SIM-free Sony Xperia T could be delayed until January


Sony hasn’t managed to make it to the top three Android manufacturer list yet, but they have some great options when it comes to SIM-free devices. SIM-free Sony Xperia devices usually come very affordable, while still being very capable devices. The Xperia T is a great option for those that want a powerful device that doesn’t break the pocket, but those looking to get it unlocked might have to wait until January.

According to Expansys, a popular cellphone retailer, the unlocked phone could be released as late as January, while the carrier-locked versions will be available between the 27th and 29th of September. We still have no details on pricing, but this phone better come with an enticing price-tag by then.

A dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 4.55-inch 720p display, 1 GB of RAM and Android 4.0 device is enticing right now (for the right price), but it will be one outdated device by the beginning of the year. Especially with CES kicking the year off.

Sony has been relatively better at this, but manufacturers should realize that the SIM-free market is very important and needs more attention. The selection of unlocked devices for those looking to get rid of the carriers’ chains is simply not up to par. Most of us may be locked to a carrier in the US, but such is not the case in other countries. Pre-paid GSM services are very important outside of the US, so please get on it, Carriers!

Sony could very well be playing it safe, and the SIM-free version might end up coming sooner than later. So let’s stay tuned and see what happens. For sure, this would be a good device if its price gets significantly discounted by then.

[Via: Tech Radar]

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  1. Hopefully because Sony’s factories are busy making Xperia Nexus phones! Seriously, why are the Nexus rumors so dry this year?

    1. Nope, they’re busy making 20 new Xperias with sealed batteries to further confuse consumers.

      1. I agree Sony has so many different products it tends to confused they should adopt one and keep improving it just like everyone does craiphone HTC evo Samsung galaxy ,etc.
        this Xperiat looks beautiful and has great specs. it has lot of potential however they have to hurry with jelly beans everybody wants the last OS when buying a new phone.

        1. I agree. They have beautiful designs like the Xperia S and Acro HD but they need to slow down and focus on fewer handsets

          check this out, those are from this year alone!

          1. Wow! its even worse than what I though so many letters and designs I remember some time ago they were doing the same with laptop models but they learned the lesson they only have four now being the z still the best, however they are doing the same mistake with phones now,
            come on Sony!
            thanks for this interesting link SocalTeknique.

  2. Sony puts out decent phones but they always put them out late.

    1. true this is still somewhat behind, LG and Samsung have now 2gb of Ram and looks like the SGS3 is getting jelly bean soon.
      From my point of view this two are still better than the Xperia T.
      However they deserve some credit are improving and have beautiful designs, something Samsung really should improve.

      1. So? It still beats both in benchmarks and real world hands on previews report it as being plenty smooth.

  3. does anybody know what happened with the Hayabusa phone????

    1. That one became the Xperia TX

  4. They should like Metropcs is not big so not many phones go to it.. I know metropcs is adding a windows phone 8 but I really want a Sony phone … I love WP8 but I just have to wait now… I just got the lg motion…

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