Aug 22nd, 2012

Google announced today via their Mobile Ads Blog that YouTubers will now begin seeing a new type of video ads in their favorite monetized videos. It’s called TrueView and according to Google, it’s a better way of handling mobile ads. Users will be given the option to, after a brief amount of time, skip the ad being thrown into their laps, that is, if it doesn’t particularly tickle their fancy. Google says this gives advertisers the peace of mind that their money is being well spent on those actually interested in their products given that advertisers only pay up once someone completes the video ad. I’ll admit, as a blogger who’s only able to bring you guys this news thanks to ad revenue, I am also a frequent internet user. And as someone who spends his day surfing the web, anytime someone finds a less intrusive way of bringing me ads — I’m all for it.