iPhone 4S Is No Longer #1 Selling Smartphone In The US – Samsung Galaxy S3 Takes The Crown


And you wonder why Apple and their legal team have declared “thermonuclear” war on Samsung? Since its debut back in October of 2011, the iPhone 4S has consistently dominated the smartphone market as the single top selling smartphone in the US. And for the first time since its launch, it’s now taking the #2 spot, just under the Samsung Galaxy S3.

That’s right, according to a report from analyst Michael Walkley of Canaccord Genuity, the Galaxy S3 is now the top selling smartphone in the US and Apple can’t be too happy about it. Where most smartphones (like the One X, or Droid-whatever) are only sold on a single carrier, the Galaxy S3 came out swinging, finding itself offered not only on The Big 4, but smaller MVNO’s as well. It was a recipe for success. Of course, while some will hold Samsung’ success to the fact that we’re approaching the eve of the iPhone 5 (only 12 days away), that still hasn’t slowed down Samsung’s sales of the GS3 which are still going strong.

[Cnet | BGR]

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  1. .: Very nice, we’ll see what happens next week…. :. Glad I have my Pebble Blue

  2. Sammy’s S3 is a damn good phone. I have the blue one and its awesome

    1. Blue? Surely you mean Blurple. :)

  3. And thus Apple’s boards are trying to contact voodo masters to try resurrect Steve Job.
    CEO Cook, in the meantime, diverted some of Apple’s profits to buy several cloning startups, trying to clone several Steve Jobs to be put on every Apple’s divisions.

  4. S3 deserves it it’s a fantastic device. Samsung has outdone themselves

    1. minus S-voice. I have yet to use it since i bought the phone.

      1. Then why are you commenting on it, if you’ve yet to use it?
        At least try it before letting us know that it sucks :D

        1. I knew i should have clarified before posting LOL What i mean, is that after trying to use it the first day, and realizing that navigating with my fingers is 3 times faster, decided to not use it anymore. It is too slow for my taste. Not to mention, it’s built-in word library is limited. Meaning it will not recognize all words that you throw at it. Siri, which was acquired by Apple, has a better word library. But to clarify, it still sucks, and it was not an Apple technology before.

          1. Ah, fair enough.
            I knew it would get slated anyway, it’s voice and voice sucks.
            Been trying here n there (utter, updated voice in JB, etc..) and they all suck.

          2. try to use s-voice in spanish XD it recognizes 1/10 of the words than english, and u cant ask questions ( like 1+1) or things like that.

          3. I don’t know s-voice but in general voice recognition needs to be trained.

        2. I’ve used it and S-Voice sucks! :-)

          1. I doubt anybody buys the S3 for S-voice. Especially since google has a more polished voice assistant.

      2. minus touchwiz.

    2. Once Jelly Bean update is released, you will get google now, which has been proven to be faster than siri, better ui designed, more accurate results (85 percent for google now to 56 percent for siri)

  5. Not due for an upgrade until December, DAMN……… DAMN, DAMN, still rocking my OG Evo 4G, might just hold out for the Galaxy S4 if that’s what they decide to call it when it arrives.

    1. By december you might be in for a treat. A number of nexus devices are rumoured from Motorola, LG, Sony etc… So it’s probably a good thing you have to wait..

    2. That new super HTC phone rolls out then… just sayin’

  6. Makes sense. Galaxy S3>iphone 4,4S and the new 5. Math doesn’t lie :)

    1. you might be true but this time the lower one is powerful than your math lol

  7. I sure hope so, the 4s is almost a year old.

    1. This. A lot of people that want Apple devices are waiting for the imminent iPhone 5.

      1. Maybe they are getting SGS3’s?

        1. According to Apple, they are basically the same anyway. haha

      2. Not true in my case… I had a 3GS and an iPhone 4. I skipped on the 4S and was eagerly waiting for the iPhone 5…but when I saw the GS3, I bought it a month ago. Apple’s ongoing anticompetitive behaviour had something to do with it as well …. The GS3 was released in May… I doubt anyone who bought a GS3 will be buying a new phone just 4 months later and the thing is most people who probably bought it waited until July/August before buying it… and we are in September now…

    2. Regardless, I believe this is the first time ever that a single Android device has outsold the iPhone in the US. But it almost certainly won’t be the last time.

      It’s a significant event in the evolution of the Android platform and the smartphone market.

