Has Sony’s Nexus phone been revealed? [Fact or Fiction]


Here it is, folks: the so-called Sony Nexus X. Or is it? That’s the question that has the blogosphere buzzing this morning after two images surfaced on Picasa of a phone purported to be Sony’s first Nexus device. So what are the chances that we looking at just that? Well, let’s examine the possibility.

Rumors surfaced last spring that Google’s next Nexus smartphone launch would not be a single device, but rather up to five from the top Android manufacturers. Recent reports seem to confirm that Google is going in a different direction with the Nexus program, opening it up to multiple partners, with  HTC, Samsung, LG, and Sony all named. But other than a few hearsay rumors related to the other devices, the only to come with any substantial proof as been the LG device, which may launch as the Nexus 4 or Optimus Nexus.

Now, just when we were settling on the idea of Google launching only a single Nexus phone at the end of this month, these images pop up, turning our rumor-filled world on its head. So what’s fact and what’s fiction? We still believe multiple Nexus devices will launch this holiday season, but it still sounds like Google will emphasize LG’s handset as the lineup’s flagship model. At the very least, it looks to launch first.

So then we are left to wonder if what we see here is Sony’s Nexus phone. Some sources have cried photoshop, and there definitely is enough funny business going on in the photos to warrant such claims, but perhaps more likely is the suggestion that we may simply be spying an unreleased prototype or perhaps another upcoming Sony device in the early testing phases, once that could still launch with Sony’s customer Xperia interface. Honestly, there is too little info to come to any sort of real conclusion.

So the mystery device remains just that: a mystery. But what say the peanut gallery? Is this the real deal or just another case of the tech world biting hungrily at any Nexus rumor that floats our way? [via The Verge]

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  1. I very well hope so. I’ve always liked Sony’s designs and been hoping for them to make a nexus.

  2. It was already confirmed to be photoshopped /:

    1. Link?

        1. Not convinced to be honest..

          1. Me neither, I just provided the link. I want it to be true because I really don’t like the LG Nexus.

          2. Iknow! This sony nexus looks soooo nice!! And the lg device says ‘with google’ so I am yet to belive that is a nexus….

          3. Its fake ya douche bag. now stfu

          4. how about you smd and ill think about it

          5. Sorry, im not a 12 year old boy as you would prefer. Unless you’re into middle age men, which would be creepy.

          6. The “Sony” logo is a a very wrong angle and it does not follow the apparent curve of the surface.

          7. He meant that it doesn’t curve with the device, instead the Y in sony is oddly faded.

          8. The photo follows 2 point vanishing perspective, not one. The fact that the logo follows one point perspective rules and not 2 point is indication that it was “photoshopped”, Worse, it was done by someone who doesn’t have the skill to pass a basic illustration class. The fact that the Sony Logo is flat while on a curved surface is further indication of the sloppy work. Throw in that the contrast on the Sony logo is higher while away from the camera, and we have another inconsistency. Finally, the striations of the “glossy” area with the Sony logo vanish off the right at a different point than the near and far edges of the phone. This thing is so poorly faked that who ever did it ought to be embarrassed to come forward.

          9. Me too. That was the same site that said all those changes about the upcoming Nexus program as a fact and then only when being called out on it a week (and 100s of site traffic & ad revenue) later, admitted to posting fake details about the Nexus program and upgrades.

          10. Wow talk about being totally wrong, they said that it was all a rumor but that they believed they had a credible source, they didn’t. The “source” came out and said that he was trolling blogs. Everything else so far has been very right. Taylor is the only person that starts getting Nexus rumors months in advance and they end up being pretty much true. Of course a rumor is a rumor and when it comes to the Nexus we want all of them to be true. Do you remember how the Nexus One was suppose to have FREE VOIP or the Nexus S was going to have Dual Cores?

    2. By whom?

  3. What reports? Ohhhh you mean all the made up reports byt phandroid and other sites? Ya sorry those don’t count. On the account of them being made up and all.

  4. I sure hope this is true, but I am skeptical…

  5. Nearly half of the people already think this is real. WTF?? FAKE!!
    Either I am too cynical or half the people are too gullible and naive.

  6. Now if Google and Sony did that I’m sold.

  7. You know what im just going to wait till the announcement date, i don’t want to be disappointed waiting for multiple nexus’s

  8. Well I like the front better than the lg but the back has some god awful curviness to it. I’m sure its fake bc of the HTC camera look but it’d be nice to have Sony make a nexus

    1. Have you seen any of the Xperia phones? All their cameras look like that. Take a look at the Ion. Exactly the same. It is not a HTC camera.

      Knowledge. Know it.

  9. please please please be true – I DO NOT WANT AN LG NEXUS.

    1. I don’t mind LG for a Nexus but if theres no removable battery screw that

  10. Why do people make Photoshop phones and try to pass them off as leaks? Are they a bunch of 14 year olds just learning how to use Photoshop or just a bunch of retards with no reason to live so they spend their time making fake phones?

