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If you jumped onto the Play Store today looking to pick up an 8GB version of the tab in time for the holidays, you may have noticed the $200 8GB has been completely sold out, listed as “coming soon.” So what gives? Well, there have been whisperings that Google could have plans to completely phase out the 8GB version of the Nexus 7, in favor of offering the 16GB models for the exact same price. Google’s expected to announce the news on Monday at their Android event in New York, along with a beefier 32GB model carrying the same price point as the 16GB. Are things starting to make a little more sense now?

As many early adopters of Google’s flagship 7-inch tablet have found out, the measly 8GB of storage offered in the lowest-end model of the Nexus 7 fills up quick. Throw a couple of Tegra 3 optimized titles on that puppy, and you’ve got only a handful of games that can be stored on the tablet with little to no room for your budding HD kitty video collection. Couple that with the Nexus 7’s lack of memory expandability, and you have yourself a severely handicapped little tablet.

With today’s announcement of the iPad Mini, we’re hoping Google has a little more up their sleeves than just storage space if they want to keep a strong competitive edge against Apple’s finest. We’re also expecting a new 3G model for the Nexus 7, as well as a speedy update to the unannounced Android 4.2 (still Jelly Bean) and possibly a 10-inch Nexus 10 tablet. Make sure to stay tuned as Phandroid will be reporting live from the event, bringing you the latest as it goes down.What do you guys hope Google will announce?

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