Google hiring customer support team in time for Nexus launch?


Back when Google attempted to shake up the way people purchase smartphones with the launch of the Nexus One, a chief complaint was the company’s lack of a dedicated support team for the handset. With the release of the Nexus 7, it is apparent that Google is keen on getting back into hardware sales in a big way, and with new Nexus devices on the horizon it sounds like we can finally expect customer support direct from Google.

What can easily be deduced to be the tech giant behind Android (the ads have kept the company anonymous other than a few glaringly obvious details) has been advertising job openings  for a call center that will deal directly with folks purchasing a Nexus smartphone or tablet. According to Geek.com, the support center should be staffed and running by the end of the month, which lines up directly with the rumored launch of the Nexus device from LG.

It has certainly been a long time coming, but the initiative should help to make the support process more efficient and direct than with previous devices sold by Google.

[via Geek]

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  1. I’ll resume a great part of the comments here to save people time:

    OMG it looks exactly like a Galaxy Nexus!
    What a gigantic bezel.
    Only 8GB?
    But the back says “With Google.”

    Back on topic now. Good news.
    Google hires support team before announcing the LG Nexus… How wise! :P

  2. Dear Google, Please hire me on your support team.

  3. Does this job include free nexus devices for Christmas bonuses, and all the free jelly beans, ice cream sandwiches, honey graham crackers, gingerbread cookies, frozen yogurt, eclairs, donuts, and cupcakes you could eat during lunch? If so, where do I sign up?

    1. Don’t forget the kumquat! nom nom nom!

    2. Niceeee

  4. Where do i Apply? Work For the Big G, hell yea

  5. Since it’s your article, this looks like spam.
    Besides, it’s not an article about Android 4.2 but your wishlist for it.

    1. Oh , I apologize then. I just hoped to share my views on the subject :D

  6. Wish this job was in Florida, I would apply immediately.

  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^Spam^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  8. I bet they will need to hire a lot of support staff to handle those numerous angry calls from customers who are livid that their brand new phone is out of storage after 1 week of use and would like to return the worthless POS. Maybe then, they’ll learn that 8gb of internal storage is unacceptable in this day and age.

  9. That sounds pretty grim – google’s support is the worst of any product of any kind ever, no exaggeration. I tried google drive, which is theoretically a supported product, and in addition to basically not working they mischarged my credit card for it. Never got communication from anyone who actually read/understood my email. It would have been much less hassle if they just said FU and sent me straight to deal with my credit card company.

  10. Lets hope its released better too. The N7 forums on xda were hilarious while we were waiting for all of ours to ship. It was so painful.

  11. Looks a lil more premium than the gnex…I like the chrome lining. but we need battery size specs. thats gonna make or break me…HAS to be a large 2800-3000+

  12. I actually like this nexus not the big bezel but hey what can ya do :p

  13. now that’s a long time coming and hopefully represents a shift toward what Google’s biggest weakness has been — accessible customer support

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