Google Now Updated With Movie Showtimes, Public Alerts, Realtime Sports Updates, and More


The Google Search app — otherwise known as Google Now for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices — has just been updated in the Play Store. The update added Google Now support for movie showtimes with notifications appearing when either physically near a movie theater, or on the days you’re most likely to search for movies (like the weekend).

Google Now will also display various public alerts like storm warnings, earthquake alerts, etc. that are in your area. For sports fanatics, you can now save your favorite sports teams for real time updates via Google Now. Looks like Google Now is just getting better and smarter, it’s a shame only those of us on Jelly Bean get to enjoy it.

[Play Store]

Chris Chavez
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  1. It’d be nice if I could select a college sports team, but it’s a start.

  2. Jelly that bean baby

  3. Lovin Jelly Bean on my s3 :)

  4. What a nice coincidence. I just sent feedback yesterday requesting support for NFL teams.

    1. Thanks, You ask and Google listens.

    2. The same thing happened with the Play store gift cards lol. I went to the support section and suggested the gift cards, and the next day, they were announced.

  5. we need a flashable .zip for our NOW Exploited ICS devices! o:

  6. Yay, downloading it now for my Galaxy Nexus,nthanks for the tip :-)

  7. Yes!!!!!

  8. Say what? I’ve had Google Now on ICS for a while now…

  9. I’m getting a “”will be downloaded to your device shortly” message on both gsm and vzw GN phones….looks like a really nice update though

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