Qualcomm Slips And Confirms S4 Pro Processor For Purported LG Optimus G


Yesterday, we told you guys about a little rumor floating around the nets that LG is gearing up to release a new quad-core Optimus later this year to continue their high-end G series line of devices. Today, Qualcomm all but let the cat out of the bag, confirming their new quad-core APQ8064 processor (complete with Adreno 320 GPU) will be making its way to an unnamed LG device due out in Korea this September.

Qualcomm will supply the latest Snapdragon™ S4 Pro platform to LG, enabling LG’s new quad-core smartphone, which is currently in production with anticipated commercial availability in Korea in September and global rollout to follow. This smartphone will be the newest commercial and global device to offer a quad core CPU Snapdragon S4 processor along with 3G/LTE multi-mode capabilities, delivering a superior mobile experience for voice, web browsing, games, user interfaces and other graphics applications.

What can now bee seen as LG’s worst kept secret, we’ve heard from our own sources that a phone dubbed internally as the “LG Eclipse” and sharing similar specifications to the above Optimus G, would be arriving this fall for Sprint and AT&T. Guess the only matter of unfinished business is an official announcement from LG, who you can be sure is already on the hunt for some hot Korean girls to hold those silly announcement cards and make silly/cute faces.


Chris Chavez
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  1. hot Korean girls ftw! =D

    1. Where?!

      I don’t see any…

  2. Lg should bring this phone to all usa carrier, What samsung did with s1 and s3

  3. Hot looking chips there

  4. LG Nexus G.

  5. That chip is just going to be a complete powerhouse!

  6. is this going to be 1080p jelly been device ?

    1. HTC’s 5″ 1080 screen with S4 Krait chip and 2 GB RAM is rumored to launch with JB… expecting this one to land towards the end of 2012.

  7. Dang it, again i fell for the click-bait. I wanted to see those girls in higher resolution.

    1. They’ve been on before. They look like they’re 12. Still nice to see non asian chicks for once #JustSayin

  8. who is that chick with the chest? I’d hit it

  9. Wicked fast CPU/GPU; I saw that the Xaomi phone did 600+ MFLOPS in Linpack running that S4 Pro

  10. Optimus Nexus

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