Antenna problems causing delay of Droid RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD?


There might be a hitch in Verizon’s plans to release the Motorola Droid RAZR HD and Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD. According to a rumor originating at Howard Forums, antenna issues could have forced Moto and VZW to delay the handset. According to the report, the antenna design of the two devices puts it in contact with the edges of the phone’s casing, creating a situation not unlike that of the iPhone 4’s “death grip.”

Given that the problem pertains to actual hardware design, the fix likely isn’t as easy as a software patch, and thus could create a lengthy delay. Rumors have positioned the phones as launching towards the end of October, but if the antenna problems are real, it is more likely that we won’t see the new RAZRs until after Thanksgiving at the earliest.

[via HowardForum]

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  1. That’s disappointing. I’ve been really excited for the Razr HD and HD Maxx. Especially since I’m due for an upgrade and have been waiting till the holidays to see if I can snag extra data with some discounts. But hopefully the antenna problems will be worked out by then. But on the other hand at least Motorola is trying to fix it BEFORE it’s released.

  2. No, if they were trying to copy Apple then they would have released the Razr HD with the Razr M and then just denied there was even a problem until someone tacked a “gate” suffix to the whole fiasco and made even congress want to investigate.

  3. If this was Apple, they would just release the phone, and say your holding it wrong.

  4. This is mess up, I’m waiting for this beast.

  5. That will be sweet, but not a necessity.

  6. Still crying about your bionic turd?

  7. Motorola just put to many phones on the market like Samsung. They need to take tips from HTC, now that HTC has learned its lesson.

    1. edit*** Puts

  8. After Thanksgiving? Surely you jest.

  9. i say take the time to get it right. do you people want a broken device now or a working device later?

  10. People still care about this mediocre phone? I was excited until i saw the specs and found it was average at best. Samsung and HTC agree the ones to watch in the upcoming months

    1. Mediocre? I don’t see how. Maybe the screen is behind the times, but that’s about it. This thing is high end IMHO.

      1. It’s mid high end. Nothing that jumps up and says wow this is cool stuff.

  11. I’ve been using mine since it was launched in Brazil, on September, 22. Call quality has been perfect, much better than my former galaxy s advance. I was worried when i read these news about antenna problems, but i really haven’t noticed any kind of trouble so far.

  12. How accurate is this information?

  13. No crap it should have been released already… it’s feature competitive with the One X and GS3, which have been out for six and five months, respectively. I figure this phone must have been delayed big time by restructuring from the buyout. I like that Moto has unified behind the Razr aesthetic, but they need to up their cadence big time to catch up.

  14. Well at least they caught it earlier rather than later. Hopefully it does get a permanent fix instead of releasing it then request users to wrap it in tinfoil or something to get it to work…=D

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