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Google has an event coming up in the next few days (Monday, to be exact) and we’re expecting it to be a Nexus extravaganza. A refresh of the Nexus 7 might be in order with a 32GB configuration rumored, LG’s Nexus 4 is said to be getting unveiled, and Samsung is the latest player said to be involved with a 10 inch Nexus tablet on the way.

We haven’t seen too much in the way of physical evidence to back this rumor up, but it looks like one piece of the puzzle has been uncovered. Korean site Seeko appears to have gotten its hands on the manual for the 10 inch Samsung tablet. We don’t get much information in the way of specs, but it does confirm some of the ports and the possible design we’re going to be seeing once it’s unveiled.

For starters, it looks like Samsung will include a micro-HDMI port on the side of the device. This is interesting because Samsung is the biggest proponent of MHL, the technology that allows a USB port to double as an HDMI port.

The decision to include a standalone micro-HDMI port likely stems from the fact that Android does not have native MHL support, and since Samsung won’t be making any changes to the firmware outside of helping Google with optimization then it probably isn’t possible. Other ports include the usual suspects such as a micro-USB port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a charging port.

Interestingly enough, the tablet appears to house an LED notification light beneath the display. The ASUS-manufactured Nexus 7 didn’t include one so we weren’t sure what to expect in this regard. We’re hoping it’s a multi-colored light in true Nexus fashion, but we’ll have to wait until Monday for confirmation.

Another discrepancy between Samsung’s 10 inch Nexus is the addition of a rear camera (alongside the standard front-facing camera that we figured would be included). It’s puzzling that a rear-facing camera would be included on the bigger device. Believe me — it looks a lot more ridiculous to take photos with a 10 inch tablet than it does with a 7 inch device. The manual suggests the rear of the device will be two-toned, but as the tablet isn’t colored in this instance it will be hard to tell.

As with anything these days it’s wise to take this with a grain of salt. We’ve had our fair share of hoaxes and fakes over the past month, and we won’t go into the Google event expecting this to be the Nexus device we see.

Heck, we might not even see a 10 inch Nexus on Monday — that’s why these are all rumors, and that’s why Phandroid will be in New York to see whether or not Google and Samsung are prepping this thing for a big unveiling. Be sure to circle back at the beginning of next week for coverage on all of that and more. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. Google.. take my money! lol

  2. Hell yes

  3. And based on current Nexus trends it will have 4GB storage and no SD slot :/

    1. It clearly stated there would be 32GB internal storage. Nexus = no SD. Not really sure why this is coming as such of a surprise to folks.

      1. Where has 32GB been reported? This article mentions that a 32GB Nexus 7 is rumored, but I don’t see any mention of the storage on the Nexus 10. And anyway I was only joking :P

        Also, a Google engineer mentioned on Reddit that they might put an SD slot back into a future Nexus device if they could handle it well with the user experience. I figure if enough of us keep complaining enough, maybe someday we will see another power user oriented Nexus like the Nexus one was :)

        1. In the manual, it says 32GB internal. I think I saw it on Droid Life. Let me double check.

          EDIT: I’m seeing/dreaming things. Nothing mentioned in regards to 32GB. Trolololol?

          1. Hehe, no problem, the sentance about the 32GB Nexus 7 is pretty easy to misread. But realistically they would be foolish to release a 10 inch tablet with anything less imo.

          2. its google, i mean putting nexus 4 with 8gb no expandable storage option for its flagship nexus seems like a stupid decision

        2. You are right, in that the 32GB in this article states for the N7.

          However, I have purchased a crow, and I am prepared to eat it should the N10 not have at least 32GB of internal storage.

      2. @NYCHitman1:disqus “Nexus = no SD.” Not entirely correct.

        Nexus One = microSDHC

        1. That was what.. 2 and change years ago? Google’s current stance is no SD card expansion in their devices – until that changes, nobody should expect it to be there.

          1. @NYCHitman1:disqus
            That is their current stance? When did they state, “no SD card expansion in [our] devices?” Can you please provide a link as reference.

          2. “We got tired of seeing OEMs include many GB of internal storage for music, while users were still running out of space for apps and data. This approach lets us merge everything on one volume, which is way better.” – Dan Morrill (Android engineer @ Google)


            I remember seeing something by JPBQ in the past regarding the dislike of removable storage too.

          3. @NYCHitman1:disqus Interesting, thanks. I knew we wouldn’t see Nexus devices with removable storage but I didn’t know someone at the company had actually addressed the issue.

          4. This comes up every time. That quote is about the way internal memory used to be split into two partitions on older Android devices. It is not directly related to having an SD slot at all.

