SquareTrade Pits The iPhone 5 Against Galaxy S3 In a Series of Torture Tests [Video]


Ooooh.. This is gonna be good. Call me sick in the head, but I love watching torture tests involving smartphones (not people, I promise). Maybe it’s because there there’s just something so taboo about intentionally damaging a piece of technology so near and dear to our hearts, and most of us could never afford outright. Rather than film a head-to-head ourselves, the folks at SquareTrade — a company that insures just about anything with a circuit board — dipped into their deep pockets and pulled out the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, pitting the two smartphone heavyweights against each other in a series of torture tests.

I’m sure you’ve already grabbed your popcorn, stuffing your mouth and giggling like a school boy at the thought of the iPhone smashing to pieces, but wait — you might not like the way this turns out. Watch.

Now I wouldn’t call this test by any means conclusive (more of a fun marketing gimmick than anything). It’s pretty much impossible to tests a smartphone’s durability without the use of extremely scientific machines, gauges and doohickeys. And while the iPhone 5 happened to come out on top this time around, it was more or less a matter of pure chance, not indicative of Apple’s manufacturing prowess. You could have easily compared the a white GS3 and a blue one and came to a similar conclusion that one or the other was more durable, but that would be silly. See? Simply a matter of pure luck.

Watch the video closely again and you’ll see in most cases the Galaxy S3 got the short end of the stick, falling precisely on its face, getting hit with the corner of the beer bottle, although I’ll admit, not much can be said for the underwater test (although both were not doubt destroyed, even if the iPhone seemed semi-operational after submersion). Wow, look at me. Starting to sound like an irrational Android fanboy, but I assure you, I’m just trying to be fair.

What did you guys think about the video? Do you really think Apple’s iPhone was the hands-down winner in this durability match up? Rematch… Rematch… REMATCH!

Thanks, Henry!

[SquareTrade Blog]

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  1. the GS3 was dropped directly on its screen and the Iphone on its bottom… and only the button worked after water wtf… This is a whack test I am not a Samsung fan but that’s a whack comparison.

    1. I will probably get down voted but based in every drop test…..it seems the iPhone 5 is weighted INA way that the sides take the bulk of the impact ……I love android…..but every drop test has similar results.

      1. i think its cause the sides of the iPhone with the aluminum plates weigh more then the glass front, so when it falls it always lands on its sides or back, idk if Apple had planned for that but its actually pretty smart, still would rather have a s3 though, by now everyone uses cases, and although the iPhone 5 is more durable the aluminum they used this time is softer then the glass so its easier to scratch. the galaxy S3 also breaks when landing on its side, i guess its a gorrila glass weakness, if its impacted on the front its more durable.

        1. the screen on the galaxy s2 is way more resistant than the galaxy s3, i guess the gorilla glass 2 is only scratch resistant becouse its thiner than the gorila glass 1, i dont like apple but they made the iphone 5 really resistant

          1. Yeah, sure… the iPhone 5 is so resistant that you don’t even need to touch it to damage it: http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/24/3381462/iphone-5-scuff-damage-aluminum

          2. Wow, that is ugly sh!t. Almost as bad as the first shipments of Nexus 7 with screen lift problems.

          3. Yeah, mmmh… you’re just forgetting that the Nexus 7 doesn’t exactly cost as much as the iPhone 5…
            Google doesn’t brag about how precise the manufacturing is, and what’s great with devices that don’t come from Apple is that you can fix it in a snap (just Google “how to fix screen lifting issue on the nexus 7”).

        2. Actually, the glass weighs more than the aluminum but you are right… It’s a trade off for scratch resistance and shatter resistance

    2. funny how it didn’t matter months ago, when it was the iPhone 4S that fell flat on its face.

      1. If the other phone fell flat on its screen too, no problem.
        I say that but, whatever the result, I tend not to trust these tests.
        Even when it’s fair, it doesn’t mean much.