      1. Yup. Not bad for an OS that supposedly only nerds can use. :)

    3. This makes absolutely no sense. The 4s has been selling for an entire year and the S3 passed it in just a couple months.

  8. Sammy forever.

  9. Samsung galaxy s 3 its an amazing phone.

  10. And who said Samsung took the biggest hit huh! No. 1 Baby!!

  11. That’s a powerful pic, lmao.

  12. Wish this would happen with a Nexus device, then people could see what Android is really all about, including receiving updates in a timely manor directly from the developers.

    Well.. that’s Google’s fault for not marketing and selling a Nexus on all carriers like this. Let’s hope they address that with the Nexus 4.

    1. the nexus didnt sell because it was a buggy piece of crap. the fact that the s3 kicks its ass is proof the majority could care less about pure android. we want a phone that works, looks good, great specs and good battery life. the s3 has all. the nexus had?????? none of the above.

      1. Yea you said that until the next version of Android ships, then the next one after that and you have no updates. I wouldn’t buy a non-Nexus again, I have a strong feeling the improvements you mention are a glimpse of what’s coming in the 4th-gen Nexus, then subtract garbage touchwiz, and add in pure Android along with years of Google support.

        1. You could also root the phone to get updated. If your warranty expired and you are out of updates then it is time to consider looking for custom roms.

      2. Any phone is really only as good as the software it packs.i have a two year old nexus s rocking a custom version of jelly bean, and it feels superior (on the whole) to my brothers one x which is still running ics. Not that ics is bad. It’s just that his phone could do SO much better if it was running JB :-/

      3. Dude what are you talking about the nexus is running stock jellybean that is not buggy your ics phone is more buggy then jellybean. Use the OS before u talk

    2. Problem is that you don’t understand what the Nexus series is all about, it’s not meant to be THE Android phone, it is meant to set the lowest bar for that version of the OS so that developers have a starting point, that’s why till the Nexus7 Google has essentially done no promoting of the Nexus series

  13. When Steve Jobs passed, he took Apple with him. Tim Cook may be capable of managing the CEO position, but that doesn’t mean he has the same innovative spirit and creativity Jobs possessed. We may not see another Jobs for another 10-15 years.

    1. I saw him towards the end of the Google I/O conference

    2. I hope we don’t see another steve jobs may he rest in peace but all he did was make the already out there smartphones look pretty, nothing revolutionary about an iPhonesince the iPhone 3G

      1. i only thank steve jobs becouse thanks to him samsung put a lot of effort improving their phones to beat apple and finaly they’ve done it

  14. yeah when the new IFAIL 5 is going to be announced next Wednesday . sammy wont be on top for long. US people will buy the new phone without any research

    1. But this is just one Android phone out of quite a few. I’m hoping a Motorola edge to edge screen will finish this Apple nonsense once and for all.

      1. So you don’t want competition? Android is already the top platform by number of users.

        1. I want competition. I don’t want the nonsense. The bans, the lawsuits, the fooling people to pay more for last year’s midrange specs.

    2. OR, Apple will add another S to the name, making it an 4SS.

      1. with a 2500×2000 3.5” screen and a 1400mAh battery hajhaha

        1. Yeah a 1400 mah battery that lasts all day long, don’t get too hung up on the specs it’s about how fine tuned it is and how efficient it is ;)

  15. So many intelligent comments I don’t know where time start, but I will give it a shot. First this was a bgr story, so no one should pay it any attention. They are a huge joke. Second of course the iPhone isn’t selling everyone is waiting for the next iPhone. As soon as it is in sale, it will outsell the S3 by a long way.

    I use a vzw S3 and love it. But owning it didn’t turn me into a idiot..

    1. U do realize they’re speaking from time of launch to current, right? Maybe owning it did.

      1. I at least bothered to read the source. I didn’t see anything that said from time of launch. It was a month to month figure. And on At&t the iPhone was still the #1 seller. So I still know how to read.

      2. Actually it is only for the month of August and it was clearly due to the anticipation of the iPhone 5: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-samsung-galaxy-s3-outsold-the-iphone-4s-in-august-2012-9

        Nice try….

        1. Obviously the people who bought SGS3 weren’t waiting for the iphone5

    2. Nice passive aggressive insult…

      Given Apple’s attitude towards Android, do you expect comments to be in their favor on an Android site? People need to vent and articles like this are generally a good outlet.

