Sep 4th, 2012

We know it’s coming, but Google’s plans to bring multiple user accounts to Android is once again been revealed, this time in their successfully granted face-to-unlock patent. The patent deals with a “computer device” that allows multiple users to keep their data stored separately on a device using the built-in camera and facial recognition software. Here’s the description:

“A method of logging a first user in to an computing device includes receiving a an image of the first user via a camera operably coupled with the computing device and determining an identity of the first user based on the received image. If the determined identity matches a predetermined identity, then, based at least on the identity of the first user matching the predetermined identity, the first user is logged in to the computing device.”

Okay, we know Google’s mobile OS wasn’t specifically mentioned in the patent, but we still have our hopes that we’ll see something similar introduced in Key Lime Pie (or some other “K” dubbed confection).

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