Samsung Nexus 2 and 32GB Nexus 7 spotted in inventory system?


We’ve heard rumors of a new Nexus phone for quite some time, but we haven’t quite been able to pinpoint who would be the lucky OEM to take on the job of making the device.

The leaked screenshot you see above was reportedly taken from a Carphone Warehouse inventory system in the UK, and it seems to suggest Samsung will be making the Nexus phone for the third consecutive time. The product listing is for an Invisible Shield screen protector so the phone itself isn’t necessarily floating around.

After the great job ASUS did with the Nexus 7 many pegged them as the front-runner to make the next Nexus phone, but Samsung has established a reputation for themselves that can’t be denied. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Google sticking with them for the foreseeable future.

I should note that this entry could be very misleading. It could simply be a different SKU for a second version of the Galaxy Nexus Invisible Shield, or simply referring to the Galaxy Nexus as the Samsung Nexus 2, in which case we can probably disregard any notion of this being a new phone.

Still, the possibility is there. Google and Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Nexus mid-October of 2011 so it wouldn’t surprise us that whatever new version is being readied is close to being unveiled. We’ll keep an eye out on this one.

On the tablet front it looks like we might soon see another edition of the Nexus 7. The retailer’s inventory system suggests that 32GB models are in tow.

The current offerings are between 8GB and 16GB, and considering the device doesn’t have external storage options it wouldn’t surprise us to see Google offering something for those not satisfied with the current storage options.

So, we know we’re due for some refreshes at some point this year, and if history is anything to go by then we should be getting a whiff of what’s on the horizon in about a month. [via Droid-Life]

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  1. [Sarcasm] why would they make a 2 inch nexus tablet!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY it makes no sense!!!!!!!!! [/sarcasm]

    1. Nexus phone bud.

    2. You just went full retard.

      1. Tropic Thunder FTW!

      2. Never go full retard.

    3. Lol nobody understands sarcasm do they? The only other nexus to have a number after nexus besides the first was the 7 and the number was used to designate screen size. So I’m making a joke on that … man y’all are stupid

      1. Then do a better job next time conveying sarcasm.. lol

        1. Edited and done let me know if its more clear now lol

          1. Here, have an upvote

      2. You’re the only stupid one. You can’t even effectively use sarcasm. Or grammar for that matter.

  2. I hope it isn’t named the Nexus 2. That name should be reserved for a large spec update, not the rumored small changes (like 1.5 vs 1.2 GHz processor, SD slot and 8 MP camera). I want the Nexus 2 name for a phone that is maybe quad core powered, 12 MP camera, more RAM, GSM/LTE radios etc.

    1. I have no interest in quad core unless they can provide a significant battery life improvement as well. The Snapdragon S4 Pro would be fine.

      1. The quad core s4 pro is the only one I’m interested in having.

    2. Just for you they’re going to name it the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 1.1

    3. You do not need no 12MP camera. LoL!! 8MP is just fine. And really? MORE RAM? Is 2GB not enough? LoL!!

      But I think you’re right with the “Nexus 2” part. Nexus 2 should have that hidden Gingerbread code. Multiple Users. So then this will fall back on your more RAM request. So yea, wii can have more RAM. =.P

      Oh my gosh!! No longer will I have to worry about people screwing up my phone when I let them see it. No longer will I need Smart App Protector.

      Oh look at me ranting on. =.P

      1. About the RAM, if you notice, more and more apps are requiring more space, and more RAM to run, as they become core complex. So i can see phones having 16GB RAM in 2 years…….

    4. 12MP?! Are you taking photographs to be printed into posters?

      1. They usually add the extra MPixels to allow for better digital zoom and better quality after compressing I believe.

        1. Well, you’re still not actually getting better quality if the optics are the same.

    5. It would mess up the naming system because nexus 7 is based on screen size and I doubt Nexus 2 would be 2″

      1. nexus one does not have a 1″ or 1′ screen…….

    6. Why? Stop asking for something you don’t need.

    7. There is no point in an 8 MP or 12 MP camera on a phone, the aperture is simply too small. Why do you want to store more random noise instead of image data?

      1. People said that with regular cameras as well… and they weren’t right. Increasing the megapixels to a certain point will improve picture quality and clarity. If they improve their JPEG engine, it’ll improve even more. If they’re smart they’ll license Olympus’ engine and bring the best jpeg engine in the market to Android.

  3. Maybe they mean Galaxy Nexus since it was the second Samsung Nexus?

    I would love another Samsung Nexus, as long as they go high end in the specs this time around.

    1. Deleted

    2. That was my first guess too.

      nexus s = nexus 1
      galaxy nexus = nexus 2

      You could even argue:

      nexus One = nexus 1
      Nexus s = nexus 2
      Meaning it is a new screenprotector for the nexus s. (highly doubt that though)

      I hope the next nexus is not a samsung device…..I am hoping for HTC. I like HTC more than samsung, although I got to admit the galaxy nexus is just as awesome as the nexus one was for me.

  4. I’m not the only one who thinks HTC makes better hardware than Samsung, right? Granted, I’m basing my opinion on my Nexus One and Nexus S, but the S is a piece of S. Not only does it feel cheap and flimsy compared to the One, but they overlooked/disregarded a freaking LED indicator light on the thing. How do you do that?!

    1. That’s why I’m hoping that HTC nexus rumor is true, if not then Lg’s. I do think there will be 3 phones though. An HTC nexus, lg one, and galaxy nexus 2 from Samsung.