    3. Wah wah it was proven twice stop making up excuses its pretty clear which phone has the better quality, (and specs) haha

      1. Indeed bro. Once again iPhone 5 wins :-)

      2. Sorry but specs, are you serious? Do you know how to read? Nothing in the i5 tops the Sg3 spec wise.

        1. Uh the i5 has pretty much spanked the s3 in pretty much all the benchmarks test done, the camera is better, the screen is better, if not look it up, hows that for specs? A dual core outperforming a quad core while being even more efficient O.o

          1. The screen? The iphone screen isnt even HD. LMAO you fool

          2. LOL 640p enough said. I can get 100x sites that say the SG3 has a better screen the fact remains you don’t have HD and your screen is 4″. 1993 called they asked for their phone back. LOL 640p

          3. Right…I have the phone with the best screen in the industry and is smaller than a VHS video tape….and it’s not plastic :-)

          4. Yet it’s a million times Better than the garbage pent-tile screen on the sg3 hahaha at least you don’t see the pixels like you do on the S3, fool lol

          5. I do admit it’s pretty impressive what Apple has done with their new cpu, but the sgs3 is 3 months old, a better comparison is the released at the same time lg with the S4 pro, which beats the ip5 on gpu. Would also like to see a way to turn off multitasking on android as the phones are always doing more in the background and imo gives an unfair advantage to ip.

          6. You really should fact check. iP5 is scoring lower

      3. And yet it doesn’t matter what the benchmarks are because in real world use the iPhone is made for a specific sized person. There’s a big reason why I never even considered purchasing an iPhone, and it’s because they make it for little hands.

        Side by side, I see no difference in the speed of day to day tasks with the S3 or the iPhone 5 (both of which I use @ work, testing). They are both fast, they are both LTE.

        Functionality wise though, the SGS3 is just easier to use. The iPhone 5 is so small in my hand I could likely crush it. The keyboard forces me to use 2 hands (either to turn it sideways or type like an old man with my index.
        I was hoping Apple would make the 5 screen just larger overall, but surprise surprise, yet another design turd.

        I don’t care that it can be dropped further, I take care of my phones. What I care about is function. Apple focuses on design (see: looks only) and created an uncomfortable to hold device. Apple is basically forcing its users to buy cases because the edges on the iPhone 5 dig into your hand during use. Only thing that makes it bearable for me are all the callouses from training, but that doesn’t fix the fact that it’s just too damn small.

        So thank you Android manufacturers for finally making comfortable to use and large devices.

        1. Also, if you actually look at the benchmark scores the iP5 is scoring lower. The dualcore vs quadcore argument is settled if you actually look at the tests being run. Most of them are single core, and the tests that leverage multiple cores the quad core clearly out performs the dual

  2. I seen this and really? The guy drops the GS3 face flat on concrete and the iPhone 5 hits on a corner….

    1. thats becouse the edges of the ip5 are heavier

      1. It’s floating in space. Unless it gets up enough speed for wind resistance to become a factor, there is no effect from which side is heavier. A dropped phone spins smoothly around its center of gravity. Drop a hammer if you don’t believe me. It will land on the handle just as often as on the head. Drop it from a few hundred meters up, though, and it will fall head first every time. The drop test was obviously compromised because of the way the phones fell. Ditto for the beer bottle drop. And in the immersion test, the S3 was left to sit with the water going ever deeper into the phone while the iPhone 5 was checked immediately. Both needed to be tested simultaneously.

    2. Don’t remember you crying for justice when it was the iPhone 4S that fell on its face against the SGS3. Or maybe I couldn’t hear over all the shouts of “In your face Apple!” Funny how this happened in two iPhone 5 drop tests now, maybe karma IS being a bit** lol.

        1. Oh yeah… that video where you see the iPhone with a screen protection.

          1. did not even notice that

          2. That’s only the beginning of the video. The packaged screen protector is off during the actual drop test.

          3. Well, it’s off in close-ups, but the video is full of cuts and you never see the phone in a close-up when he drops it.
            And as I said before, I’m not talking about any of the phones, just about these tests… you can’t trust it, whatever the winner I’m sure that I could make a video with the opposite result.
            You shouldn’t choose a smartphone based on that, not only because they’re not reliable, but because the winner is not necessarily the best phone for you.
            It doesn’t take a test to be sure that a smaller phone made of metal is more solid than a larger one made of plastic…

            Personally, I never dropped any of the four smartphones I’ve owned so they could burst as many phones as they want against the concrete, I still wouldn’t care, but I don’t like putting a case on my phone so a device like the HTC One S or the iPhone 5 that gets damaged without being dropped, that would bother me a lot.

        2. Lol don’t bother bro they don’t see the truth even when it’s being force fed to them. The level of fanboyism is way too high. The tests and encamtaria don’t lie though lol

          1. “The level of fanboyism is way too high”

            …on both sides of the fence.

