Sep 14th, 2012

For those that maybe aren’t well accustomed to pop culture there’s this thing, it’s called the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Apparently, every well-known actor is linked to a single man (in some way or another). His name is Kevin Bacon. And everyone has either worked with him directly, or worked with another actor, who’s worked with another actor and so forth — all the way up to 6 people deep.

It’s a fun little game and it looks like Google Now is able to supply users with these answers, providing you with just about any actor’s “Bacon number.” Simply open up Google Now and ask, “What is (insert actors name) bacon number?” Google Now will pull up and read that actor’s Bacon number, along with a list of actors who have been associated with him. We don’t know how Google does it, we’re just thankful that they do.

Thanks, Kyler!