Motorola goes on the attack, sues Apple for iPhone & iPad patent infringements


A new day, a new lawsuit to report on. Not too long after Judge Posner famously threw out their other case, Motorola and Apple will once again go head-to-head, though this time it’s Motorola who made the first move. It’s the first time the company has gone on the offensive since the completion of Google’s takeover, and hence might be the first time Google has used the patents it owns aggressively (I’m not totally sure of this, if anyone can point to a previous occasion, or confirm this, please do so in the comments).

Motorola is demanding a ban on the imports of the iPhone and iPad for alleged infringements of intellectual property used in Siri, E-Mail notifications, location reminders and music/video players. Ideally, most of us would like to see the end of this nonsense, but honestly, considering the known animosity Apple has towards the Android platform, I’m going to be cheering Motorola on.

What are your thoughts on the case? Do you think Motorola/Google should have gone on the offensive?

[The Verge]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Bravo!

  2. Nonsense = iPhone and iPad. So yes, I would like to see an end to these.

  3. Hell yes! Its time apple got a taste of its own medicine. I know Google’s motto is do no evil. But with the acquisition of Motorola, all bets are off. Go get’em Motorola!

    1. Go googlemoto motoroogle el googmoto

      1. Googoorola.

        1. Motoogle.

  4. I have to be honest….. I am sick of these lawsuits on both sides!!! However, maybe this move will make Apple think twice before they file more suites……somehow I doubt it!

    1. both sides? isn’t this the 1st real big offensive towards apple?

      1. not really, maybe in the US but Samsung has been initiating against crApple elsewhere.

  5. It’s kind of nice to see Apple is being sued.

  6. About time. Apple has been behaving like an evil spoilt bully for long enough.

  7. Go google!! lol i hope apple gets banned even if it is just for a few weeks lol

    1. I agree. Then people will notice. Apple fanatics will notice. And the media will notice. And hopefully, it brings light to the fcked up office that is the USPTO.

  8. I’m glad to see somebody is finally going after Apple.

  9. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

    1. You seem to forget, what Googlrola is doing isn’t wrong, its payback

    2. in this case yes it does make it right, GO MOTO.

    3. indeed, but, sometimes its necessary to get things back on the right path.

      A bully beats you up and you take the high road and do not fight back, they will continue to believe they can do so with no recourse. Fight back and they will question whether or not they want to try that ish again next time.

      1. Good point. Apple does act a lot like a bully these days.

  10. Long live the Android Alliance!

    1. Nerd lol

  11. About time google finally put those patents to good use. Now teach crapple a lesson

  12. As long as Koh the bobble headed wh*re doesn’t preside.

    1. comment obviously disliked by koh and tim cock – i mean cook.

      1. And the ghost of Steve Jobs who knew they had technology in hell? jk may the a*hole rest in peace though.

  13. Good. Go Moto!

  14. It was bound to happen again regardless of who started it. With that said, GO MOTO!

  15. Nope I think it is stupid. Hope Apple wins

  16. NO NO NO.
    Don’t lower to their level.
    My hope was that Google were gonna use those patents in defense, not offense.
    Seriously going off Google more and more!

    1. Sometimes when dealing with a bully, the best defense is a good offense. We’ve seen what just sitting back and taking it from Apple has gotten Google and it’s partners – endless lawsuits, one after the over. Maybe going on the offensive will finally rock Apple back on their heels and make them think harder about filing more lawsuits of their own.

  17. If Google plays defense any longer they will continue to have to fight for themselves. This is a move to make a statement to Apple.

  18. Apple needs credit where due. They made a great product smartphones that Android made even better. I’m not against apple. i just happen to like Android way better. Go google/Motorola.

  19. Google would not have done this (as much as I want them to). It was definitely Motorola as they continue to act as separate companies.

    1. i dont think motorola can file a lawsuit without google’s permission. google difinitely wants this.

      1. Google does want it, but they can’t be the ones to do it. They would risk their reputation.

        I’m guessing Motorola asked if they could sue Apple and Google said “Go for it!”

        No matter what, I’m glad it’s happening :)

        1. exactly…better believe Google were the ones to put a hit out on Apple. Motos just the hired gun.


    1. Wtf are you babbling about idiot ?

  21. i want all apple products banned from the us but the iphone 4s and ipad 2s are probably excluded from the ban since they use qualcomm chipsets

    1. I dont think that excludes them seeing as patents are infringed pertaining to Siri, email notifications, location reminders and music/video players. Siri alone should tell you they are included.

  22. People crack me up. Most of you hate Moto products, not because they don’t work, but because they don’t update the os as quickly as you would like. Now your cheering them on? WTF?

