Sprint Epic 4G Touch maintenance update promises to improve battery life


A legion of Samsung Epic 4G Touch owners have been dealing with battery life issues as of late, and it looks like Sprint is finally ready to rectify the issue. They’ve sent out a small bug-fixing update for the device that will improve battery life, and barring  any updates to their post or some digging by developers there doesn’t seem to be anything else that’s different.

The update will be rolled out in stages over-the-air, so you can either wait for the notification to appear or see if you can force the update through the settings menu. You’re looking for S:D710.10S.FH13 (MR 4). Let us know if Sprint lives up to their word. [Sprint]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This update is for the Epic 4G Touch.
    The Epic 4G is the one with the keyboard.

  2. I assume you mean Epic Touch 4G? There was also an Epic 4G (Sprint Galaxy S1)

    1. psshhh, there still IS an Epic 4G =D

      Rocking JB, just sayin’ =]

  3. This is for this variant of the SGSII, aka the E4GT,(EPIC 4G TOUCH), not the original EPIC, as the title of this article may suggest.

    Just clicked on the link & the one person who’s commented & d/l the update is reporting that it has solved nothing.

    Hope others w/this phone have better results w/the update.

  4. Kinda late. I just rooted my Epic Touch this morning and now running a custom ROM. They fixed the battery drain issue but what about the freezing and lag issues? Sprint took a great Epic Touch and turned it into a crap phone with this ICS update.

    1. This is true. But it’s due to millions of people complaining about wanting an update. Then when the update comes out, they complain that it sucks.

      Funny thing is my mom hates the ICS update. LoL!! I may put a stock GB ROM on her phone if she doesn’t get used to ICS. I find that very funny.

  5. Hey, he just forgot to write”touch”, that’s all. Mistakes happen. It’s not like he said AOKP was just a bastardized version of CyanogenMod.

    (What, too soon?)

    I keed, I keed, Quentyn. ;-P

    1. Maybe there could have been an update to the Epic 4G. There has been quite a few older phones showing up. LoL!!
      That “touch” makes a huge difference. It’s too big of a mistake. =.P

  6. Fix your title and info! This is for the epic 4g TOUCH, NOT epic 4g! And I KNOW Quentyn knows better because I watched him review this phone and make a video at the press release! ;-)

  7. most of these people make a typo, it’s a simple mistake… but when they see a typo on this site, they flame the editor. granted, the editors may be held to a different standard, however, they still make mistakes. anybody that has an epic 4g touch or anybody that has been following this site should know that when they say samsung epic, they probably mean epic touch.

    as for the topic, myself being one running on touchwiz with my epic touch, i have noticed my battery life taking a dump with the ICS update. I do hope that this update fixes my battery issues. now if only Sprint could fix their horrible “falsely branded” 3G connections. I would like if my 3g could at least run faster than T-mobile’s 2g.

  8. Stopped by a Sprint Store today & was told that they got the memo this morning and to wait for the OTA update. The store techs did not have it yet, so guess I’ll have to wait….

  9. I do not like, being kind, the ICS update. I now have to charge my SG2 twice a day and sometimes three. The performance of the phone has gone downhill and runs very hot. So to wrap it up, I would like to rid my phone of the downfall, not update, that is ICS.

  10. I just bought an E4GT from Craigslist for $120 and it already had the ICS update on it. For me it’s been running great as far as battery life, at least compared to my release day Evo 4G (which battery’s I assume was on the brink of death). That said, I don’t know how the battery life was before the update since I never had it. My sister however does have a problem with battery life on the ICS update on her E4GT.

    My question is, does this new maintenance update fix the issue where the phone thinks I’m pressing the Menu button even though I’m not? Super annoying -_-

    I’ve been meaning to root it but meh, just too lazy lol

  11. The claim (per the Sprint Store reps) is that this newest update is to correct the battery drain problem. We will see, and hopefully soon. The battery issue as it is now is an unacceptable aggravation.

  12. Finally got the OTA today, can confirm that the bug where your phone thinks you’re pressing the Menu key is still there. Annoying! -_-

  13. Before the update my battery alert would go off at about 5pm every day, like clockwork. Now it’s going off at around 2:30. Seems to have made it worse.

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