ASUS refunding Nexus 7 owners in Europe for purchases prior to price drop


Europeans who picked up a 16GB Nexus 7 before Google dropped the price of the tablet on October 29th are being treated to a refund courtesy of ASUS. Those that purchased the slate directly from ASUS or Google are eligible to receive a €30 voucher provided they register their purchase a provide a receipt showing the date of the transaction.

Users are eligible to apply for a voucher through November 30th with funds expiring on December 31st. There is no word from ASUS as to whether or not a similar program will be implemented in other regions, particularly the US. Google is already taking a big enough hit on the Nexus 7 given its US pricing (in Europe, the exchange rates have the tablet selling for slightly higher), so refunds for American customers don’t seem likely.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Great… We need to see this in the U.S.

  2. Walmart did the same for me and mine was 2 months old at the time, just told them it was a Christmas gift.

  3. I don’t know any other companies besides Asus and Google that would be kind enough to do this.

    1. They also should have never released a 8 gb one, and 16gb with no expandable storage is really iffy too, mine is posted to craigslist right now because I got tired of deleting games to make room for new ones.

      1. How is this a valid response to what Lennatron said? What else do you have an issue with? The fragmentation of Android releases?

      2. gaming is evil, that’s all. no Asus or Google fault.

        1. Gaming is evil… I thought for sure I’d be happy with 16gb but now the games coming out are 2-4 GB for the Tegra versions.. BECAUSE of the Tegra 3 where as before they were literally 20% that size so no I am not trolling or dumb I had no way of knowing the size of the games were going to multiply exponentially in the matter of months. IF I were in fact trolling an Android comment section I would say, F THIS I AM GOING TO BUY A IPAD MINI! But no I am actually going to get a Note 2.

          1. Shoulda saw this coming with games on your phone. I’ve had a couple of games on my phone that are about 1.2GB each. And that’s 4 games like that. I saw this coming a mile away. Oh well… Hope you’re satisfied with your Note 2. =.D

            Luckily my brother wants a tablet. So he can inherit mines and I pick up the 32GB version. =.D

          2. Yeah, I think I will be. And you too man! They are going to be beastly, I am getting the 32 and I have a 32 class 10 sd card too so tons of space.

      3. How much do you want for it?

      4. You KNEW that buying it. The decision to not have expandable storage locally is a decision by Google. Not Asus! You sir are obviously very very dumb or trolling

        Useless comment is useless!

      5. they are doing the same with the nexus 4….there will be 32gb version later on in the future

    2. This, exactly. People can say “Google’s no different than any other company, they only care about money” and this and that, but Google’s been a lot better to me than most companies have over the years.

  4. Hey Asus, here is one USA consumer who would want in on that refund action. I bought my Nexus 7 on Sept. 21. Its price dropped Oct. 29. Gimmie!

    1. which is over a month so I can’t feel sympathetic towards you, maybe if it happened a week or two after you would have a case, but this happens all the time….. at least they aren’t planning on releasing a new nexus 7 only a few months after the initial nexus 7 like apple did with the ipad

    2. Honestly, companies are not obligated to refund in the event of a price drop. This stuff happens all the time and customers are left feeling pissed off thinking they maybe should have waited. Good on Asus that they are doing this. Hopefully they do extend this deal to America.

      1. To be honest, I don’t really think they should. The reason being the $25 credit stopped in October. So how can you complain about paying more when you got $25 for free? I don’t understand.

        1. Good point.

  5. Wow, that great customer service and integrity. Respect to asus

  6. Asus is already getting a low profit margin from the Nexus 7…and they are even giving money back to their customers? Nothing else to say except… good guy Asus.

  7. I don’t need a refund. I got a $25 credit. That’s my refund. LoL!! Let’s see who complains about not getting some type of compensation even though they got the credit.

    1. I forgot about the credit I wasent expecting it when I bought it and it was a pleasent surprise. This is why I love google free $25 in apps and last earlier this year a free $10 when I first used google wallet what other company doesn’t charge consumers for almost any thing then turns arround and gives them gifts.

  8. Too bad there’s nothing for us 8GB buyers.

  9. Now they just need to refund the original backers of the garbage that is the original transformer prime tf201.
    I love having a 10.1 inch paperweight that works worse AFTER it’s come back from the factory for repairs.
    I know I shouldn’t generalize, but flushing $500+ directly down the toilet for this thing really turned me off of all Asus products, and really just Android tablets in general.

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