iFixit tears open the Kindle Fire HD, applauds its ease of repair


The prying hands of the folks at iFixit have got their paws on the 7-inch version of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, and its innards weren’t hiding many surprises. Components from the typical manufacturers fill out its slimmed down 10.3mm frame, including such elements as an LG-made LCD, Texas Instruments OMAP processor, and flash memory from Samsung.

Compared to last year’s tablet and this year’s update to the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire HD underwent a major internal design overhaul, but it worked out for the better in terms of repairability. Amazon even went with a standalone 3.5mm headset jack for easy replacement should the component become faulty (and considering how often one might plug and unplug headphones, the jack could certainly suffer some wear and tear). Head on over to the link below for the full rundown.

[via iFixit]

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  1. I think this benefits Amazon more than the consumer; if it’s easier to repair the various components, less money has to be spent on replacements.

    1. So Apple’s entire build philosophy is wasting potential shareholder profits?! Hard to accept.

  2. Good for the ipad… Oh wait, the ipad is disposable lol

  3. As much as I deplore the basic idea of the forked Android consumption device, this appears to be a highly commendable design. Well done, Amazon.

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