Aug 23rd, 2012

I know — you all “hate” Angry Birds. Yet, so many people are playing it. That makes me question how many of you actually mean really dislike it, or if you’re just closet Angry Birds players. That being said, Rovio has teamed up with NASA to bring those wacky feathered fowl to where else — but Mars. Keeping up to date with today’s current events, the pigs have hijacked the Curiosity Mars Rover and not because they’re trying to further the knowledge of all pig-kind. No, they’re looking for what else, eggs.

The newest update adds 20 extra levels to the Angry Birds Space saga. These levels will be filled with fire, brimstone and explosive asteroids because it ain’t easy out there on Mars. Just ask that space marine from Doom. For those that really know how to do some flinging, there are special bonus levels once you uncover the 3 hidden rovers. Fun times to be had by all, for sure. Rovio also teased a full scale “Red Planet” update due out this fall. We’re sure it’ll be a hoot.

[Play Store | Via NASA]