    1. Website traffic, ad revenue…

      1. Also, to troll the internet “journalist” society.

  11. I imagine putting this thing on a table. With this curved bottom part it could not be operated properly. I am very sceptical about this pictures but I would like multiple Nexus phones for KLP including a Sony Nexus.

    1. So you want a blocky phone which you will then complain hurts your hand when you are holding it.

      Who uses their phones on the table anyways?

  12. It seems to be a requirement to throw every phone into a pile of dust before taking a picture.

    1. Duh! Gotta cover your fingerprints. It is Leaking 101.

  13. Lg always has square phones, but they decide to go with the rounded “nexus look” I just think it looks too square.. But that’s just me,

  14. I like the Sony’s sharp front edges but not sure about the back…

    1. That’s not a knife …this? This is a knife!

      1. Lol that was pretty funny, I don’t know why you got the negative vote

  15. I’m not really excited about any of these new supposed Nexus’…

  16. I want the Motorola Occam

  17. For once I wish makers would listen to the fans.

  18. My Nexus request – HTC One S released as a “Nexus 4″ replaced with LTE, S4 Pro, improved battery life, Gorilla Glass 2, and Android 4.2. It’s aluminum body, thinness, and 4.3” screen are all perfect to me.

    1. It would sell… But people want bigger! 4.3″ doesn’t do it for that many people these days.

      Go big or go home!

      I want specs that will make next years nexus seem like a complete waste of time

      1. Then buy a tablet!

        1. Because you can make phone calls from a tablet, right?

        2. Why buy two different devices when you can do it all on the same device? I’d rather have a galaxy note 2 than a GSIII mini and a GN10.1 tablet.

          Then again, you’re used to that. You use an iPod, iPhone and iPad

          1. *Posted from your computer

          2. Posted from your older sisters iPod touch

          3. So just because someone doesn’t want a tablet sized device to make phone calls on they are Apple users? I am as Google as it gets and I do not want a tablet all the time in my pocket. I have an Nexus 7 for that WHEN I need it, which isn’t always. I don’t want my phone barely smaller than that. The Galaxy Nexus is as large of a phone as I will get.

          4. Since when did I say that?

      2. I have high hopes for HTC’s rumored 5″ device…

      3. Agreed… has to be at least 4.6″ imo

      4. just take a look on Ebay, see how many SGS3 you can see at ridiculosly low prices. it is all because of its sheer size not prtactical to use every day for a phone. better to a have a tablet instead. i sold my Iphone 4s for £370 and bought Galaxy S3 for £349. just see the difference. all because of its size, i cant wait to sell my S3 for Sony Nexus or Xiaomi Millet 2

    2. well said, ,this is what i want. 4.3 is perfect in htc one s as nexus 4 and all the power possible under its bonnet

  19. Is it just me, or is there some funny business going on along where it says “google”. Some extra smudges maybe?

  20. Why does the headphone and the cable have a pretty pronounced shadow from top-right lighting but the phone has no shadow? Obviously its a vampire.

  21. Lol the 1st pic looks just like the Motorola Triumph from Virgin Mobile! Lol

  22. It is a very good looking device, but it is too good to be a SONY.

  23. Could this phone be anymore ugly and boring? Just what we need, another ugly Nexus selling only to techies because the average person just sees another boring android phone. How about a little design innovation or is that too much to ask?

    1. Nexus phones are not meant to be mainstream phones, but developer and enthusiast phones, Google leaves all the flair and gaudy crap for the regular consumer phones, the Nexus line is just to set a hardware baseline for that version of Android

  24. Now that is what I call nice :-D square NOT bloody round.

  25. It looks slightly distorted. If its real, awesome, if not oh well. Look at the bottom half the Sony logo, the the camera and lastly the angle is off. But great try,lol.

  26. Is that a removable battery seam I see in the photo (even if fake)? If so, *ThumbsUp* Sony; ThumbsDown LG.

  27. I wish it was true. The curved back of X10 is something I’m missing dearly in my RAZR.

  28. God I hate square phones. LG nexus please

    1. Apparently most out there feel the same as you. I actually like square phones so much more. It feels more futuristic or industrial. But, just my feelings.

  29. I love the design. Give me 32GB of memory and 2 Gb of ram plus a quad core and Im sold.

  30. It looks really nice, so they should use it if they aren’t already

  31. Looks pretty damn nice aside from the protruding camera out the back.
    I don’t like that very much, but at least there is a ring will protect the lenses.

  32. These nexus devices are looking to similar in contour

  33. Sony raised camera in the back? Unless its some ridiculous megapixel camera for a smartphone I say Photoshop.

  34. looks like a remote

  35. It’s false, Google is releasing multiple Nexus devices but their differentiated between phone, tablet etc., I’d expect a 10inch tablet.

  36. I DON’T GIVE A DAMN. I’d rather BUY A SONY NEXUS than that dumb LG NEXUS with NO SD CARD. I just hope the rumor is TRUE. Been drying for a SONY NEXUS

  37. 媽呀….


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