LG Nexus compared to iPhone 5 in latest round of leaked photos


Listen up, would-be mobile insiders. This is how you take a leaked photo of an unannounced device. Blurry cam is not an issue in our latest look at the LG Nexus, and this time the iPhone 5 has come along for the ride. While there isn’t much new info to be had on the phone, it’s worth mentioning how similar the device looks to the Galaxy Nexus. We have to wonder if that was at Google’s insistence or if LG went with the similar design on their own. Check out the full gallery at the source link below.

[via Onliner]


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  1. The iPhone looks ridiculous next to it.
    Looks like a remote control…

    1. This. I can’t stand the look of the iPhone 5. Why make it longer? Why not do a bigger screen right? 4.3 inches at least.

      1. A 4.3″ screen, being bigger than a 4.0″ screen would be even longer than it is now.

        1. It would be more filled out and not look so much like a remote control. Like the EVO 4G

          1. Maybe but I think that thick top and bottom bezel is required so it will always be relatively long looking for a 16:9 phone. I believe having the top and bottom bezel at the same height is part of the design patent and they need the bottom bezel at that size for the home button. So they’re kind of stuck this way, which is quite funny I think.

        2. Dont worry. Next year they’ll add .3 inches to their device and call it the “largest iPhone ever” (duh) and cap it off by calling that innovative.

          1. And then they’ll do a study that proves 4.3 inches is the perfect size for your hand.

          2. right now it’s the most phallic iPhone ever :-P

          3. Hahaha, good one, and the isheep believing it.

      2. Not everybody wants a large screen on their phones. 4 inches is a good size for anybody.

        1. yea…when your soft.

          1. Ah yes. The ignorance of the Android community never fails to amaze me.

        2. The Motorold DROID Razr M and the Razr i apparently have a 4.3″ screen in the same footprint as the iPhone (I think the 4/4S, to be specific).

          1. Just because you can fit a bigger screen size onto a phone with the same dimensions as the iPhone, doesn’t mean everyone will run to it. It doesn’t matter how much screen you can get onto a phone, or how big the screen is at all. Some like big screens, others like small screens. Its just personal preference.

          2. This is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

            I was actually agreeing with your sentiment for the first few posts, but..

            If you have two phones with the same physical dimensions and one has a much larger screen and smaller bezel why would you choose the other?

            The only reason I wouldn’t choose the one with the larger screen is if it was found to be too fragile because of the design choice.

          3. How on Earth is it silly? Why does almost every Android fan seem to think more is better? There are people out there that prefer smaller screens because they don’t want a screen invading the whole face of a phone, leaving them with a limited bezel. There are some people that wouldn’t like a bigger screen on a more compact phone because, to them, it could look hideous.

            We all have different tastes, but to say that it was the “silliest thing you have ever heard” is just pure ignorance. I currently own an Android phone. A Moto Razr. It has a big screen. Bigger than iPhone 5’s screen. After my contract runs out with my current phone (which is still a while away) I am planning on going onto iPhone. Sure, I will be downsizing the screen AND the phone itself (unless the screen/phone changes by then). But you know what? I couldn’t give two sh*** about it. That’s just personal preference. And I am one person. There is of course, more than just me. So there you have it. Not everybody is bothered about screen size. If they were, the Galaxy Note would be surpassing every single phone in every single country at every single turn right about now.

            I’ve really learned a lot these past 24 hours or so about Android fans online. And its that they are more ignorant than I thought. Take my comment on here for example. I simply said that 4 inches can be a good size for anybody. Its not too big, nor too small. Its a decent size. Sure, it may not be for everybody, but it is a decent size overall for a smartphone. Then I got 13 down votes for it, and a couple of ignorant responses. Some other person said a similar thing on this page. They even said it was in his/her opinion at the end of his/her comment. He/She has had more down votes than up votes, and the ignorant person that replied to him/her that said how he’s “never had a girlfriend” actually got a lot of up votes. How silly is that?

