The new Granny Smith update is out of this world!


Literally. Our friends from Mediocre (creators of Sprinkle) have updated the popular Granny Smith game with 12 new space levels. As expected, lack of gravity will force users to think differently if they want to get very far. The game does seem to be much harder after playing it for a while, so get ready for a new and completely different adventure!

Now I know what I will be doing after work for the next few days. Granny Smith is really fun and popular; probably one of the most popular since Angry Birds. If you haven’t checked it out yet, this one is a must-have for gamers, so get it at the Google Play Store for $0.99!

And don’t forget to check out our hands-on video of the game if you need some convincing.

[Image via: Technology Tell]

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  1. The new level pack is harder to play on a small screen. Like it took me 5 tries just to realize that it was a vertical cable to hang on to in the middle of the first level. Gotta connect to HDMI.

  2. This game is a fun one, and was a steal at 25 cents during the last sale.
    It’s my “go-to” for quick fun!

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