LG Optimus G Officially Announced: 4.7-Inch Screen, S4 Processor, 2GB RAM, Brings The Sexy Back


Word coming out of South Korea is that LG has gone ahead and officially taken the lid off their much leaked LG Optimus G superphone. One of the bigger draws with the G is that it features LG’s cutting edge “in-cell” touch display True HD IPS+ technology. This allows the device to feature a small bezel, while making the picture appear as if it’s floating on the glass. Qualcomm’s APQ8064 quad-core S4 Pro processor with integrated LTE also makes the cut, a first of its kind in Korea. All the other rumored specs were also made official like the 13MP camera, and spacious 2GB of RAM. The device is due out next month in South Korea, and towards the end of the year for Japan (and the rest of the world. We’ll no doubt learn more at this year’s IFA 2012 but the real question is — will you guys want one?

[LG | Engadget]

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  1. It comes in black & white, and is square with rounded corners…uh oh

    1. hahahahaha XD watch out lg!!!

    2. Even if it was pear shaped, Apple would say its a copy!!lol

  2. I dont care what people say about LG those are some sweet specs and I hope they get their act together enough to compete with samsung and htc

    1. The more competition the better :)

      1. apple would beg to differ. :D

        1. Don’t worry. Apple is rumored to be using InCell IPS Screens from LG in the next iPhone. If history repeats itself, LG will supplies tons of parts to Apple, then Apple will sue them for copying them…

          1. I thought that was Sharp that was the rumored producer

          2. hmm, is that why Apple doesn’t sue LG? I mean if Samsung is guilty than this is the same scenario.

          3. “LG will supplies tons of parts to Apple, then make lots of money in the process”

        2. It means more companies they get to sue. :/

      2. You’re right on that one Chris, love the innovation and and competition for my money. Like the way it looks. Just like most of here, I don’t know about their software and UI. Their track record isn’t the best. Specs are great but I believe that software also needs to be great as well, at least for those of us that do not root our phones and apply custom roms. Also I have noticed most new games are not 100% compatible or available for LG’s smartphone lineup.

        1. depends on what processor its running…..and rom

        2. Good point.
          Near stock AOSP and compatibility with ARM apps and this will be a Galaxy S3 beater.

    2. If they manage to put out updates and the software runs smoothly, then this will be a monster. Otherwise, it is just a follow up to the G2X which offered the promise of high end specs and did not deliver. In fact, the software was abysmal. I would have to hear reviews before I commited to a purchase.

  3. Hardware wise who wouldn’t want it? But I don’t think I like LG’s software very muuuuch. :P

    1. It’s easier to change your phone’s software than its hardware specs

      1. Depends on the support from 3rd party devs, and based on my experience wit the Spectrum…it just may not be there.

  4. I would have wanted it only if LG’s update records were good I mean what they are doing with 2X and all makes me think many times before I even try to consider it!

  5. finally a decent phone from lg.It looks great and the specs are amazing.

  6. this is gorgeous <3

  7. … and another reason apple will sue :|
    “in-cell display”

    I remembered seeing this on another tech site a few weeks back..

    guess its a good thing its not starting here in the US, cuz apple would just look to put a ban on LG products XD

    1. So strange. I was 99% sure LG actually supplies Apple with their IPS panels..?

      1. Gordon derff must be a 1%er.

    2. they payed lg so they have the right of those patents

  8. LG’s after sales support is woeful. I wouldn’t have it given.

  9. Seeing the latest android devices design, I can’t help but feeling that Apple is essentially trapped, design wise.

    Really, there are so many ways iPhone 5 can be designed without one of the android army screams “COPIER!”

  10. OH NOES ROUNDED CORNERS! Apple… please die.


      1. As long as Apple keeps suing over it, it ain’t a dead horse. So, this horse may keep ticking for the next decade…

  11. Maybe one of the 5 Nexus Devices to be released around the same time frame? For once LG looks to have combined great design with great specs into a phone. Very intrigued with this phone for sure! Put some jelly bean goodness on this and now your talkin

  12. As long as they do away with capacitive buttons and use soft-buttons, include OTG/Host support, and actually release it in the US in a timely manner.

  13. Ugh, it’s such a good phone, altho’ I hope phone companies produce 5″ phones wtith 1440×900 displays this year, because if the only difference between a 4.7″ phone and a 5″ phone are capactive or software buttons then you may as well get software buttons and maintain a sleeker design. Hopefully when all of the Nexus phones are released Google demands they come with software buttons.

  14. if these specs are true, then this is a much better option than the gs3, just that gorgeous screen alone compared to the shitty pentile is a night and day difference!

  15. Being a G2X owner, I will not be getting this phone. The lack of software updates trumps the incredible specs. But awesome specs on this phone.

  16. Depends on the availability and specs of the Note 2 for me.

  17. I think both LG and Sharp are making IPS screens for Apple. Apple will sue both of them in a couple of years claiming IPS screen technology is theirs since they use it.

  18. Hardware looks good. Worthy of at least a look.

  19. awesome specs and a sexy design. this is extremely tempting

  20. They should’ve tried rounding the edges a bit more to make it easier to hold. Other than that, I hope LG makes a nexus version of this phone and I will buy it.

  21. I could not beleive HTC One series failed (they did – they sold below company expectations) hence I will not predict anything for this. I felt the body of the HTC One was better built than the S3 but somehow in Android space there are more Sammy Boys hence I dont see LG being a success

  22. LG G4X with unlocked boot-loader and good dev support plz. And t-mo LTE would make this absolutely perfect.

  23. Too bad it’s an LG. I’ll never buy another device from them after what they did with the LG G-Slate….

  24. I bet the screen will be gorgeous!

  25. Sorry LG, never again!

  26. Maybe this will be their version of the next nexus phone, that’s the only way is buy it.

  27. Yes, if all these specs are true, as long as LG doesn’t muck it up and sticks with stock android, or close to it, I would so be on board with this. I’ve been due for an updated phone for a long time, but I’m NOT getting a dual core phone. It’s a matter of principle with me. I am voting with my wallet and I’m NOT buying a dual core phone with a dual core processor because I’m annoyed that nobody has made and LTE compatible quad core processor yet. I’m hoping this is the one! :-D

  28. I’ve heard conflicting reports on whether it has a 1.3MP front camera or 1.8. Also 16 gig storage vs 32. Also there will be a special waterproof version for DOCOMO in Japan.

  29. Imagine this were to be the next Nexus phone…..

  30. awesome phone

  31. This is some serious shiit

  32. Not a Nexus. Too bad.

  33. I think LG just Samsunged Samsung, the SGN2 is just a lame ass bigger SGS3 in the same quarater as the LG Optimus G, the only thing I don’t like about the phone is the lack of LG’s physical home button on the 4.7inch body, becuase if you’re not going to go with onscreen buttons at least give people the satisfaction of “click”

  34. OH YES PLEASE ! I mean PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE with SUGAR on! It’s OK I suppose. Lol….

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