Watch the highlights of the Kindle Fire HD announcement here!


Amazon’s press conference has concluded with more than enough devices to keep us going for a while. We have an upgraded Kindle Fire and 3 Kindle Fire HD tablets, but of course the latter took the stage today. We knew you would want to see everything that’s going on at Santa Monica, so we have video of some of the most important announcements here! At least until they get around to uploading the official video to YouTube.

The first clip is from the Kindle Fire HD main announcement. Jeff Bezos discusses all the new improvements in features and specs, including details about the display, stereo sound, video, WiFi dual antennas and storage. Check it out:

Now, if you want to see this bad boy in action, Jeff goes on to demo the tablet right in front of our eyes. Lucky for you, we caught the whole thing on camera:

A tablet can’t reach its full potential without a good internet connection. This can be easily solved when within a WiFi connection, but can we call a tablet mobile if we can’t use it away from WiFi hotspots? This is why Amazon decided to launch the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 4G LTE. This tablet will allow you to take advantage of 4G LTE anywhere you are (assuming you are in a 4G LTE market) for just $50 a year!

Enjoy the videos and let us know what you think! Will these tablets be as impressive as our friend Jeff touts them to be, Or are you waiting around for something else? By the way, you can now pre-order all of these tablets, so head over to and get get yours!

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Man…he is a bad presenter. He makes Sergey Brin look dapper

  2. The Nexus 7 is a better choice over all Kindles!

  3. LOL @ silent pauses (Y U NO CLAP???? – Cuz its ass bro). I will gladly pass on this thing. When are manufacturers gonna learn…If i wanna spend $500 or more on something buying a damn laptop bro. 200 for updated Kindle and 300 for HD big version would be nucking futs. 500 is just too much for this. All the ipad users i know have gotten rid of it and gotten cheaper alternatives because they agree. 500 is just too damn much for this.

    1. hmmm we need more consumers who can afford to spend money. That’s what brings the good apps. Many developers think android is for cheapos and if they finally decide to make a game, they’ll load it with ads and other crap because they assume that’s the only way they can make money.

      1. Android is not just for “cheapos”. There is most definitely a market for high end. I just think that manufacturers need to realize there is also most definitely a market for budget minded folks. Upon reading more about the release of the new kindle stuff i see they did that. 4 different models with a staggered price setup is exactly what we need to see. $150,$200,$300,$500 – covers all anyone would need. If the likes of Samsung and other makers did that i can see alot more devices being sold over all. The Nexus 7 (boss i love mine) was never meant to be an ipad killer. Its a monster at being, cheap and doing what it set out to do amazingly well at its target price point. The OG Kindle Fire tried to do that and for a time was on top of the hill at the $200 price point. Nobody else even came close to it until the Nexus 7 came along. This new Amazon crop of devices is gonna change all that and push vendors to innovate more and release better stuff in the long run. My previous post was with only 1/3 of the original info. I didn’t realize the full grasp of what they were planning.

  4. wow Amazon used to sell cheapo Kindles and now they have 64 gig LTE tablets to take on the ipad3.

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