Sep 18th, 2012

We’ve been following Dyzplastic’s Android Collectibles for awhile now. Recently, Andrew Bell n’ friends revealed some new additions that will be available in their upcoming Series 03 release. The newest additions to the Series 03 lineup are the Intergalactic and Barista Bot collectibles. Intergalactic was designed by artist “kaNO” and pays homage to the Beastie Boys video of the same name (RIP Adam Yauch). The Android is dressed up in the very same outfit from that legendary music video.

The Barista Bot is of Andrew Bell’s design, and comes with his firsthand knowledge of working as a barista in his sister’s coffee shop. Have to say, this is probably my favorite design of Series 03 so far (big Andrew Bell fan).

If you’ve been keep tally, that now places the number for Series 03 collectibles at 6 out of 14 that have been made official. I honestly can’t wait to see the rest of the cleverly designed little fellas. Which of the 6 are your favorites so far?