Sep 14th, 2012

The Motorola DROID RAZR HD MAXX HD will be a hot phone when it launches later this year. Not only is it a beast in performance and build quality, it also has a pretty darn good battery.

Motorola’s smartly advertising that fact in their latest commercial for the device where they are saying “long live the battery.” There’s a bit of a double-meaning there, and we’re wondering why Motorola decided to go with a lesser version at all.

The MAXX doesn’t add much more girth to make up for the larger battery, and it’s the same exact phone otherwise. Except for a small difference in price there should be no reason for anyone to go for the MAXX-less variant.

We can’t take it for granted, though, seeing as we were afraid that Motorola might not have come out with a MAXX variant for this phone at all. Let’s just appreciate the strides taken in battery technology and enjoy the TV spot above.