LG Optimus Vu will be branded LG Intuition on Verizon, debut at $200


While we’ve known Verizon would be carrying the LG Optimus Vu for quite some time, but as we know Verizon likes to get a hold on branding. According to materials received by Droid-Life, Big Red will bring the device to market as the LG Intuition. Not only that, but we should be seeing it come in at a $200 price point.

We can also tell from the image that the on-contract price is only after a new two-year agreement, and that the full off-contract price is $549. That seems moderately reasonable for what’s being offered here. It’ll be a 5 inch, dual-core slate that comes with Android 4.0 and LG’s custom Optimus UI.

The phone has caught a considerable amount of flak for its aspect ratio, but I suppose Verizon and LG believe there’s a market to cater to for them to be preparing a launch. While I’m not a huge fan of the aspect ratio at this size I can see where someone might appreciate a bigger phone.

That said, we’re still not entirely sure when to expect the device. Verizon’s version passed the FCC a short while ago, and that means they’ve been given the green light to sell the device in the United States. That doesn’t mean the device is finished, but we’re closer than we can imagine for the time being.  Is anyone looking to buy this phone once it hits retail?

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Why would Verizon opt for this fugly thing, and not the Note (or the next Note2)?

    1. I would be all over the Note/Note 2 if Verizon had it…

      1. Thirded. Tablet/Smartphone combo would be truly epic.

    2. Likely because LG caved and let Verizon brand it as their own handset, whereas Samsung has no incentive to dilute the Note brand by letting Verizon call it whatever the hell they want so they can continue to pretend to be unique snowflakes.

  2. This is about 6 months too late, and the aspect ratio is soooo stupid. One XXL here I come!

  3. Yes I want a 5″ display. No I don’t want a square phone.

  4. NOPE


  6. This better NOT mean VZW won’t get the Note 2.

    1. I think this means VZW won’t get the Note 2. Let’s make a bet. What is your wager? Im serious about this bet.

  7. Rather have note ii, but if this is all Verizon gets, I will go with it. I have a note on att but no contract. but att isn’t good in my area. I love the note.

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