            Also, from the same Dan Morrill in the same reddit thread:
            “What we will probably do eventually is add an import/export concept to removable storage. So the Camera will always save to internal-16GB, and when you pop in an SD card (or insert a thumb drive on USB host devices) you can start a migration or import/export dialog.
            But until we have that, devices will generally either have an SD card, or a large internal storage, but not both. I totally get that a lot of people like SD cards, and I miss USB Mass Storage myself. But then, that’s why it’s great that there are so many devices to choose from. :)”

  4. I’m hella excited! Been stashing money in my piggy bank for this!

    1. hella hella.. people still say hella? I thought that died with “meh”

      1. Meh, I still use it :)

  5. Hope that little bubble circling “speakers” is around a speaker facing ME and not some other random stupid direction. I’ve decided this is my number one deal breaker. Until manufacturers can get smart enough to point the sound at the damn user I won’t be buying another damn phone or tablet.

    1. I think you’ll be waiting a while sadly =

      1. Samsung already manufactures their tablets with front-facing speakers…

    2. Yeah I dont know why manufacturers keep facing speakers AWAY for the person viewing the screen.
      Same thing with TV manufacturers. Its retarded.

      1. Yea, especially considering where your hands are. Most of your hands are covering the back of the device = more chance to cover the speaker = blah. I can understand it for phones, but tablets? Hopefully that’s why we see all that extra bezel on this thing.

    3. The Qualcomm developer tablet I have with the S4 pro has 2 speakers facing forward and ITS FREAKING GREAT! I don’t know why all OEMs don’t use that setup. My guess is it requires the device to be thicker. With a developer tablet nobody cares its not supposed to be pretty but normal consumer tablets have to be super duper thin for some reason.

    4. The speakers are clearly on the front of the device, facing the user.

  6. Looks like a Note 10.1. I don’t believe this

    1. Yeah that what I was thinking… But you never know, maybe the Nexus 10 is based off from the Note 10.1

      1. That was my thought. Every other Samsung Nexus (well, all two of them) was similar to something Samsung already made.

        1. If the design is gonna be based off the Note 10.1, I would be somewhat disappointed.. I’m not a fan of the Note’s design…

  7. My stock Galaxy Nexus supports MHL just fine, so not sure what you mean about Android not natively supporting it. That’s a driver issue, anyway, which obviously has to be set up for every device produced, so nothing special even needs to be done with Android proper.

    More likely I’d say it has to do with the fact that if you’re using MHL, you’ve lost access to your MicroUSB port. That doesn’t seem like a big deal until you realize that by doing that, you’ve also lost access to USB OTG support, meaning that you can’t hook up an external hard drive or other USB devices (mouse/keyboard), which you are relatively likely going to want to do when having the tablet hooked up to the TV.

    Then there’s the ‘transparency’ aspect of having a dedicated micro-HDMI port. In general, only a techie is going to know about MHL, so you’re not going to have many people who know that it is even an option. By having a dedicated micro-HDMI port, more people will know about it and will be able to use the functionality.

    All that to say, if you have a phone it is easy to trade off space saving for the costs of going MHL for your output. But with a 10″ tablet, you have loads of room around the edges for connectors, so it makes sense to go the route of a dedicated micro-HDMI connector.

  8. Nexus 10 (32GB)- $299.99
    Nexus 7 (32GB)- $249.99
    Nexus 7 (16GB)- $199.99

    1. Keep dreaming… $399 at least

      1. Knowing that El Goog breaks even on most devices, We can hope for $350 maybe. Or $400 with Play Store Credit like the did with the Nexus 7

    2. You’re forgetting the kind of resolution Nexus 10 has (2560×1600). That makes the device a lot more expensive. Look at Surface – it’s 1366×768, and it’s still $500.

      So I wouldn’t expect it to be less than $500, especially if it has a Wacom pen, too, which I hope it does.

      1. I would be willing to bet $$ there is no pen. Since this is stock android, and so far there have been no reports of pen support in 4.2 (there isn’t any support in 4.1.x either), then again info is pretty sparse on 4.2. All the pen software from the note 10.1 was added by Samsung.

  9. I keep throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening! Now Im broke since all my co-workers came and snatched up the monies! =0(

    1. is your employer hiring lol

      1. Yes actually…if you wanna be a shop bi***! (trust me, you dont want the job). LOL

  10. Two things, obviously there is going to be a camera on the back, this is a “high end” tablet so it will come with all the bells and whistles. Secondly what do u guys think about them releasing an updated Nexus Q? I wouldnt put it past them.

    1. Why are you then reiterating the obvious? All brand name tablets come with a camera.

  11. hopefully its priced correctly and seriously micro sd slot, or 32gb min…. nexus 4 8gb non expandable storage its such a disappointment

  12. $350 maybe? But I’ve been waiting so long for a Google tablet that I’ll pay $400-$500

    1. if this thing has a screen resolution of 2560-1600 as its rumored to then we are looking at a 400-500 price range.