            God forbid anybody within the Android community has an opinion on specs. You must have a powerful phone, with a large screen. Or else, you are irrelevant. Is this the logic here with Android? Its quite sad, really.

          4. I’m not the enemy here. I agree with 90% of what you have said.

            I have to purchase and support phones for our Company and I worked with all the platforms.

            I know how personal preferences make a huge difference, and I also know how biased some people are and purely ignorant of the current atmosphere in technology.

            The problem is you are on a fan site for Android. These sites generally have people who are fanatical about the product and I suspect you would get a similar response from users on an Apple fansite.

            I’m not saying it’s ok, but to expect otherwise is pretty unrealistic.

            Either way thanks for the commentary, your points are well taken.


            Back to your main comment about screen size. I respect your opinion about screen size but I still have doubts about whether this is a widespread sentiment or simply your personal preference.

            Either way it doesn’t matter, you have expressed your opinion and that’s all it is.

          5. Because more is better.

          6. Typical Android logic.

      3. 4.0-4.3″ is perfect IMO.

        1. Obviously, you’ve never had a girlfriend.

    2. at least i can use the i5 with 1 hand and better battery life.

      1. congratulations, you have small hands.

        1. thanks, good thing it’s not against the law haha.

          1. because its against the law to have big hands???

          2. what made you think like that?

        2. With small hands comes small, well we all know. Not that we expect the trolls to have big anything.

          1. With small hands comes small responsabilities ? …. :)

          2. That’s why the iPhone is so, um, long…it’s ambiguously suggestive.

        3. it seems that a lot of people here are compensating for something.

          1. Yeah, iCultist sure do have issues, don’t they?

      2. And how do you use your fabulous Maps’ Flyover feature with one hand? :)

        1. i had been using android for the last 3 years and i had never used map for direction beside looking at my own house haha.

          1. You clearly have no life. Maybe if you would leave town once in a while you would be exposed to more stimuli and realize that, just like you’re trapped where you are, you are trapped with apple.

          2. i dont use map = no life….

            android fanboy logic is getting weirder and weirder. thank god im switching to i5 at the end of this month.

          3. Please do. And have a cookie while you’re at it.

          4. You stay in the basement

          5. It rubs the lotion on its skin.

          6. obvisiously your comments are lost.guess they(apple) implanted their maps in your head.

          7. yea i think it did because of that, i got tricked into buying a galaxy nexus and now im charging it 3 times per day.

      3. Wait, do you have an LG Nexus already!! If not, how do you know what kind of battery life it has?

        1. i double google will put a 3000mAH+ battery in it.

          1. You do realise that the iPhone 5 has only has a 1440mAh battery?
            That a whopping 10mAh increase from last year!

          2. but my friend’s i5 last longer than my gn and that’s good enough for me.

          3. Enjoy your iPhone 5 then.
            I like being able to set default apps on my device.

          4. i know what you mean, i had 5 browsers and want to default one of them, but some website doesnt work on some browsers. especially my school blackboard, so picky.

          5. I have a Gnote and call your arguments rubbish.. Go troll somewhere else please.

          6. Gn and gnote are two different phone, troll.

          7. and yet its able to outlast most of android devices

          8. not on 4g it doesn’t have you heard the reported 4g battery life? 4-5 hours, which is as much as last years galaxy Nexus while most new high end phones today have double that on 4g

          9. Engadget confirmed it gets the 8 hours LTE as advertised.

          10. I don’t think you understand how Android devices operate. Process can continuously operate in the background, and the system is constantly syncing with online services. Turn of Sync and enable automatic killing of background processes and most of them would outlast an iPhone.

          11. exactly right, unfortunately.

          12. Yea, and yet the best battery life out of any iPhone ever, and better than almost all Android phones, especially with LTE. So what’s your point?

          13. My point is the battery is only better because of how complex the Android operating system is.
            Turn off Sync and background processes to make it the same as the iPhone and these Android devices will outlast the iPhone.

