Aug 30th, 2012

More OTA news has come out of IFA Berlin. This time, Sony had to field questions regarding the Xperia line of tablets. While the Tablet S will be on the roadmap for Jelly Bean sometime down the line, Sony has reportedly admitted that the lack of sales and developer interest for the Tablet P has gotten itself removed from the radar.

The Tablet P is a unique device in that it has dual displays, and while such a form factor seems cool there just doesn’t seem to be a large market for it. In turn, developer support has been extremely thin, and the extent of Sony’s dual-screen application portfolio has been mostly first party.

As interesting a tablet as it was, I think we can all admit that this was a mistake on Sony’s part. The world also didn’t respond well to the Kyocera Echo, a Sprint phone that featured a dual-screen form factor, but wasn’t quite the same clam-shell offering that the Tablet P is. Sony’s throwing that idea out, and for the time being they won’t be going much further than the traditional slate form factor we all know and love. [via Tablet Guide]

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