Amazon and NBC add hundreds more episodes to Amazon Prime Instant Video


You Amazon Kindle Fire owners are going to want to hear this one. Amazon and NBCUniversal have announced an expansion in their agreement for Amazon Prime Instant Video. They will add hundreds of episodes more from the likes of Friday Night Lights (FINALLY!), Parks and Recreation, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, and more.

With an expanded video catalog I couldn’t be more excited, but I’d be even more excited if Amazon ever came out with an Android app that wasn’t exclusive to the Kindle Fire. We’re keeping our fingers pressed for the day that press release comes in. As for the presser for this particular story, you can find that by scrolling below.

Amazon Announces Expanded Prime Instant Video Agreement with NBCUniversal Cable & New Media Distribution, Inc. today announced an expanded content licensing agreement with NBCUniversal Cable & New Media Distribution, adding hundreds of popular and award-winning TV episodes to Prime Instant Video, including prior seasons of Parks and Recreation, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and more. Prime Instant Video now features more than 22,000 movies and TV episodes for Prime members to stream on Kindle Fire or any of the hundreds of compatible Amazon Instant Video devices including iPad, Roku, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Customers who are not yet Prime members can sign-up at or can enjoy a free one month trial right out of the box with Kindle Fire. To start watching Prime Instant Video, visit

“We are excited to be working with NBCUniversal to add their award-winning lineup of TV shows such as Parks and Recreation and Friday Night Lights to Prime Instant Video,” said Brad Beale, Director of Digital Video Content Acquisition for Amazon. “We continue to invest heavily in our content selection for Prime members, and have now reached over 22,000 movies and TV episodes available instantly with unlimited streaming.”

“We are thrilled to have several of our iconic programs available to subscribers of Amazon Prime, a service focused on the best possible consumer experience,” said Frances Manfredi, President, Cable & New Media Distribution for NBCUniversal. “We look forward to further expanding NBCU’s content offering available to Prime subscribers in the near future.”

To start watching Prime Instant Video now, visit Customers who are not Prime members can enjoy a free one month trial of Prime. For a list of compatible Amazon Instant Video devices, visit here.

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  1. My Mom is stoked. I guess I am too, since we have this service through the good ol’ PS3.

  2. its getting to the point with amazon where having netflix as well is almost like throwing away$9 a month

    1. WHAT?!?! You’re kidding right??? Amazon primes video streaming is complete garbage. Netflix has LOST more content then Amazon has.

    2. Parks & Rec, Heroes & BSG have been on Netflix for a very long time… Amazon is still playing catch-up and is a very distant second (heck, perhaps 3rd) choice when it comes to content and my streaming dollars.

  3. They are getting closer and closer to matching Netflix’s catalog. Once they do, I am going to jump ship to Amazon. Not only is it cheaper, it also gives you free shipping through the Amazon store.

  4. They don’t have an app for android?

  5. I totally agree. Amazon build us an android app. Now flash is going away I have no way of utilizing your services on my 10.1 tablet. And with flash it’s not the best anyway. Quit trying to lock us into your services through hardware. You’re excluding a lot of potential customers. I see 3 to 5 content providers. Ideally all of those services should be on every platform. You know what would be amazing is if iTunes showed up on Android tablets. I would never use it but I bet a lot of people would. Why not? What would Apple have to lose? Obviously they can’t sell apps but why not music, books, tv. They’re on pc’s. This whole Android/iOS war has gotten out of hand and is making it so we have fewer choices in services based on what hardware platform we buy into. It shouldn’t be that way.

  6. I see in some places the count is over 120,000, while here
    it says 22,000. I believe there was a
    controversy regarding how they were counting that number by including each
    episode of a TV show in that number. Regardless,
    their included TITLE offerings are far fewer than other competitors still. I’m usually on my computer when I watch TV
    casually, checking my Dish TV account on Dish Online, so I just watch shows
    there too, especially since I discovered they have Battlestar Galactica. My Dish coworker was the one that convinced
    me to get Prime. I’m still glad I did,
    but there are more of the shows I like on Dish Online, plus when I search I get
    results for what I can DVR too, which is convenient.

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