          2. Completely agree, nothing peeves me more than blatant fanboyism. I use an android because it’s easier for me to develop on and offers more freedom of choice than Apple and their iPhone. Why must people on both sides of the fence bash each other into oblivion over which device is better makes no sense to me. Each offers their own pros and cons and a phone should be picked based on that not rampant fanboyism and bashing.

      1. You don’t have to drop a iPhone 4 or 4s on its face for the screen to crack. both iphone designs were crap. Either you break the back glass or the front, thats quality for you right?

  3. That test is bs from start to finish

  4. I really can not watch this without getting angry the beer hit different points the gs3 had gotten hit face down and by the bottom edge of the beer can as opposed to the iPhone 5 who dropped on the edges, and got hit by the side of the beer can, arghh and people eat it all up! ba humbug

  5. As Chris stated this was hardly a concrete test. However, for that guy to say that the iPhone came out better without mentioning the fact that test was hardly fair when you look at the fall and the bottle test was ridiculous. I know apple and its fangirls are gonna have a field day with this one.

  6. wow this test was not fair AT ALLLLLLL
    i would like to see iPhone 5 dropped on its FACE! not on its bottom….. and the beer bottle landed corner first on the screen of the GS3 and landed flat side on the iPhone 5 (this means a LOT more PSI was put on the S3)

    this test was stupidddddd and more of a game a chance. if you drop a beer bottle enough times on a phone its bound to land on the edge and crack the glass, same story for dropping it on the ground

    1. Your wish has been granted. Watch the iPhone 5 dropped on its face tons of times at pocketnow.com/2012/09/21/iphone-5-durability/

      1. There’s a HUGE difference between concrete and a perfectly flat floor…
        And I love how they cut scenes with comments like “No problem… it survives that drop too!” Ok, if you say so then we don’t need to have a look at the screen.

          1. macrumors… sounds truly objective… I won’t click on that link.

          2. Classic case of “shoot the messenger”…..the test was done by ANDROID AUTHORITY
            You may take your head out of the sand now :-)

          3. Then why don’t you give a link to Android Authority?

          4. Here you are, fandroid: http://www.androidauthority.com/iphone-5-vs-samsung-galaxy-s3-drop-test-116898/
            Now will you take your head out of the sand??? :-)

          5. I didn’t know that site, but it looks like it’s sponsored by Apple, you read more “iPhone 5” and “iOS” than anything else there, anyway…

            The video’s full of cuts, so it’s not reliable (like almost every drop test video, REGARDLESS OF THE RESULT – I’m not naive enough to choose a device based on such crap, if you believe in these tests you’re the one who should take his head out of the sand).

            There’s even something fishy I immediatly noticed: the iPhone 5 he dropped doesn’t look like the one shown in close up, it looks like there’s a screen protector on it or something…

          6. Wow….I’m dizzy from all of your spin! Lol!! The truth OBVIOUSLY hurts….this test came from an Android site and was conducted by a guy who would have loved nothing more than to show up the iPhone 5, and it blew up in his face….period

          7. No spin here, I never trusted drop tests and nerver said otherwise, did you think I would take it for granted just because it comes from an Android related website? No. I simply wouldn’t have even considered watching it if coming from an Apple oriented blog, but it doesn’t mean that I lose all critical faculties when I read an Android site.

            Being a fanboy troll (your pseudo says it all) you failed at noticing that I didn’t praise the Galaxy SIII, nor criticized the iPhone, only the test.

            Now I’d like to know what you think about the images I posted…

          8. 4″ screen lololol

          9. Cheap plastic lololol

  7. Unfortunately the GS3 did end up with a few bad angled drops and the iPhone tended to get better luck. If you want to see how the iPhone 5 handles being dropped tons of times flat on its face, watch the pocket now video at pocketnow.com/2012/09/21/iphone-5-durability/

  8. What’s that you say? The screen no longer works on your *touchscreen* phone?

  9. this test was str8 horse shyt…i knew this test was gonna be one sided when the mufuker said they were giving away an iPad. so wack and biased. Imma go find a real drop test n post dat shyt…phukin apple fagboys

  10. Lol, I’m not saying at all that the iPhone wouldn’t hold up better in those situations, I have no idea, but I really hope I wasn’t the only one to notice that the s3 was dropped on its face, whereas the iPhone was dropped on its side. Then the corner of the bottle hit the s3, whereas it landed with the full side on the iPhone.. Those tests, other than maybe the water test show absolutely nothing.

