Google Shows Off Google+ In New Video – Your Friends and Family Still Aren’t Going To Use It


I’ve had this little talk with you guys in the past, but it seems that while we’re all fans of Android, that doesn’t mean we worship every service Google pushes out of their HQ as some sort of golden calf — and I think Google+ is one of them. Now I’m not saying Google+ will suffer the same fate as Buzz (they seem to be throwing a lot more effort and money into G+) I just don’t see it taking off as the new Myspace anytime soon.

That’s not to say that Google+ isn’t awesome. I honestly believe it’s leaps and bounds better than Facebook (but only a hair better than Slutspace Myspace). As highlighted in Google’s new video, using their Events “Party Mode” for uploading and sharing pics with friends is enough to make anyone sign up. Combine that with group video calls, and instant picture uploading/sync with your profile and it’s easy to see the value in Google+. Now if only more people would start using it.

If nothing else, let this be a rallying cry for all the Android evangelists out there. It’s really up to us to get our less tech savvy friends and family on Google+ because lets face it, without them, Google+ will be nothing more than a feature packed ghost town.

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Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Funny. Just today my cousin got online and interacted with a. Bunch of different things. I think my sisters did too.

  2. Really wish more people would jump on plus. It is so much better than facebook it isn’t even funny.

    1. They need to find a way to make the switch feasible so that people would actually want to get away from Facebook. The issue is people are already to use to it.

  3. I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, all I use (and my close ring of friends) is Google+ and I couldn’t be happier… cuts out 99.9% of the nonsense you deal with on other services… love Google+

  4. I use Google+ exclusively. All of my friends are on there too and we use it daily. Most of us post sometimes a dozen or more times in a day. Where you get your ideas from are beyond me. Twitter and Facebook are total taint.

    1. He he. Facebook is melting down

    2. I envy you then. I couldn’t get most people to come over to google+ despite it being superior in every single way to facebook.

      1. I agree… For Google+ to take off for real there would have to be a mass exodus of Facebook the way there was with myspace 3 or 4 years ago. It’s bound to happen eventually but the time just isn’t ripe yet.

    3. There are a lot of stubborn women that own iPhones and think nothing can replace Facebook effectively. Its the iPhone mentality. Closed OS = closed mind. Do what Quaid says and open your mind…open your miiiind

      1. I think you mean Quatto

        1. Do I? So they DID mess with my memory! Son of a…

    4. I use Google+ exclusively too. Only time I use FB is mostly to tell people they should use G+ if they want to see what I am up to.

  5. honestly the problem is that people don’t know how to use their front facing cameras. And the fact that AT&T still has 2 G in a lot of places around where I live

  6. its not really meant to be solely a social network.its much more than Ed Dale’s blogs about it,explains alot

  7. did anyone notice that device at the beginning , at first I thought it was a galaxy s3 because of the back housing but then it shows the screen and it has soft keys, is that a mistake ?

    1. That is the iPhone of the Android world, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It is the phone they gave all the developers at Google I/O as well as all Google employees. It is the phone that Andy Rubin, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have in their pockets.

      It could be argued that the SIII is the iPhone of the Android world but the Nexus is more open than the SIII.

  8. To be honest chris I hate Facebook so g+ is what I use and will continue using!

  9. Fast Forward to 1:01. On screen buttons derp

  10. Google+ is actually doing quite well. Granted, can’t get some of my less tech-literate friends and family to switch over, but really I don’t need all of them. I already know enough on there that hangouts and other features work great, and I follow enough people with similar interests that my feed is never-ending. Plus I’ve had some of the best conversations of my digital life there.

    Honestly, Google+ may not be “in” with the whole “hip” crowd, but it’s actually better because of it. If you like science, art, or tech, no better place for discovery and discussion.

  11. I got my technophobe mom and dad to use it and both were thrilled that it didn’t require downloading anything. They don’t use it regularly, but they have done family hangouts with my sister and I. I also use it to keep in touch with my husband who is deployed.

  12. I don’t use Google+ at all. Would if more people used it, but unfortunately all my friends are hardcore Apple sheep. They are the types who just buy Apple products because it is cool and have not ever considered other products. My closest friends know my Galaxy S3 is more capable, but they don’t care. They are fine with their iphone, facebook, and twitter. It’s BS because all they got to do is download the app, but they refuse.

  13. I have tried several times to tempt even ONE person from my 400+ Facebook friends to come over but there’s Zero interest. I like almost everything about it….except for the fact that it’s dead. There’s little reason for people to switch when facebook in their eyes does the job well enough and everyone they know is on it. Personally im tired of facebook. A new Circle of friends away from the endless whining status updates on FB would be a dream but in my circle of friends at least, Google +? no one cares.

    1. That’s probably because you have 400+ “friends” on Facebook. Get rid of all the whiny people and only remain friends with your ACTUAL friends. Makes FB a lot better!

      1. I only had that many facebook friends when I used them to play Mafia Wars. If google+ had games, I’m sure there would be more users.

  14. “but it seems that while we’re all fans of Android, that doesn’t mean we worship every service Google pushes out”

    Yes, unlike Apple fans….we can actually think for ourselves.

  15. How about next time don’t write a negative headline like this. You’re just hurting any chances of getting more users to join when you should be doing the opposite since it’s kind of your job!

    1. Wait – what? It’s my job to make sure Google+ succeeds? In the article I actually said how much I really do like G+, it’s just that nobody is really using it except you, me, and other die-hard Android users for the most part.

