Sep 13th, 2012

It was announced a few nights ago that Acer would release a new device running the Linux-based Aliyun OS developed by Alibaba for China. Dow Jones reported today that this didn’t sit too well with Google who — according to an Acer representative —  told Acer they would “terminate its Android-related cooperation and other technology licensing with our partner.”

It’s this strong language that caused the last minute shutting down of an Acer unveiling event, leaving the press who were to attend the event scratching their heads. Acer is still talking it over with Google and would like to go through with releasing an Aliyun OS device for the Chinese market, but it’s up in the air at this point.

In reaction to the news, Alibaba was quoted by CNET today saying, “we respect and understand our partner’s decision to postpone the introduction of the phone, and are dismayed by the impact this dispute has had on our partner.”

Google has long had a reputation for having a lax relationship with its Android partners, letting them slice and hack up their OS to suit their tastes (and motives). This marks the first we’ve heard of Google playing hardball with OEM’s and we have to admit, sounds very unlike Google who’s seemingly okay with manufacturers releasing devices with rival OS’s (Windows Phone 8) around the world. That being said, something sound fishy about all this and we’ll have to wait for Google to issue a statement to hear their side of the story.

For those interested, I’ve included a quick video showing off the mobile OS that allegedly has Google in a tizzy. I admit, it doesn’t look half bad but maybe that’s because it’s essentially a fork of Android (can even run Android apps natively).

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