Sep 1st, 2012

HTC Thunderbolt users must have been pretty ecstatic upon finding out the first Verizon 4G LTE phone would get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) by the end of August. Such excitement quickly started fading as we started reaching the end of the month, though. And doubt turned into anger when the month ended – clearly, HTC couldn’t fulfill its promise.

Fortunately, HTC is not ignoring the situation, as the guys from Droid-Life noticed. HTC has reached out to Thunderbolt users via their Facebook page, letting them know the update is still coming:

You will notice that HTC mentions they are “working with Verizon” to bring the update. This could very well mean that everything is ready to go from HTC’s side (official ROMs have been leaking, after all), but Verizon is delaying the OTA update. Sadly, this wouldn’t surprise us.

Verizon is known to take its sweet time with updates, even those for the Galaxy Nexus, which should get updates on time. The only option is to wait and see when it all gets worked out, guys. Hopefully September brings ice creamy days for you.

[Source: HTC (Facebook)]

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