    1. if you watch all the drop tests the iPhone always lands on its sides or back, i guess the aluminum is heavier then the glass front so it always falls on the sides with the aluminum, although it scratches super easy and the paint from the aluminum start to come off, so either way their going to need a case lol.

  11. The GS3 was dropped directly on its screen and the Iphone on its bottom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT RIGHT OR DON’T DO IT AT ALL

      1. stop giving biased vids out…

  12. I agree the GS3 got the raw deal on these, but I actually see this as good. If Apple has truly made a screen which is very hard to break, this forces all the others to step their game up. Just like people won’t excuse poor battery life in new phones anymore, we shall not excuse poor screen life anymore…

    1. lol they dint make a durable screen, the iPhone never landed on its screen lol

      1. I agree, but after watching some other videos, you start to get the impression that there’s something different about the iPhone 5, where its not breaking like the 4 or 4s would. Actually, correct me if I”m wrong, but the metal rim of the 5 covers the corners of the glass, where as the 4 and 4s didn’t have that luxury. I think that’s why the 5 seems so much more durable. All those drops on the corner that used to splinter the old iPhones just dent metal now

        1. See exhibit A

          1. yea thats probably why, so unless it takes a jagged edge directly to the screen, then it wont shatter.

  13. Can anyone share youtube link for the video? Youtube is blocked in Pakistan, all I see is

    The requested URL could not be retrievedJust paste the link and I will use a proxy to watch it. Thanks!

  14. wtf….. how can they compare almost a 5″ screen to a 4″ screen and that too dropping the bigger one directly on face…

  15. So much for the scientific method. Might as well just be rhetoric.

  16. This video is a FAIL!!!! Here is a REAL Torture test from CNET on the SG3, they haven’t done it for the iPhone5. See for yourself how well it did!!!

  17. I’m a skateboarder. I don’t know about anybody else and their phones but my HTC EVO 3D has survived over 15 6ft. or more falls from it flying out my pocket straight on its screen while I am Bluetooth-ing music to my headphones. My music is always still playing afterwards and its still is running strong, not even a sratch on the screen. Very happy with my EVO although I would like to upgrade soon. Just have to find one as durable.

  18. yeah…..not to sound like a fanboy either but short of the water test none of the damaging tests were fair. they dropped the s3 face down and thwarted iphone facing the bottom rim ( intentionally ) and the beer landed across iphone versus the beer edge aimed right at the corner of the display…I just lost a lot of respect for those gguys….no more recommendations from me….

  19. MAJOR flaws in this test. At the end, the bottle fell onto the S3 differently than it did onto the iPhone.

    The corner of the bottle went smack into the S3 screen with a great impact, while the bottle fell horizontally onto the iPhone absorbing the impact.

    Also, the S3 was dropped straight onto its front face during the drop test, but the iPhone wasn’t.

    After the water test, the iPhone screen was NOT responsive to touch, but the guy made it sound like everything was A-Okay.

    What the hell?

      1. How is that 640p screen? How is your maps? How is Siri doing with the weather? How is attaching a word doc to your email? ROFL!

        1. *moves the goal posts back over*

      2. Can you please stop spamming the same link over and over?

  20. Using aluminum instead of glass really helps the iPhone 5. The tests can’t be fair however, how about making it 5 times out of 5 with different units?

  21. Also there are Android phones that are water-proof and impact-proof, especially the ones for the Japan market. Seems the Japanese like to use their phones in the rain.

  22. There were not controls what so ever to this test. It is so flawed… Well, maybe the massive number of dislikes on that video will make them… nah, stupid is as stupid does.

      1. This the 4th or 5th time you have posted this?

  23. I haven’t even watched it yet, but i can tell you that when Square Trade does these tests, there are too many variables. In these tests, you need a controlled environment. Why doesn’t anyone do a sientific test? How come ever facker and his grandma, do the retarded chance test?????

