Aug 21st, 2012

Show me an iPhone user and I’ll show you someone who is more present on Instagram and Tumblr than they are in real life. Honestly, what else is the “phone” good for? I don’t know if that says more about the iPhone’s (admittedly wonderful) camera, or if iPhone users are just terribly lonely individuals with a phone that can’t do much more than snap really nice pics.

I guess that’s why Apple is deviating from their would famous “patented” rectangle design for their upcoming iPhone 5, instead opting for something a little more… bulky. But hey, if it’s one thing Apple knows, it’s not only how to work the US patent system — but it’s their customers. ;)

Okay, in all honesty I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know a few Android users who fit into this parody video as well. Maybe it’s just a sign of our times; the “internet age” or what have you, but I think this rings true with many smartphone users in general. This is what we’ve become. So the next time we’re out at an intimate breakfast/lunch/dinner with some friends or the significant other, let us try our best to put our phones down and try, you know, living.


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