforms. Often times, Android versions of a popular app are release weeks/months later than the iOS version, stripped of features or look like (and probably actually) created by the 2nd string (B team) of the development team.

          1. Did you bother going to the source of their information? Clearly not. Here, I’ll save you the effort: That is not an Android-centric page.

    3. Software fragmentation. First you gotta make one for jelly bean. Then ics. Then hc. Then gb. Then fy. and so on. Then you repeat for each phone. With ios you do it once and you’re done like that. (pretend i snapped). Android is good for the user, but not for the programmer.

  7. Yeah these are what we like.

  8. Bada beat Windows Phone? Looks like nobody wants white icons in 2012

  9. BADA has more market cap than symbian or microsoft – now that is something truly amazing !!!

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