    2. Here with ya bud, Samsung should really focus a bit more on the “feel” of their phones, instead of feeling/looking like cheap plastic that can break if I apply enough pressure…

      1. yeah I feel that way about my rezound and thunderbolt. HTC is no better.

    3. I agree, i actually think the HTC One S is the best Android phone out in terms of build quality and overall size. Too bad it’s not on all carriers with stock Android.

      1. One S? Do you mean One X? or do you actually mean One S? HTC screws themselves so much because of their exclusive deals…

  5. YEAAA!!!…Now we talking baby, This has officially made forget about the Note 2. I had a feeling something solid was going to come up. Wouldnt doubt we are 2-4 weeks away from samsung & google sending an invite for a new galaxy nexus. This is what im sticking too, cuz Ive been phone less for 2 months already and willing to wait another 2-3 months for a Nexus.

  6. Deleted

    1. Good point, could be meaningless. Hopefully Google announces something end of this month like they did last year.

  7. So does this mean we would see a price cut for the other models?

    1. most likely the 32 gb one will be 300 and the other 2 will stay the same

  8. I hope the Nexus comes to all carriers! My upgrade is in December…. ugh can’t wait.

    (What I’d look for is a spec bump – Snapdragon S4 Pro, MUCH better camera, thinner/lighter, little smaller would be nice too, improved Amoled display, much better LTE battery life, etc. And a newer build of Jelly Bean with tweaks for all.)

    1. Screw Jelly Bean. ICS came out last year. So that means Key Lime Pie should come out this year. Jelly Bean is just a 4.1 update from 4.0. Key Lime Pie will be a 5.x update from 4.1 update.

      1. You work for Google? If not, I wouldn’t just assume what what Google will do with their naming and version number scheme. So far, their realy hasnt been any trend on what makes them decide what new version number get a new naming scheme.

        1. Seriously? As if me being wrong will cause California to detach from the states. Next you’re going to tell us wii shouldn’t assume what the names of the next update will be.

          1. I go sofar as to say that depends on who you are irl and what your opinion is on what subject matter and how psyco you may be…1 person truly can make a difference. :P
            I was just stating a point. Everyone kept talking about JB prior to any announcement calling it 5.0 too n look. It went from 4.0.x to 4.1.
            You shouldn’t. Doesn’t mean you can’t speculate on what it might be. I like KLP just as much as the next guy. ;)

          2. Oh yea. That’s ryt. I remember that. LoL!!

      2. I love how everyone thinks that the next version of Android is gonna jump to the next number just because we jumped to 4.0 for ICS.

        1. LoL!! That’s because most of us don’t know that Honeycomb was it’s own breed and not a phone OS. So Since 2.3.x jumped to 4.x so quickly, wii all think that it will jump to 5.x quickly. It probably won’t though. I mean friggin. 2.x was there for a whole year.

  9. Please let the rumors of multiple Nexus manufacturers for this year be true. I loved my HTC N1 and only got my GNex because the GSM version was so cheap. No way I’d pay full price for that thing. At this point, I’d love to see HTC, Asus, LG or Sony do it. (I suspect it’s still too early for Motorola to be in on it.)

  10. Glad I’ve been waiting.

    Hopefully they will realize there’s little to no justification for bringing the price up much beyond where the 16GB is currently at. I would love to see the 16 and 8GB versions drop a bit. (Or maybe just the 16 in between.)

    1. Screw that. we should have been had 32GB for a subsidized $200…16GB priced at 200 should have been phazed out last year and half

      1. Subsidized? No.

      2. who would subsidize a wifi only tablet o_O? and a 32gb model shouldve been available from the start Google…. Especially since your so hell bent on nolonger allowing me to use my sd cards in Nexus devices anymore. :'(

  11. First off Samsung would NOT name this device the “Nexus 2” for MANY reasons one being its not the second nexus and two they once stated the reason they gave the Nexus “S” its name is because they don’t consider themselves “second”.

    Second of all YOU HAVE COMPLETELY IGNORED ALL OF THE LG NEXUS RUMORS along with the fact that google said there would be 5 Nexi this year and 2 may have already been released the “Q” and the “7”.

    1. Psssh, They called it a Nexus S because they wanted to throw in some brand recognition from their Galaxy S line just like they decided go go with Galaxy Nexus. Nothing more nothing less.

      1. Yes obviously! however that doesn’t negate the reasoning that Samsung gave publicly. I just tried scouring the net looking for the article but in an interview a samsung representative basically stated that they chose s instead of nexus 2 (which is what Google wanted) because they don’t like the idea of coming second behind competitors. When i read it i called BS too.

  12. If a 32GB version comes out, Ima be so pissed. Oh wait!! I can trade my Nexus 7 to gamestop and just get the 32GB. =.D

    I think I will do that. 16GB just isn’t enough. I have like 2GB left. And that’s only because I didn’t put all my apps on their. Apps are large now an days. Friggin 500+MB builds up fast.

    And what’s wrong with HTC? I still think the Nexus 1 is the coolest one. That track ball was SO useful. Try touching where you need to go when you make an error in the middle of your long text. It will take you a good 10 years to touch exactly where you need to be. Or maybe you could just erase and let your auto-type screw you up even more when you try to fix part a word and it makes an entirely new word. LoL!!

  13. i have a 16gb N7 and it now has only 1.2GB left. and i have games i cant even play. unless i delete my backup rom. which i cant do. i hate google for not letting people use SD card on nexus devices

  14. Not a Nexus!! Samsung lies!!

  15. If Samsung makes the next Nexus then I’m sticking with my One X.

  16. Sooo..has anyone noticed the brown ver.

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