          14. that’s true innovation its a revolutionary patented technology.

      4. Oompa loompa hands?

      5. And we know what you’re using the other hand for “Oh Siri, oh Siri!”

    3. Totally Agree.

    4. How can allllll of this engineers be so damn smart yet to freaking stupid to point the speaker toward the user instead of away. Un freaking believable!

  2. Since when has a Nexus device had the “with Google” branding?

    1. I remember my Motorola Droid (the first one) had “with Google” on the back.

      1. because it was stock… and close to being a nexus… first with 2.0… similar to how the XOOM was first with 3.0 but wasn’t called a nexus device…

        1. My Droid X had “with Google” and it wasn’t stock. My HTC Thunderbolt wasn’t stock and it said “with Google” and it wasn’t stock. My Droid Bionic had “with Google” as well but wasn’t stock.

          1. As soon as I wrote that comment i was like whoops… Hahaha essentially with Google means you have the Play Store and the official Google apps…

    2. They say Google, right? I know quite a few Android devices used to say”with Google”…I wish they all did again. ;)

      1. My HTC Incredible 2 says “with Google” on the back just like this. It clearly means nothing about it being a Nexus as my Inc2 sure as hell never got an official update from HTC to ICS.

    3. All Nexus devices have said Google on the back… this one says “with Google”
      This could lend to the new rumor about multiple devices launching in the Nexus line with the option for skin or no skin…
      Usually “with Google” is on the back of stock phones in general… Nexus devices usually just say “Google”

      1. Verizon Galaxy Nexus doesn’t say Google anywhere on it.

        Before you say it isn’t a Nexus device, note that its name is “Galaxy Nexus”.

          1. You mean the majority of them do.

        1. never said it wasn’t a nexus device… it is a nexus… but it is more limited to being a Verizon device than a 100% true nexus…
          For the record the Sprint Galaxy Nexus does not say “Google” anywhere either…

        2. It isn’t a Nexus device. xD

      2. No, not all, the Nexus 7 doesn’t say “Google” on the back…

      3. Another tip said that they saw a more updated phone and it had the nexus logo.

    4. since the very first one.

      1. My g1 said with Google

    5. I thought they all said Google on the back. Except the carrier versions of course.

    6. This isnt the final version. On the final version it will say Nexus on the back with a multi colored x; the androidandme tipster who first brought news of the device confirmed this.

    7. Nobody gets what I’m asking here. “with Google” branding is not the same as “Google” branding.

      “with Google” is branding that indicates the phone isn’t a Google-designed and -released Nexus device, but is rather merely certified by Google to carry the google apps. These phones do not receive updates directly from Google.

      “Google” branding indicates that it is a phone that falls under the Nexus moniker and will receive updates directly from Google.

  3. Everyone’s complaining about the back, to me it looks a little like digital camo. Not a big fan of the headphone jack on the top though.

    1. Yeah, I think the back is starting to grow on me.

    2. Why would you want the headphone jack on the bottom? My Galaxy Nexus has it on the bottom and I always assumed it was a design flaw since when i put the phone in my holster or pocket the jack is in the wrong spot and deep in my pocket. Maybe it is just me, everyone is different though.

      1. I personally prefer it on the bottom bc when i plug my headphones in and drop my galaxy nexus phone into my pants pocket the phone goes in head first so the cable comes straight up and out. Keeps the cable from being all wrapped up in my pocket. I guess its bc i put the phone in top first. I think/thought most people did that, maybe not.

        1. THANK YOU. I got into a debate with a couple of people the other day over that. I wish my S3’s was on the bottom.

        2. I have to second this method. Even when I don’t have headphones in, that’s how I put my phone in my pocket. Seems kind of dumb to flip it around to put it in your pocket, just to flip it around again when pulling it out.

