Sep 2nd, 2012

If I had seen this a little while ago, TabletSMS might well have been my Uniquely Android pick for today. I could have always waited a while before posting about it next week, but considering the fan following that DeskSMS enjoys, I thought that would be unfair of me.

If you haven’t heard about DeskSMS, here’s a short intro: the app allows you to send and receive texts from GMail, Google Talk or the Chrome extension. I personally prefer AirDroid, but that’s because of the additional functionality it offers. Those who just want the texting capability, DeskSMS would work just fine.

One issue with DeskSMS (and AirDroid) was that, though theoretically it was possible to text via one’s tablet too, in the same manner as with a PC, the experience wasn’t ideal. That’s where TabletSMS steps in, with a nice, clean UI and an experience that actually makes you believe that the texting capability was in-built into your tablet. It’s a great utility for those who spend a significant amount of time on their larger devices, such as for reading. It works great, too, and is automatically in my list of apps I can’t live without.

[Google Play via Android Police]