Sony open sources Android sensor software, looks forward to community contributions


Over the past few generations of Xperia devices Sony has worked hard to refine their Dynamic Android Sensor HAL (DASH), a software environment designed to easily interface the hardware sensors a handset with its Android ecosystem. The process of enabling sensors in older generations of Sony Android smartphones was a bit of a chore, but thanks to constant refinements to DASH it is now a matter of plug and play.

Now Sony is open sourcing the software to not only make it easier for custom ROM developers to tinker with the sensors found in Xperia hardware but also in the hopes of growing DASH through community contributions. It’s not necessarily something for the average Android user, but it does continue to show Sony’s commitment to working with developers rather than against them. For more info head over to Sony’s developer blog.

[via Sony]

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  1. How funny, a not so recognized phone maker puts time into something that needed time put into. And you get the late and great HTC, Samsung, Motorola, that could care less and then lock it down because it their way or no way.

    1. i thought samsung released their stuff before their phones even launched? I don’t know first hand, as i am not a rooter, and own an HTC Evo LTE, but i was just asking cuz that’s what I had thought.

      1. HTC is bad at holding out

        1. yes that i am very aware of. smh.

          1. Samsung I think does the day the update goes live.

        2. Exactly, there is no source for ALL of their 2011 phones therefore no CM9/10 support. I don’t think I’d buy another HTC phone, or any non-Nexus phone for that matter.

    2. Since when was Sony a not so recognized phone maker?
      My first cellphone was a Sony (not Sony Ericson) CMD Z1 back in 97…

      hTC was an ODM for others and unless you were an old Palm or Winmo user noone ever heard of them before. They didnt make a name for themselves until Android came along and even now they are falling off. Sad because I used to love hTC hardware.

      1. Quit trollen you know what I meant, their not as recognized as a great smartphone maker. Your one person, not many buy Sony smartphones.

        1. Im not trolling. Sonys been makin phones for along time . Just because YOUVE not bought one dont assume many havnt… The world is BIG place. ;)

          Sony is just as recognized if not more so then hTC is….

        2. I had a Sony smartphone (okay, Sony Ericsson, to be precise) about ten years ago. It even had a touch screen. They were a respected brand, but they lost quite a lot of sales when the Fruity Phone Which Shall Not Be Named came out. Then they released a Symbian phone that was buggy, and they had to recall it, which made things even worse. Suddenly, no-one wanted to buy their phones. But they seem to be making nice phones again now (with the help of Android, of course).

  2. Although I have an xperia play and I absolutely love it. I must confess this tears Sony phones have been hohum. But the fact remains that Sony supports the community way better then other oems. For that….thank you Sony.

  3. Guess I gotta get an Xperia as my next phone.

  4. It seems as though it’s always the little guys looking out for consumers. First, we have T-Mobile’s announcement of the return of unlimited, unthrottled data and now we receive more news of Sony continuing to embrace Android and open source efforts. This is great, now only if the big guys would learn to follow.

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