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Alright, we’re back with another Phandroid 15 Minute Challenge. This is a series we’ve created similar to speed dating, except instead of women, we get acquainted with some of the slightly more expensive apps from the Google Play Store before committing (really, testing out apps is way easier than meeting actual women). Since I’ve always considered myself the frugal type, and these apps are coming out of my pocket — they really need to have that special something to keep me from taking advantage of the Google Play Store’s 15 minute return window.

The Challenger: Chaos Rings by Square Enix

Today’s encounter involves a shockingly expensive $13 title from Square Enix called Chaos Rings. Yes, you may remember some bad headlines involving a poor decision by Squenix’s mobile publishing branch to block out rooted Android users from playing this particular title. This didn’t fare too well with the modding community, but Square was quick to make amends, finally undoing the block today. But that’s neither here, nor there. What you’ve come to find out is if Chaos Rings has the charm to stay installed on your Android device. That answer is a wallet wrenching… yes.

The Verdict

Yes, it’s a bit expensive. But traditional turn-based JRPG’s are few and far between in the Google Play Store. Ever since Square Enix jumped onto the Android scene, I had been crossing my fingers for a more mature styled RPG (Final Fantasy 3 is all well and dandy, just the art style kinda bugs me). Looks like Chaos Rings was an answer to my prayers and where I’d normally spend around $20 – $30 for a title like this on my PSP, $13 sounds more like a steal. Factor in the added value of not having to lug around my PS Vita, and you have a console quality experience that fits inside your pocket, and is always with you. I know a $13 title wont exactly be for everyone, but if you’re sick of playing casual games like Angry Running Doodle Jumpers, Chaos Rings could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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