  24. Please post Apple’s propaganda on iSource, not here. :P

  25. You could tell me that the GS3 would break if you looked at it in a certain way and I would still choose it over the iphone5

  26. Motorola cares about durability. Why don’t they test the new Moto phones?

  27. Lmao, here come the excludes bla bla bla, iPhone quality is MUCH better than than the Samsung, no doubt, so not only has the i5 spanked the s3 in benchmark tests it also has on quality and durability. No surprises here lol so sad this is the “android” flagship. Lame

    1. I rather have a SG3 with a cracked screen than some small ass 4″ phone that doesnt even have an HD screen and a maps program that is utter garbage. Plus Siri sucks and Google Now 100x better than that inaccurate trash called Siri with its robot voice LMAO 640p 640p lololol 640p

      1. Wah wah! Haha that’s all I hear. It’s obvious you like it bigger. Keep your garbage cracked screen that you could still see the pixels on and the whites look yellow and ill keep the one on the iPhone 5. Truth is a biatch huh lololo

  28. Next time drop the i5 on its face and see what happens. Dumb video, you can’t proclaim a winner when phones were dropped differently, and when you can’t prove exactly how much force is being applied when things are dropped on them and what angle. Thanks for wasting my time, and I hope you’ve enjoyed wasting money.

  29. The beer bottle crashed with the edge on the display on the SG3 and nearly horizontal on the iP5, so the intensity per squareInch was much higher on the SG3… And even the other tests didn’t show reproducible tests with the same consditions… So this is a funny video, but nothing more…

  30. LOL fanboys are great. keep the excuses coming

  31. That drop test was a joke, the samsung was dropped face down the iphone was not dropped face down. Other sites have already done water test that show the SG3 works after being in water, these test were fixed. The fact that they are giving a away a ipad just goes to prove that.

    1. I’ve dropped my gnex (it fell in slow motion, and I was screaming “Nooooooo!!!!” in slow motion too), from about 3′ it landed on a tile floor on the edge, there’s a small chip in the screen now, weird how it came out.

      anyway, the iphone is obviously a stronger device than it has been in the past (I had an iphone 3g and accidentally dropped it too and landed on the side, screen cracked right up the middle).

      while the tests aren’t a good comparative between the iphone 5 and s3, since the only test that was really done with the least variable was the water test, it does show the iphone is pretty well built. Good for iPhone users, I’d still never go back to the iPhone myself, I’ll take my chances with my screen cracking.

  32. To say the tests were fixed is a bit of a stretch. I’d with say with the S3 landing on its face and the iPhone landing on the bumper during the drop test, and the beer bottle landing its corner right on the screen as opposed to the iPhone getting a pretty even distribution of weight from the bottle’s landing, the results aren’t exactly scientific. But its a Squaretrade marketing campaign, not an iPhone or S3 marketing campaign.

    1. not taking anything away from what is obviously a well built device in the iPhone, but specifically with the bottle test, with the S3 the full brunt of impact was on a very small portion directly on the screen, whereas the iPhone was also a very small impact zone, but it was a ‘glancing blow’ not full brunt, and not focused on the screen. it’s physics, simply.

      they should have excluded that, or redone the test either with the bottle landing directly on the iphone’s screen like the s3, or with the bottle glancing off the side of the s3 like the iphone. Honestly, I’d like to see how each of them fared for both of those scenarios, as they are real world situations.

  33. People really! I don’t care if they dropped the GS3 on the ground and it exploded it is still not a good reason to get an iSheep 5. Accidents will happen that’s what insurance is for. Is the apple phone good quality, sure and I’m all for it. It only makes the other manufactures work to make a better Android smartphone . By the way I have never dropped my smartphone and that’s not to say it will NEVER happen just that I’m extra carfull. It was a bad test but who cares.

  34. I am by no means an apple fan but quit with the obvious bias and give the device credit where credit is due. Ive seen about 3 of these test so far and in each one the iphone has completely wiped the floor with the gs3 as far as durability in a drop. I still completely loath apple however i am not afraid or too jaded to admit that they have vastly improved the build quality with the i5. They win this round. But thats ok.

  35. horrible video…. rigged to make the iPhone look better…

  36. Let me guess, this video was shot with one of the testers personal iPhones? #joketest

  37. I am an android fanboy but I still give the iphone its props where it’s due. This is so obviously skewed toward to the iphone it’s ridiculous. Why drop the s3 on its face but drop the iphone on its bottom? I’ve seen other test videos of these 2 devices and I do believe that the iphone 5 is more durable than the s3. If your gonna make a video comparing durability, at least make it fair.

