Nexus 7 launching in Germany on September 3?


Though Google and ASUS haven’t made a comment on the matter, German site AndroidNext has done some digging and believes they have uncovered the date of the Nexus 7’s launch in continental Europe. After being tipped off that Saturn store in Berlin would soon have the Jelly Bean slate in stock, it didn’t take long to receive confirmation that the Nexus 7 would hit the retailer’s shelves on September 3rd in its 16GB option. Apparently pricing hasn’t been finalized, but it is currently listed at 249 euro.

The news comes by way of store reps at a flagship Saturn store, and without the official seal of approval from Google we should still view the date as a rumor. It is pointed out, however, the timing of the release and its proximity to IFA, a global tech show held in Berlin during the first week of September. It certainly would be a good week to host the European launch of the Nexus 7.

[via AndroidNext]

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  1. Yesterday ASUS Italy publicly commented on its official ASUS Italia Facebook page that the Nexus 7 will be available in the country through its retail network “a giorni” (within days). In early July they had stated on the same page that the tablet would be available in early September.

    Yesterday I contacted a local ASUS retailer and was able to reserve a unit. The employee I talked with said they may be able to get the units for sale from ASUS Italia early next week, and that customer demand is high.

  2. Same date for France.

  3. I’m surprised that it has taken this long to get this great tablet in other Countries. Hopefully you all get it soon so you can enjoy it.

  4. I have also been able to play around with a unit of the ASUS Padfone yesterday in Berlin.
    A BASE/E-Plus (mobile network company in Germany) shop employee told me they got it on monday and that they would get the units for sale next week.
    The Padfone feels fantastic and is really butterly smooth and snappy.

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