      And everyone? Yeah, that defies logic… So instead of waiting for the new iPhone, which is right around the corner, they’re buying the S3 now? So everyone on T-Mobile? OK…

      Given that the iPhone 5 will be more of the same with nothing groundbreaking, Apple’s slipping market share, growing public negativity, and sales of their past iPhones — which were mostly cross grades, I doubt the iPhone 5 will break any new grounds on sales.

      And I’m surprised the iPhone still sells well on AT&T, given they’ve over extending their networks. Here in South CA, my friends on AT&T iPhones are constantly dropping calls breaking up, and their data is way slower than it used to be; if anything, I can see the devout iPhone users on that network cross-grading to Apple’s latest side-grade; others have already jumped ship.

  16. Ehh when the iPhone comes out this month that’s gona change again and iPhone will go back to its usual top spot. Enjoy it while it lasts though ;)

    1. Will it have a large s-amoled screen? probably not. Back to the SGS3!

      1. Ari, it won’t have that screen (I wish) lol rather smaller, but in all fairness as far as the display itself i do like the retina display and the clarity of the screen, true whites and all that, but I do wish it was bigger though not as big as the sgs3. I think 4.3 was the sweet spot.

  17. I feel like this somehow isn’t news. A new phone usually takes the top spot the month before the expected release of the new iPhone because no one wants an iPhone 4s when they can wait a few weeks and get a newer version.

  18. Just wait for the iphone 5 to take it back…

  19. Apple will add an “S” to the new phone, making it an 4SS.

    1. force or farce?

      1. reading that as ‘ASS’

  20. Heh.I wonder how much all the patent trolling helped samsung indirectly market it’s phone as “apple thinks we make phones like theirs . Why don’t you try it?”

  21. Unfortunately that’s because ppl r holding off on iphones till the iphone 4G gets announced.

  22. im happy =’)

  23. Yea, enjoy that #1 spot. iPhone WILL take it back within a couple of months! Not to mention, the current iPhone design has been out for over two YEARS! (iPhone 4S one YEAR) PLUS Sammy needed a new iPhone to launch to surpass it in sales! Like I said, ” Enjoy it will it lasts”

    1. Sorry to tell you, the iPhone fad is over. Apple has lost the market share and now the number one selling phone. The lackluster iPhone 5 wont save it. Every GS3 sold is somebody who wont be buying an iPhone. Nobody is going to downgrade to an inferior phone.

      1. Don’t be Sorry, I’m gonna make you eat your words! I guarantee you the iPhone 5 will be the #1 selling phone!!! FATMAN LOL

        1. Your not gonna make me do anything sheep

          1. How bout eating something healthy, say like, an “Apple” Instead if all that grease! FATBOY!

          2. What are you 12? I prefer jelly beans anyway

          3. Of Course! Duh, what was I thinking! LOL Jelly beans!

      2. So, Fatman 5X, I’m sure you’ve seen the news on how extremely fast the iphone 5 is selling. Tell me, how long was the GS3 the #1 selling phone? Let me guess, 2 weeks! LMFAO!! in your FAT FACE!

  24. Looking at those devices next to each other, how can anyone with a pair of eyes think that Samsung copied Apple?

  25. Damn right not everyone is ignorant enough to buy the stone age iphone just because their friends has it over latest and featured pack technology like the GS3.

  26. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my S3, I have 3 different Samsung Android Devices I use daily (S3 personal phone, Galaxy Note work phone, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 personal tablet), I’ve been an Android user and enthusiast since the week the G1 was released and have never owned a single Apple product but lets all be honest here, as others have pointed out a major reason (but not the only reason) for the decline in iPhone sales is that many iPhone users know that the next iPhone is coming out soon and they don’t want to lock themselves into a 2 year contract for a phone that’s about to become obsolete (this is true for iDevices more than for any other brand)

    I predict (with quite a lot of confidence) that the next iPhone will retake the sales leadership for at least several months after it’s released, still won’t mean it’s better but it will demonstrate (unnecessarily) how good Apple is at marketing.

  27. Yes, this is amazing news considering Apple is a week from announcing its newest phone. This news would have been more amazing if the iphone did not hold the crown for a better part of a year.

    Wow, Samsung manage to dethrone a phone that has one foot in the grave as a flagship….

    In other news, the Galexy III is about to lose the crown in a matter of weeks.

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