No surprise: Samsung wants US injunction hearings moved up


A court schedule that pushes the next phase of the Apple v. Samsung patent trial back to December 6th isn’t sitting well with the company that won a majority of its infringement claims last week. Apple is urging Judge Lucy Koh to consider hearing arguments on injunctions facing eight devices at the same time that a decision will be made on the current ban facing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in late September.

Surprisingly, the Tab 10.1 was found not to infringe on Apple design patents (though it was found to infringe upon several software patents) and is likely to see its sales ban lifted. Given the timing of the December hearings, Apple faces a situation that could still see Samsung benefiting from holiday sales of infringing devices. If Apple can’t get a ruling on the eight devices in question before then the company is asking that the court delay the September hearing on the Tab 10.1 until the later date, effectively keeping the injunction on the tablet in place.

Did we mention that the end of the actual trial was really just the beginning of the long and drawn out legal process that likely will extend past the point that any of the infringing devices are considered relevant in the marketplace. Still, the end result will play a crucial role in Samsung’s mobile business moving forward.

[via Electronista]

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  1. Change your title. You guys really need an editor….

    1. Yeah… it’s Apple that wants it moved up.

  2. Fix your title guys.

  3. I’m usually not one to complain about you guys making mistakes in your writings but you also spelt Sony as “Sont” in your other article and now this. Do you guys make good money writing?

    1. They make money on advertising :)

      1. The owner of the site, yes, but unless Chris, Kevin, Raveesh, and that other guy whohas a secret hard on for apple co-own this site then they would get paid for their journalism “talents”. Give me a job and I’ll write for phandroid too.

        1. It’s not a secret. That is an obvious apple stiffy.

  4. Everyone complaining, Samsung wants the injunction hearing moved up in regards to the Galaxy Tab that currently is banned.

    1. I see now.

      1. Well, I’m just giving them an out here and cutting them some slack. I won’t argue that it’s misleading or unclear but if you read between the lines you could argue that Sammy wants the injunction hearing scheduled for September moved up because of the current ban on the Galaxy tab. In all likely hood, it’s probably a mistake but the title still makes sense.

    2. Wrong. Read the linked article. #FAIL

  5. You know, I really hate that image still. Why hold the Galaxy Tab 10.1 sideways, when it is really made to go be used in landscape? Why put it on a screen that almost no one uses except for when they can’t utilize the main screen. Uggh, just pisses me off.

    1. Robert! I completely agree with you! I was just about to say the same thing! It really pisses me off too. It’s an inaccurate picture of the tablet and android.

    2. Yeah what’s up with that picture. Get it off the page. What is this an Apple fan boy page? And the crowd responds with boooo!

    3. I wouldnt be surprised if Apple reps took that pic. More brain washing for the masses that dont know better….

  6. This is getting ridiculous. Edit your damn articles instead of rushing to the publish button. It isn’t that hard.

  7. Screw Apple, I hope they get severely punished in their ebook pricing scam that is going to trial soon.

  8. All you’ve do is copy news off another site. How can you get the title wrong?

    1. Kevin Krause you’ve been called out!

    2. Kind of agree. This is getting really bad.

  9. Shouldn’t that read “Apple wants US Injuction Hearings Moved up?

  10. Will u guys shut up, they r trying as hard as they can to push out these articles so they can go home, Kevin automatically assumes we’ll get the gist of what he means lol

    1. um … u think they write this from their “office” or something? Kev obviously whipped this out in between bong rips while sitting on his couch…

  11. I’m surprised Krause has not fixed the Title still….

  12. How did he get AndroidOS to run on a iPad?

  13. He’s not going to fix it. some people just can’t take advice

  14. Maybe Samsung should push out an update to the devices which arranges the icons on the homescreen in the shape of a middle finger, or maybe a wiener like in the IT guy video. Then it will not look like Apple.

    Although arranging in the shape of a douchebag would infringe. Tehe!

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