      1. I wonder if Apple reduces the ipad 3 price after iPad 4 launch in a month to $399 it probably will be similarly priced.

        1. ipad4 won’t be out until March. Or the New Ipad 2 since they’re stupid.

          1. it’s coming out in november

        2. The ipad 3 is discontinued, the only difference between the 3 and the 4 is the processor and the lightning port, so no point in selling basically the same device at 400 and 500 dollars lol. if Google does decide to sell it at 400 it will have pretty good sales. The building cost of this thing alone is around 350-360 dollars considering the Amoled screen costs more than an LCD, and they included a back camera which adds another 14-15 bucks to the overall build quality and the 2 dual speakers, so 400 is possible.

      2. not really.. nice try though Marge.

  13. I wanna be an uber fan boy and own a Chromebook, Nexus 10, Nexus 7 and LG Nexus 4.

    1. I have the nexus 7 and I’m really thinking about getting the bigger chromebook…. I don’t know if I can give up my one x for an LG tho….

  14. I was hoping they had learned that a 16:10 aspect ratio is not right for a tablet. I think 4:3 is the better choice for a tablet of this size.

    If this is the Nexus 10, I will be disappointed.

    1. 4:3 on a 10″ tablet? Really? So you’re wanting mainly a square. Horrible, this idea of yours. 16:10 is the new 16:9 which is better than any 4:3. Ridiculous.

      1. I’ll ignore the discourteous tone and the possibility that you’re a talented troll. I mean, surely you’re aware that the most popular tablet in the world is 4:3 and (gasp!) still manages to be a rectangle. Apple really is a magical company!

        Smartassery aside, I think 4:3 is a better choice for a device like this. Books, periodicals, apps and the web are (mostly) best viewed in portrait IMO. I, and many others, feel that 16:10 is awkward in portrait mode. Sure, video is better in the 16:9/10 aspect ratio, but that’s what flat-screen TVs are for.

        1. I’ve been using a tablet for well over a year, and I can a count on one hand the number of times I’ve wanted to use portrait mode, I’m pretty sure his snarky tone was regarding your tone. As you did a good job making it seem like you are speaking for everyone. The truth is, the iPad does have more market share, but even apple (with the iPhone 5) has acknowledged that 4:3 isn’t ideal. On top of that, the ipad won’t have marketshare for long.

          1. My first statement was a 100% snark-free opinion. Both of my statements are clearly opinions (“I was hoping”, “I think”, etc) and the notion that I’m trying to “speak for everyone” is baseless. My second reply had some snark, sure, but given his response, who could blame me? Even so, I mostly focused on defending my statement against vacuous assertions and an erroneous understanding of what a 4:3 tablet would look like. I was not making an appeal to “market share”. I merely provided evidence that 4:3 tablets are indeed rectangular.

            The fact that you rarely want to use portrait is interesting (and difficult to believe), but OK. You clearly have different use scenario’s than I. Perhaps it’s because you know using a 16:10 tablet in portrait is an awkward experience? Either way, I think you are a minority. I think, most people when they grab a tablet, want to hold it like a magazine. Documents and periodicals are printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Guess what the aspect ratio of most printed material is? (Hint: Same aspect ratio as the iPad.)

            As the former owner of a Xoom, and current owner of an iPad, I think reading anything (documents, articles, web pages, anything) looks and feels more natural on the latter. I hoped Google and Samsung would eventually reach the same conclusion. Hence, my disappointment.

  15. I hope the price reflects the nexus 7 at most double the price, but @ 1600p, krait s4 quad CPU or better, better face time camera, and of course better battery.

    1. face time camera!?!? really…..

      the more accurate term is front facing camera AKA FFC

      1. ok mobile police

        1. ok inaccurate poster in the first place.

          1. I feel so stupid now its all my cousin’s fault he’s a big time Apple fan who got me into saying face time lol my bad.

            android 4 life!

          2. @godrilla:disqus get the Nexus 10, and show it off to him. He wont be a apple fan for long after that

        2. lol. I wasnt try to be “that guy” , but since we r on an Android forum, im surprised a fan-droid would say facetime camera

  16. want

  17. Is that a Samsung proprietary connector marked up as the charging port?

    1. uhg I hope not. Seems like a Nexus device should use a standard microUSB cable…

      1. Exactly …..which makes me think this may not be legit (I hope!)

        1. it’s got a micro usb on the side so that port on the bottom is probably just a dock connector

    2. Yeah, this kinda leads be to believe it may be faked. Why would Google leave samsungs proprietary charging cable? It should use a standard micro USB. Asus did it with the N7 why is Samsung being a ass?

  18. Does anybody have this manual,i want to read it to my Kids for their bedtime stories.

  19. This is like tech nerd porn. And boom goes the dynamite. Take my damn money already.

  20. No S-Pen/Multi-view, No Deal!!

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