Aug 31st, 2012

While Samsung hasn’t been particularly hasty with jumping into the Google TV market, they’re no strangers to smart TVs. They were showing some new smart TVs off in Berlin today, and it looks like they were running Samsung-infused versions of Google TV.

They’ll be looking to launch the Android-powered sets later this year, and Samsung will utilize Smart Hub as the central user interface for accessing television apps and services. As you’d expect Samsung has ported some of their apps from the smart TV operating system they currently use to Google TV, so you can expect most of that in these sets.

Samsung was reportedly recorded saying Google TV and Apple TV were going to take a backseat to Smart TV, but it looks like they’ve had a change of heart since then.

While Google TV hasn’t taken off like we’d hoped it would, another major player like Samsung alongside the likes of Sony, Vizio, LG, and more will hopefully spur some growth. Is anyone keeping an eye out for these sets? [Google, Engadget]

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