Google Drive, Wallet, and Music get upgrades


A trio of Google apps have been upgraded in the Google Play Store and we’re sure there’s something here for everyone. For starters, Google Music brings us “minor fixes” that the software Giant apparently isn’t interested in detailing. For Google Drive a whole smorgasbord of changes can be found.

These include folder creation, improved editor features, and more. Finally, Google Wallet got an update but the Play Store listing doesn’t list anything specific other than the previous changes. We’d chalk things up to routine maintenance but it’s never safe to assume.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

US Cellular’s Samsung Galaxy S3 gets maintenance upgrade

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  1. Wallet, still not supported for the S3….way to go El Goog

    1. Does the update cause it to not work at all or does it just say unsupported? Because the last update said unsupported but it still worked.

      1. are you rooted? or do you mean it says unsupported when you try to download it from the playstore?

        it will say at the top of the app that you are not supported if you are rooted. It’ll still work, but its just google covering their own ass incase something goes wrong while your using it on a modified OS. Been that way for awhile.

        if the later, I dont know. I never could DL wallet from the store on my Nexus S and always had to sideload it but it always worked. Unlike my GS3 which allows me to download it but then the app says unsupported and wont run unless i change my build prop. Ass backwards…. lol

        1. I’m rooted. I was replying to
          Steven Skwarkowski saying that Wallet is not supported on the S3. It says unsupported but it works great.

    2. Pretty sure its vzw blocking not google

      1. hows that work since it also doesnt work for AT&T and T-Mo GS3s without build.prop mods either?

        1. b/c Tmo and ATT are both also part of the ISIS wallet app that Verizon is trying to push through. Although I may be wrong, it may not be Tmo but Sprint. I forget the other, but definitely ATT and VZW are trying to push ISIS over Wallet. It’s a carrier issue.

          1. so its Verizons fault that AT&T, TMobile and Verizon jointly ventured into the creation of ISIS? So Verizons the gang leader then I guess.

            On another note, its a Google issue. The apps work just fine as soon as you change the build.prop. It is Google who is not allowing their use. Most likely at the request of the carriers, but it is still Google blocking their useage.

            Thinking back to the Verizon tethering situation. The FCC ruled that they are not allowed to block any lawful aplications from devices on their network. That right there shows it is Google messing around since Verizon isnt legally allowed to do so.

          2. Don’t be silly. It’s the carrier with the exception of Sprint who are blocking Wallet. Google wants wallet on every NFC device. Stop buying carrier controlled phones.

          3. if your so positive it is the carriers report it to the fcc so they can be fined a few more million/billion dollars since they’ve already stated they can not block lawfull apps…..

            Down vote me all you want, not like it hurts my feelings… Its google doing like it or not else i wouldnt beable to get it to work by simply changing my make and model name in my build prop.

            While carriers bend over backwards and kiss Apples ass, Google bends over and kisses the carriers. Unfortunately, thats just how it currently is and we all know it.

          4. Why would google go out of their way to prevent their own technology from working on android phones? Your entire rationale makes no sense. If so why not block sprint or other international carriers as well? Why not block N7 from working?

          5. Ask Google. I can’t answer for them. For all we know Sprint may pay for NA carrier exclusivity.

            I dont get whats so hard to understand. If it were the carriers blocking the apps use, changing the model and make of the phone in your build.prop would have no effect. They would still block it. Its not like the app connects to ATT, Verizon or TMo to verify your device and authorize the apps use. It connects to Googles servers.

            Why they do it? Your guess is as good as mine, but it’s not like they can’t easily add the devices make and model names to their authorization list.

          6. I’ll address that, changing the make and model is exactly what makes it able to work because the carriers have very specific models they use. Verizon has the Toro version and GSMs have the Maguro version. Changing your model and build remove the exclusivity that your phone uses to authenticate the phone for that particular network. It’s easy to do, and most 3rd party OS builds must still use that authentication method, else your phone will not work.

            Essentially what you are doing is spoofing the authentication process, something relatively easy to do with electronics. You change the broadcast, you change the device, and thus change the recognition by the network. IT professionals use this routinely when testing networks, and phones are no exception. Only certain makes and models have the ability to run certain apps due to hardware constraints, and which is why accessing the play store with a device with no NFC typically results in a “not compatible” error message. (At first I could run Google Wallet on my old HTC Incredible despite not having NFC, but as the Google Play store started cleaning up, it quickly would not let me download it) Here however, not only are you blocked from downloading via the store, Verizon would not allow the app itself from accessing via their networks. Yes it goes to the Google server, but the portal it accessed it through was closed. Same as on your computer. It’s not hard to close access portals that the apps use.
            Verizon along with every other carrier use the updates and builds to bring all phones on the same base. Part of why Verizon takes so long to release any updates: Verizon refuses to share their proprietary network engineering with Google, and insists on being the last word before anything is released. Google can engineer the OS to work on a network since CDMA networks like GSM use very specific bands, and are public knowledge. However the methods used to access the network and utilize them are proprietary information. Same as a WiFi router. While the standards are international, the methods are intellectual property. Sprint however does share with Google in interests of keeping the update process smooth for their customers, which is why there are developer phones avail for Sprint and not Verizon. (Which has since changed, Verizon has one now as well)