        3. And what happen when you want to dock it and still use the phone jack?

        4. A dock usually has an audio out port, no?

          With my GNex, having the ports on the same side is ideal for the car. I can plug in the car charger and audio jack at the same time, all while it rests comfortably & vertically in my phone holder (next to the cupholder in a VW Passat).

          I’d imagine when at home it wouldn’t matter as much, as it could lay flat on any surface, and you probably have much better sources of audio/video.

      2. You have a holster?

    3. Why do you like the phone jack on the bottom?That one of the reason i didn’t get the gnex.

      1. I find it convenient. When I hold my phone and then put it directly in my pocket, I put it in my pocket upside down naturally. Which means the jack at the bottom makes it easier for me to have it plugged in a natural way for me. Maybe most people put their phone in their pocket differently but for me it only makes sense.

  4. Why didn’t they put a Google search bar and a 5 icon dock on the iphone to make it more comparable… Oh wait lol

  5. Article is in Russian, decided to translate it via Google Translate
    To the Editor Onliner.by got a smartphone manufactured by LG, which is likely to be announced at the end of October as the new model Google Nexus. Apparently, we have a prototype, its back side is specified index model – E960. The code name for the device – Mako. Earlier in the network available information, that it was under this name is a new Nexus, collected by LG.

    Smartphone running Android 4.1.2. It is expected that the final version of the new Nexus will firmware 4.2, but often it is downloaded to the machine just before the release.

    The device is based on a 4-core Qualcomm processor with a frequency of 1.5 GHz, equipped with 2 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 8 GB. Contrary to rumors, LG E960 got an 8-megapixel, not 13-megapixel camera. The smartphone has a screen with a diagonal of 4.7 “, whose resolution is 768 × 1280 pixels.

    A detailed review of the device will be released soon.

  6. Wow the screen looks so much better than the iphone5, look at the detail visible on the nexus

    1. I have seen the iPhone 5’s screen and it is pretty good, much better than could be gathered by this picture (which perhaps has the phone’s brightness too high for the exposure of the picture – it looks burned out). I hope the LG display is better, but there is no way to know yet.

      Between this phone and the Note 2, I’m not tempted yet, but of course I’ll follow the release. I’m hoping the multiple Nexus rumors are true and there is an option by Samsung, HTC, and a few others by the end of the year. I’ll get the Note 2 if I have to (especially if Samsung fixes their Exonys mess with developers). I’m in the camp that says no SD or no removable battery and I’m not considering it, so I’m curious whether the LG will have those.

      What’s with the aspect ratio of 5×3? I thought that was dead and I’d given up on 8×5 also, I thought everybody was going to go 16×9. 5×3 might be nice, but I sure read a lot of comments about people mostly wanting 16×9 to get no black bars on the main standard aspect ratio for videos these days. I’d rather all phones displays were the same aspect ratio to drive the display cost lower (e.g. lots of 5″ 1920×1080 units, but also 4, 4.5, 5.5, and perhaps 6″ options too ).

  7. Looks good…. but why is the headphone jack on the top?
    8 GB of memory is a joke. 32 GB or GTFO
    I really like the speaker placement!

    1. if it’s not a final run, why would they release it at something larger than 8gb? To motivate people to steal or sell it?

      1. If this is a prototype and not a final production model, people will still try to get their hands on it regardless of the memory on board.
        That being said, 8 GB on the final model is unacceptable.

      2. My concern is about the final prodution. I could care less about the memory in a prototype. Second, people will try to obtain this phone before release regardless of the memory size.

  8. The screen looks much better than the iPhone, but what’s with the massive bezel at the bottom? Almost twice as much as the GNex.

    1. Almost twice as big of a bezel as the galaxy nexus? that’s an exaggeration, if anything its just a few cm bigger but the screen has also gotten a bit bigger, lol still less bezel then the iPhone though

      1. The Gnex has a pretty small bottom bezel when you account for the area taken up by the buttons. The phone pictured is pictured with the button, and there’s a ton of space down below them. Perhaps not double the Gnex, but not far off of that.