    1. Theybtalk about how they aren’t updated timely but the Nexus phones are the only ones updated faster, HTC and Samsung are as slow as Motorola on non-Nexus phones.

    2. I’ve never had a problem with moto products (my droid X is still awesome and running ICS). Also, it’s Verizon and the other carriers that are in charge of the updating stuff since they take forever to add their bloatware and test the new update for a crazy amount of time.

    3. This has nothing to do with Moto products or updates of OS. This has to do with Apple using Moto’s technology and not paying for it!

      1. God Ive always wanted to say something like this; now I too can feel like one of those douche bag iZombies. “well apple needs to protect their IP” eeeeeeeewwwww

    4. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    5. It’s called hypocrisy my friend, they’re all hypocrits ;)

  23. hair stood up on the back of my neck when I read this. Apple has been attacking smaller weaker branches…. Google is going for the throat.
    I know it says motorola etc. etc. but we all know Google initiated this and is simply using motorola as the weapon.

  24. Sometimes you have to stand up to the bully instead of simply defending yourself from their punches. I hope that this will start humbling Apple a bit. I want to see an end to these patent wars…

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Hopefully if enough OEM’s take an offensive position against apple then they’ll decide to back off. One can only hope.

  25. been waiting for this to happen.

  26. AAAmazing news! The bully Apple is getting it’s day! Now it’s time for all the tech giants to gangbang Apple and put this BULLY down! DOWN!

  27. Make Apple pay for their terrible competitive ideas (there are none, they want a monopoly) show them that the pack of wolves will take down a bear!!!! Go Android !!!

  28. GO GOOGLE! I wish I could see no more iShit devices :D no iPhone how awesome could that be!

  29. My thoughts? It’s about time Apple got a big serving of their own nasty medicine. DESTROY them Motorola!

  30. Sorry, Android fanboys but you really can’t have it both ways. It’s hypocritical to applaud Google/Moto for this after whining for months about Apple doing it. Of course, I don’t come here to watch people be logical.

    1. “Whining for months”, yes; that is because Apple has been suing for months! They have waged an all out (unjust, “thermonuclear”) war against android and Apple has only intensified their efforts ever since Android gained dominant market share. For months the Android OEM’s have done nothing but roll over and try to defend themselves occasionally counter suing. Whats not logical about finally stepping up to your oppressor. Android didnt start this war. I’ve been using it since the G1 all the way up to the G-nexus and for better and worst it is NOTHING like an iPhone other than the fact that they both run apps. Hypocritical Is Apple stealing the foundations for every single one of their ideas so that they can then polish it, re-brand it and sell it as their own; only to then turn right around and sue every single one of their main competitors for making an arguably better product.

    2. The difference is, Motorola own real technology, and Apple stole it.
      In 2005, they formed a “partnership” with Motorola to produce the “iTunes Phone”, the Rokr E1. After using that partnership to get inside knowledge from Motorola on how to make a phone, they broke up the relationship and started work a new phone using Motorola’s technology, which became the iPhone. But they refused to pay licence fees for the Motorola patents that they blatantly infringed.
      Apple’s patents are either phony, nullified by prior art, such as swipe-to-unlock (seen in a 2003 phone from a small Swedish company called Neonode), and scroll bounce back and two-finger zoom (both seen in a 2001 experimental touchscreen device publicly demoed by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory), or they are silly nonsense (e.g., rounded rectangles registered as a design patent).
      Apple are plagiarists and liars, and their lawsuits are vexatious and frivolous.

      1. Extremely well put!

  31. Frankly, I wouldn’t want iStuff to go, as those technologically challenged need something to play Angry Birds on. But I would LOVE if they had to pay license fees from each device, and most of all (of course never gonna happen) to be forced publish widely an apology letter for how they’ve been misleading the public for years about “their inventions”.

  32. As much as I love seeing Apple getting a taste of their own medicine I still think all these patent lawsuits and banning of devices are just stupid. No matter who’s doing it. I want to see all the patent lawsuits just go away. I would much rather see them all compete with their technology on the sales floor. That way all of us consumers win. Its too bad that’ll never happen.

  33. What I am hoping Google has planned is when moto wins, the terms of the lawsuit are that they will not make apple pay if they agree to stop the b.s. lawsuits. That’s a win-win, Google is still not evil and apple shuts the eff up.

  34. Suck it Apple, about time you got a taste of your own medicine.

  35. I think it’s about time for Motorola/Google to put all their forces on Apple now.
    Not only their shareholders are demanding it, but it’s important for their customers to see, that in fact, Android and Motorola are not copycats, but that Apple do what they always do, take ideas of others, put a good design on it and telling the world they invented it. They didn’t. And it’s good for the reputation to show people that fact.

    Motorola and Google should really push this now. It’s time to get on the offense. Big time.

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