            Your discussion on the FCC issue was incorrect as well. It was the carrier who got in trouble for blocking the tethering app, but it wasn’t because of apps itself, the argument was turning on accessibility of data that was already paid for by the consumer. Not because of the apps itself. The tethering capability was locked by carrier who wanted to control access and charge for the added convenience of accessing data that way on their networks. They wanted to double bill in other words for data already paid for and the FCC wouldn’t let them.
            Second no one is at fault that ATT and Tmo got on the ISIS and Verizon is not controlling it. It’s a consortium that was in place and controlled by all three, who want to split profits gained from using their system as opposed to Google’s wallet. The obvious rationale here is what you probably can imagine: That they do not want competition and want exclusivity in this area. Again, not unheard of, which is why apple replaced the Google powered map on their iPhone with their own map app. They don’t want to be sharing revenues with Google.

            The only thing thus far that you said that is correct is that carriers kiss Apple’s rear end and Google has to kiss the carrier. Apple simply has the power to force them to do so, and Android still doesn’t have the clout of iOS, although its coming along quite nicely. It’s why you get so much bloatware on some android phones and not on an iPhone. Apple has the ability to say “No” while Google has to allow it in interests of getting their software in the hands of as many people as they can. Thankfully, that is also changing as is evidenced by the Nexus having the ability to disable carrier bloatware (which was minimal on the Toro) and the carrier not being able to say anything about it.

            Finally, (yes finally) @renGek:disqus injects the best common sense into this entire rambling discussion….why would Google intentionally shoot themselves in the foot and close their own profit window? They wouldn’t; it’s poor business sense, and if there is one thing we can say about big companies, is that they tend to make pretty sound business decisions when it comes to making them money.

            Hopefully this clears the air.

          7. Wow, you’ve opened my eyes.
            I had no idea that the carriers had control over googles authentication servers and are able to telepathically block devices that don’t even have sim cards in the phones.

            I give up. Believe whatever you want.

          8. Now you’re being ridiculous. I’ll make this one easy. The authentication servers of which you’re referring to have a step BEFORE it gets there. The authentication that comes from the carrier itself. No signal from carrier, no access to google servers. To make this even simpler to understand, no wifi card from your laptop, no access to wireless, no access to internet. Does this make it clearer? Technology 101. It’s the same sort of nifty technology that allows parents to lock down children’s cell phones. This isn’t that complicated to understand.

          9. Are you serious? Pull out your sim card and connect to wifi. Look no carrier. Look still gain access to googles servers and received authentication. Grab a WiFi only tablet. Nexus 7 is a great example. Look no carrier, look it connects and receives authorization.

            As for your laptop w/o a wificard comparison, I don’t know about you, but my phones have WiFi… Hell, I can even make phone calls with them without my sim card connecting me to my carrier. Technology 101 my ass….

        2. So does anyone know if the “Developer” S3 on VZW will work with GW? Pretty sure that verizon hasnt meddled with that phone very much.

    3. Blame Verizon for this. They cripple everything and have been for a long time. I dropped them when they crippled bluetooth on my smartphone many years ago. Out of all the carriers, I believe they are the most evil, greediest of them all.

    4. Works great on my GS3 with Sprint. Love the looks I get from people in line. “did you just use your phone to pay?”

    5. It works with my S3 on sprint… Ha

  2. Wallet apk please:

    1. Check Droid life.

  3. play movies, street view, and google shopper all have minor updates as well.

  4. Ok so I installed wallet. Boot the app and it says TMobile doesn’t support wallet? Is that correct? HELP

    1. yup, thats correct. Wallet only works with Sprint phones u less you modify your build.prop or have a nexus

  5. What is the new version number for the wallet apk? (Or better yet if someone wants to post a download link to the new apk I’d appreciate it)

  6. The link is in this article

  7. Still waiting on Linux client for Google Drive…

  8. Still waiting on the option to download your music/media to a specific location… namely an external card. MONUMENTAL SCREW UP GOOGLE, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER NOW!

    1. would be nice if the music you download from you device also retained their freaking id3 tags for god sake….

  9. circa 3 months ago Play Music was FANTASTIC! You could easily hit an artists name while in a song and go to that artist in your app and find other songs you want to play, same could be done by being able to simply click the album name within the song being listened to etc…. Now, either I am retarded or google took a big step back for the past 2 months because this whole “queue” list that shows EVERYTHING recent instead of the artist/album ONLY is RIDICULOUSLY STUPID. WTF google?? Anyone else?

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