Sep 24th, 2012

Ooooh.. This is gonna be good. Call me sick in the head, but I love watching torture tests involving smartphones (not people, I promise). Maybe it’s because there there’s just something so taboo about intentionally damaging a piece of technology so near and dear to our hearts, and most of us could never afford outright. Rather than film a head-to-head ourselves, the folks at SquareTrade — a company that insures just about anything with a circuit board — dipped into their deep pockets and pulled out the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, pitting the two smartphone heavyweights against each other in a series of torture tests.

I’m sure you’ve already grabbed your popcorn, stuffing your mouth and giggling like a school boy at the thought of the iPhone smashing to pieces, but wait — you might not like the way this turns out. Watch.

Now I wouldn’t call this test by any means conclusive (more of a fun marketing gimmick than anything). It’s pretty much impossible to tests a smartphone’s durability without the use of extremely scientific machines, gauges and doohickeys. And while the iPhone 5 happened to come out on top this time around, it was more or less a matter of pure chance, not indicative of Apple’s manufacturing prowess. You could have easily compared the a white GS3 and a blue one and came to a similar conclusion that one or the other was more durable, but that would be silly. See? Simply a matter of pure luck.

Watch the video closely again and you’ll see in most cases the Galaxy S3 got the short end of the stick, falling precisely on its face, getting hit with the corner of the beer bottle, although I’ll admit, not much can be said for the underwater test (although both were not doubt destroyed, even if the iPhone seemed semi-operational after submersion). Wow, look at me. Starting to sound like an irrational Android fanboy, but I assure you, I’m just trying to be fair.

What did you guys think about the video? Do you really think Apple’s iPhone was the hands-down winner in this durability match up? Rematch… Rematch… REMATCH!

Thanks, Henry!

[SquareTrade Blog]

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