HTC saying bye-bye to Beats in future handsets?


Perhaps the writing was on the wall when HTC decided to stop bundling Beats headphones with their devices. Maybe it was even more clear when HTC gave up its controlling stake in Beats, relinquishing the majority of ownership to the company’s founders. Taking both developments into account, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that the latest industry whispers suggest that a complete divorce between HTC hardware and Beats software could be coming soon.

According to insider sources, HTC has plans to strip Beats functionality from future handsets and remove the logo that has adorned their most recent generation of Android handsets. The development should garner a mixed reaction, with many buying into what Beats is selling while others remain skeptical. While we never found any reason to deride HTC’s decision to include Beats equalization software within HTC Sense, the feature was nothing to write home about in most aspects. Yes, you got a decent bass boost and improved quality of audio, but you probably didn’t need Beats to make that a reality.

If and when HTC and Beats decide to go their separate ways it will be interesting to see if HTC sells off its small remaining hold in the company. HTC has been strapped for cash lately and is examining all avenues when it comes to padding the coffers. Selling their stake in Beats might be a quick and easy way to gain a little without sacrificing much.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Good maybe now They’ll focus their Cash on developing Phones instead of dumb/questionable Marketing choices/alliances. I’m sorry, but I’d much rather see devices supported for more than 2 months over them coming with (at best) subjective gains in “audio Quality” and a pretty Red and white b logo on the case.

    1. onlive was another dumb move.

  2. aww man, i really like Beats, only a small handful of Android handsets have decent audio quality…

  3. Good riddance.

    Download DSP Manager or Volume+ for EQ.

    1. Exactly this.

      I’m glad to see the overpriced Beats gimmick with built-in bass go away, so now I can consider buying HTC (as long as they include removable batteries + external SD cards too).

      HTC does want to be a star player again, right? Make the right moves.

      1. Removable battery is useless to me. Unless it’s small. A 2000mA battery is too small to be non-removable. I lyk Moto’s approach with their 3000mA battery. So I understand your POV.

    2. DSP manager never have me any audio boost. Volume+ was awesome with ICS but with it not running on JB (last month when I checked) my Gnex is as quit as a church mouse. The alarm is horrible.

      1. I put Volume+ on my gf’s Kindle Fire that is running JB about a month ago.

        1. I just checked the website and it still says incompatible with JB. I can install it pick it in music effects but it doesn’t work . I’ve tried it with just about every Rom out there.

          1. Dunno bro. This is the ROM I put on it….. And Volume + works great on it. You have to have it because the KF has no volume control buttons.

    3. Volume + is not supported on Jelly Bean unless there was a recent update I missed.

  4. Beats audio “enhancements” only sounded good with headphones plugged in (which often lack in the low end). As soon as I connect my One X to any decent home or car stereo, the beats “enhancements” sound really distorted.

    1. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I had Beats on my phone before. I connect my phone to my car stereo and it sounded nice. I changed my ROM which took beats (since I don’t have an HTC) and I thought something was wrong with my speakers. I couldn’t get the sound I had before. I tried all the equalizing and it didn’t work. Took me almost a month to realize Beats was making my radio sound so good. LoL!!

      1. Beats audio artificially inflates the bass which actually distorts the bass at high volume. It also muddies up the mids. I have two amps in my car-a 500W mono amp for the sub and a 300W 4 channel for the door speakers-and the difference is pretty clear in a negative way. What phone do you have?

        1. Oh!! That has happened when I turn my volume up actually. I also wondered about that. I had Beats on my E4GT. They had it in a ROM. But what you’re explaining answers some of my questions.

  5. Good.

  6. Beats hosed a lot of people
    Its good that HTC figured it out and is moving on

  7. Beats is a worthless gimmick that does absolutely nothing more than any other 3rd party equalization software. Who is behind the Beats brand?… Monster, nuff said.

    1. Remember when Monster was selling “hi-speed” HDMI cables for $150? When in reality, all HDMI cables in the same class, run at the same speed. So a $10 HDMI would give you an identical picture as their $150 HDMI cable.

      1. yup

  8. I honestly thought that DSP Manager was a lot better than the Beats EQ… I have an Evo LTE, and I can say that it is.. but thats my opinion

  9. Get beats head phones not a beats phone.

  10. Beats is a failure. It was aimed towards people who listen to RAP, and we all know who listens to RAP: People who can’t afford a full priced cell phone. Now if MetroPCS would have adapted Beats, then yes, that would be the ideal audience.

  11. Beats does more than you guys give it credit. I imagine most of you don’t have Bluetooth setups in a vehicle and have never seen or heard the difference beats adds. I have used it in my ’11 F150, ’12 F350, Mercedes E500, and my aftermarket system in my 04 Cobra. Nothing even compare. No equalizering third party,l such as power amp, dap, ect, nothing. I thought it was a gimmick till I actually used it. The iPhone sounds like garbage. Even my gf agrees who is the proud owner of a HTC One X Now.

    1. There are so many things wrong with your post I don’t even know where to begin.

  12. Besides its not like HTC is slapping a huge cost on the phone for the software.

  13. I don’t know what’s worse, beats headphones or beats phones?

  14. I understand beats is partly a gimmick but why the ‘beats is only for black people, rap music and obama’? I don’t understand

  15. I never cared for beats.

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