Oct 11th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 11th, 2012, 3:28 pm

Back when Google attempted to shake up the way people purchase smartphones with the launch of the Nexus One, a chief complaint was the company’s lack of a dedicated support team for the handset. With the release of the Nexus 7, it is apparent that Google is keen on getting back into hardware sales in a big way, and with new Nexus devices on the horizon it sounds like we can finally expect customer support direct from Google.

What can easily be deduced to be the tech giant behind Android (the ads have kept the company anonymous other than a few glaringly obvious details) has been advertising job openings  for a call center that will deal directly with folks purchasing a Nexus smartphone or tablet. According to Geek.com, the support center should be staffed and running by the end of the month, which lines up directly with the rumored launch of the Nexus device from LG.

It has certainly been a long time coming, but the initiative should help to make the support process more efficient and direct than with previous devices sold by Google.

[via Geek]

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