Sprint ZTE Flash launching Nov 11th for $130 with 12MP camera, S4 processor, 720p display [LEAK]


Leaked back in July, the Sprint ZTE Flash — carrying a 12MP camera, S4 processor, and 720p IPS display — was originally rumored for an October 14th launch date. Here were are in November with neither hide nor hair of the device, but it seems the launch has only slipped a little ways down the calendar, now slated for a November 11th release.

This newest leak comes from our very own tipster who was able to secure a few leaked screenshot of the device, along with low $130 pricing and newly expected launch date. Another point of interest is the fact that the Sprint Flash could be offering a stock Ice Cream Sandwich experience if the above screenshot is any indication, possibly with Sprint ID.

But, even with a fairly nice spec sheet and reasonable price tag, the ZTE Flash definitely has its work cut out for it. Also launching on November 11th is the LG Optimus G ($200) and its qwerty cousin, the LG Mach ($100). Sprint customers definitely have some good options this holiday season.

Thanks, _epic!

Chris Chavez
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  1. Pretty good for a “mid-range” device.

    1. Seriously. I’ve played with the low-end ZTE Fury and that thing ran like it had Project Butter in it. So smooth and fast. It surprised me.

      Sprint Flash: S4, HD, stock ICS. Super nice.

  2. Sounds like a nice phone, an Sprint still has unlimited data, right? Dang, too bad they suck in my area.

  3. Not buying anything until Sprint LTE is up in all of SF bay area

  4. How is ZTE with their updates? Could be a real interesting device if its rootable and has any sort of development

  5. speaking of Sprint…I was at Nokia Theatre earlier, and noticed that my “4G” turned on. I got excited and turned on my speedtest.net app. Speeds went up to 20976/10284. I remember seeing an article saying that Los Angeles will get LTE soon…just didn’t know THIS soon.

    …or are they just testing it out?

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