Rooted, flashable JRO03O Jelly Bean build for Verizon Galaxy Nexus now available


Earlier today, we’d learned that test versions of Verizon’s Jelly Bean ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus were leaked online. That build required users who were rooted with custom ROMs to revert to stock IMM76K, update to stock IMM76Q, and update using the stock recovery. Fortunately, all those steps have been negated with a flashable pre-rooted JRO03O build made available by P3Droid.

Alongside that, the new radios for the device have also been made available as a separate download in case you want to use the latest without having to be on this build.Those who are rooted and flash custom ROMs should already know how to flash these things, but in case you need some help we’ve included instructions below. [via Droid-Life]

Download:  update_jro03o.zip


*If you only want the new radios from this Jelly Bean build, you can find them here.

1.  Download the file from above onto your phone’s storage.
2.  Reboot into recovery and make a backup.
3.  You should probably wipe data and cache at this point.
4.  Then “install zip from sdcard” and find the file you just downloaded.
5.  Watch it install, reboot, and enjoy.

If you run into any issues, be sure to let us know in the comments. And again, be sure to make a backup first.

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  1. The community works so quickly. I am too lazy to change ROMs right now so I just flashed the new radios and the new bootloader. It is booting a lot quicker for me now.

  2. thanks.

  3. Can the VZW GNex run CM or AOKP?

    1. Yes

      1. I thought AOKP was the same as CM10

  4. Yes their version has allowed and cm10

  5. So i just need to download the .zip file and the new radio’s file to my SD and boot in recovery > wipe data > and flash both .zip and radio files > reboot?

  6. OK hate to be newbish about this, but will this work with a non rooted galaxy nexus? The whole radios thing kinda confuses me.

    1. No, sorry. Flashing ROMs is only for rooted devices.

        1. Yeah, didn’t think of just an unlocked bootloader when I posted that comment.

    2. You don’t need root, but you do need an unlocked bootloader.

  7. Is this version better than the Jelly Toro Vanir 5 Official I flashed back at the end of June?

  8. Is this version better than the (Jelly Toro Vanir 5 Official) zip I flashed back at the end of June?

  9. Can you use this with RomManager?

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