    2. That sounds like fan-boy-ism. If we have issues (i.e. a great product that only a small % are using) then we should talk about it, not ignore it. Most of my friends won’t switch either, people don’t like change. Unless there is some motivation no one is going to voluntarily switch to something new.

  16. I really love G+, the community is great… only like 2-3 of my actual friends are on it and they aren’t really active. Give it some more time I guess.

  17. I would use G+ but i don’t have any friends who use it :/

    1. at least start with your family…..very very useful….hope it will become standard communication service and FB will become just teenage service

      1. lol i get enough of my family texting me and calling me daily :D I don’t need ANOTHER method for them to harass me :P

    2. Yeah, same here. It’s basically just me and Android friends I already follow on Twitter =/

      1. LOL CHRIS BE MY FRIEND ON G+ haha I’m a loser with 0 hehe

        1. I can’t find you! :(

          Add me:

          Run into my pale white arms… I will keep you safe. O_o

  18. For a rare instance I have to disagree with you Chris Chavez. G+ is anything but dead. Yes it is facing an uphill battle, but remember My Space was once king. It is a superior product and the sheer power of Google and the ever joining masses of Android users will shortly nick away.
    Will it happen over night? No, but this isn’t Buzz.
    Also, I don’t know where the “dead” comment is from? I have a mass of followers and my stream is overflowing with posts from tons of different people and companies. The game changer will be with proliferation of the G+ button on more sites the way Twatter and Fartbook are everywhere.
    Yes for now it is more techie and specialty, but that niche is quite large. The rest will follow. There are more than enough people who use both FB and Twit .. There is no reason why G+ can’t eventually replace one.
    I primarily use G+ over FB because FB is just a larger version of Twit in that it’s people posting about what color shirt they are wearing today or the fact that they just read about a cool peanut butter enema.
    Substance eventually overtakes fluff.
    If anyone thinks I am in left field, Apple iPhone used to rule, but look at market share now. Plus there is room for both. Substance merely overtook fluff and Android became King.
    Nevertheless, time will tell. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  19. that black guy was so non threatening it was almost creepy lol

  20. our family use just G+! very easy, very comfortable and without annoying ads and stupid content like FB which we almost dont use

  21. When I use sometimes FB for my job and see the crap on FB, it is for pubescent teens or adults who still feel this way. And the look and feel of FB is not from the 21st century. G+ haves a look and feel for mobile (on pc, smartphone and tablet) and bundles all the popular social network and sharing tools into one tool, without the crap: (social sharing, pages, checkins, foto sharing, video chat, …). Because my G+ account is build in for free in the Google Account, I don’t use FB, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Foursquare, … anymore. Because I can do all the same with my G+.

  22. Smart People Use Google+ 凸(¬_¬)凸

  23. I use it to stay in contact with friends and family, hangouts and voice calls are extremely useful. Facebook as we all are aware is growing in it’s intrusiveness and there is a lack of trust, by the years end I personally will only use Google+

  24. Plus is so good, but my darn friends all live in FB past. I still insist on using Plus for communication, especially with those with Android phones, or a Gmail account. Friends with iPhones for some reason stay away from Gmail, and I heard from one of them lately that you apparently still have to hit refresh button on iPhone to get your emails 8-O What is it, Y2K?

  25. Facebook sucks ass more and more with each change… I just wish my friends would get on G+.

    1. The thing is that Facebook’s customers are not the users, they are advertisers. Same with Google. But Google knows how to please the user and advertiser at the same time (mostly), while Facebook doesn’t.

  26. I’ve hated Facebook pretty much from the first day I signed up and have tried to make the move to Google+ on several occasions but have failed disastrously every time because no one uses it or is willing to make the switch from FB. It’s a shame.

  27. I don’t want Google+ to become popular. I don’t want all of my personal information consolidated at one company. That just gives them too much power.
    Right now, Facebook does everything I need and all of my friends and family use it. So, I’ll stick with it.

    1. I am also reflexively anti any kind of ecosystem, including Android’s. I am always trying to find replacements for google apps, if they provide more features.

  28. Anyone trying to use Google+ like Facebook is of course going to think it’s a ghost town (unless you successful got your family and closest friends to make the switch). Google+’s strength, right now, isn’t “conversing” with the same people you do on Facebook, it’s about finding NEW people who are interested in the SAME things you are and ENGAGING in INTELLECTUAL conversations with them. It’s where I learn about the newest trends/headlines and can actually have a decent conversation with the people who comment on them, rather than the pointless drivel you get on Facebook and Twitter. The people you circle in Google Plus are actually ones you care to get updates about and respond to. It’s not a competition about how many “useless friends” you have, like Facebook.

    1. You can end up meeting new friends that way…or create new enemies like I have with #isheep. Argh

  29. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, quantity of users does not equate to the quality of the product.

    Google+ and FB are similar, yet so different. People think using G+ is suppose to be like using FB and that is the biggest mistake about the service.

    I’m happy that a lot of people aren’t using the service. The people I interact with on Google plus share my interests and passions and they actually are people I want to meet and socialize with in real life. I have never been a big facebook users but this is something I’m not interested in doing on FB, with the exception of one group I belong to.

  30. It’s so much better than twitter because you can embed images and video. It’s more about replacing twitter than facebook

  31. The author likes MySpace…now that is funny. MySpace is the biggest abomination since Geocities.

  32. I know of not one person that uses Google+… Perhaps it’s cause I have no friends.

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