        1. its not that big of a difference though, + 2-3 cm of extra bezel s nothing compared to the upgrades were getting on this thing, were finally getting an updated 8 mp camera, quad core S4 pro, the Lg Optimus G was able to score 7600 on quadrant on ICS, could you imagine the performance on AOSP jelly bean. being able to zoom in and out of 1080p videos compared to the galaxy nexus which has a hard time playing 1080p videos that’s a major step up, not to mention the 2gb of ram double from last year and a non pentile screen with a slightly higher resolution. Seriously this phone is like perfect.

  9. I can’t believe how many leaks this phone is having. We didn’t see/know a damn thing about the Gnex last year until the actual unveiling by Google in China.

  10. If there was ever a LG device to pull them back in the game and show everyone that LG products are pretty good, this is the phone. This is your moment LG, don’t disappoint.

  11. If this is the next flagship Nexus, I will rage! This is an absolute joke. It looks just like my G-Nex! I always applaud Google when they release a Nexus. They always had unique designs and each one was a significant step over the previous one in terms of software, hardware, and design. There is absolutely NOTHING in this prototype(so far) that attracts me to it. It’s a G-Nex knockoff. On top of all that, it’s a fuckin’ LG. Sigh…I really hope this is not the only one.

    1. I like the Gnex styling. What I don’t like is the lack of internal storage/SD slot, and the massive bottom bezel.

  12. Oh look! Same home screen! time to sue

  13. Maybe Apple will sue LG for copying their high percentage of bezel real estate on the face of the phone. :D

  14. Looks hideous!

  15. You may be able to launch an app on iPhone with one hand, but try typing or doing anything else and you FAIL. F$%& iPhone.

  16. The iPhone has always sucked on colours. It does have a high PPI, but I prefer great colours and a sharp image on my phone or tablet.

  17. I think it looks quite nice! However, since it has a non-removable battery I don’t think it would work for me, unless it happens to have a battery comparable to the Razr Maxx.

  18. IPhone screen is so small.

  19. anyone notice the colors looks a lot better on the lg than the iPhone?

    1. Look at the black on the iphone, it seems that it got some glare. Still cool though.

  20. I think I’ll skip on this phone though…. too little memory space…and looks just like the gnex.

    1. Too little memory space? How do you know how much memory its going to have when it isn’t even out yet, its probably going to have a 8,16,32 like every other device

    2. This isn’t a final production unit… they have no reason to put more than 8gb into it. There will be larger versions.

  21. Not a fan of the Nexus design. Not sure why, it just looks so glum.

  22. yeah that be bezel is too damn big at the bottom. Has more than the GS3 which has a physical button. I thought the point of the navigation bar is to get rid of the button and big bezel. They could fit like 8 buttons in that big space.

  23. everyone is overreacting on the bottom bezel here’s a more accurate pic of the actual bezel, i think the on screen buttons are making it look worse then it actually is.

    1. Here is an easier image to see the bezel. I’m sorry but that is a lot of bezel.

  24. loox like a g-nex which is the best nexus design yet…awesome. XD

  25. I agree the phone looks pretty sweet. I’m a little disappointed that the headphone jack is at the top…I find the bottom perfect and more practical like on my Gnex. Also I wouldn’t be too worried about the 8 GB of storage. I’m sure its so because this was a prototype which apparently was given out by Google months ago. I’m sure Google isn’t going to throw us an incredible phone with top of the line hardware and software only to skimp us on storage. I’m sure this thing will come out in 16/32 GB models along with white or black colors. Look at what Google is doing with the 32 GB nexus 7. They most likely will sell the 32 GB M7 at $250, the 16 GB at $199 and the the rumored $99 tablet being the 8 GB (this is all just my assumptions based on what I read so far).

    On a side note, I’ll be getting this for sure. The phone looks to be beast and so long at its a pure nexus phone its going to outperform everything on the market (I hope at least lol)

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