  38. with the beer bottle test the edge(hard part) of the bottle hit the Gs3 head on and not the IPhone5. smh.

    1. same goes for the drop test where they release the gs3 to fall face down and then dropped the iphone 5 to fall on the side/bottom….

  39. People these drop tests are never fair or scientific, you would have to repeat these tests thousands of times with precise instruments for it to be fair, these things are just bait for flame wars. It’s sad people still fall for this bait. Buy the phone you want and get a good case or buy insurance, simple.

  40. I think someone is cheating… Skewing these results…

  41. The iPhones 5 is light and the frame is a more closed aluminium shell. In addition it has a smaller screen. Assuming that the class has the same strength and thickness it is less likely to break than the SGS 3. The SGS 3 has a loose back cover resulting in a bit less strong frame and the larger screen is probably easier to break and more likely to be hit. This is simple physics and should come as no surprise.

  42. I’ve been reading all the bickering and I just have to throw my $0.02 in here.

    To the Apple trolls:
    The iPhone 4 and 4s would shatter if you looked at them funny, yet you all still threw your money at Apple, and now you finally have a solidly built device. Why are you not focusing your nerd rage at the company that didn’t implement this sooner?

    To the Android users:
    Why are you even bothering to try and defend the SGS3 against the Apple trolls? It’s fairly apparent that with a much larger surface area, it is more likely the screen will break on a drop.

    All it comes down to is, Apple finally put out a properly constructed device, so now the Apple users will jump on that fact because they didn’t enjoy it in the past. It’s like giving a small child a balloon that is bigger than the others, and they run around going neener neener neener. That is until the next even bigger balloon is made and given to someone else.
    It’s how marketing works, it’s unfortunately how our society works, there’s always something bigger and better on the horizon.

    I for one am happy for the iPhone users, as it should have been like that from the get-go. The price they pay for that device, it should survive being run over by a car, for crying out loud.

  43. What a bullsh1t torture test.

    If you watch the video you can clearly see that the iPhone5 just got lucky in avoiding the brunt of all the impacts, whereas the S3 hit the ground screen first, and it took the beer bottle’s edge directly on the screen.


    1. Exactly my thoughts….

  44. I won’t be buying any more warranties from SquareTrade. This video convinced me they are way too shady of a company. Obviously they have ties with Apple or they would have done controlled tests that didn’t bias the iPhone 5.

  45. Of all the tests conducted, they are not equally simulated; therefore not conclusive.

    1. even the water test? Come on, be honest!

      I was shocked that the iPhone continued to work after the dunk test.

      If real world results are as good, that new iPhone is built like a tank, good on iPhone users, they deserve the best hardware, since the software blows goats.

      1. No doubt, the iPhone 5 scores on the water test.

  46. So the S3 landed screen down, rather than on the side like the iPhone, and the bottle landed on the screen, rather than the edge. inconclusive is right.

    I don’t doubt the iphone is a strong phone, and probably stronger than the S3, but the only real equal test was the water test. Too many variables in the other tests.

  47. I have an S3 and I love it. I, like most people here, don’t like the iPhone. Now that I have that out of the way, the S3, based on pretty much every torture test I’ve seen, is NOT a durable phone and it seems that Apple, with the iPhone 5, built something that holds up pretty well to the nearly inevitable accident. So, the fact that you get a few scuffs out of the box on the iPhone 5 doesn’t really matter, especially when you consider the number of people who’ve had problems, myself included, with the S3 back cover randomly cracking/splitting. In the end, we all choose our own evil.

  48. The gsIII was not quite droped very even, but it appears the gs3 screen sucks.

  49. That fanboy conveniently didnt drop the iphone 5 on its face. They both break heres proof. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4zQKeAEqsQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    Water test is also suspect.
    Why this articles whos the in the closet apple fanboy at phandroid?

  50. What an absolutely garbage test. All of these are. These are NOT controlled environments, therefore the tests are invalid. Not to mention… watch the video at 2:29. Bottle his the iPhone square, Galaxy on the edge of the bottle.. for those who don’t know, a sharp edge hit like this will crack any screen. Plus they are not even showing that the bottles where dropped from the same height. I would LOVE to know how much Apple is PAYING these idiots to try and fool the public. Be smart people please. No control, NO RESULTS!!!

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